Polls show 'the public definitively sees this as a very serious matter': Terry Moran

The Powerhouse Roundtable discusses the politics of the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump and its impact on the 2020 campaign.
13:27 | 10/06/19

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Transcript for Polls show 'the public definitively sees this as a very serious matter': Terry Moran
Hello, everybody. We're in Las Vegas. I just got out of the hospital a few hours ago and I'm feeling so much better. I just want to thank all of you for the love and warm wishes that you sent to me. See you soon on the campaign trail. Bernie Sanders had a heart attack and will be off the campaign trail for a few days. We hope he recovers well. Let's talk about that later. Chief political analyst Matthew Dodd. Alice Stewart. Terry Moran and Yvette Simpson. Let's begin with impeachment Matt Dodd. I have to begin where I ended there with congressman Jordan. It's something you're seeing with a lot of the president's defenders. They are put in an uncomfortable spot when they're asked It seems like every argument they make sustains itself for five minutes and they have to switch to another argument. The fact set goes against them and the past history of how we've looked at these things go against them. Nancy Pelosi said it's a somber moment in our country's history. If he's impeached, he's the third president to be impeached in this process. I think the Republicans in the entire process would have a much more successful way to go if they would just accept the facts as they're laid out and accept the words of the president of the United States himself, both in what he said on the south lawn and what the call transcript summary has shown has already occurred. It's safe to say that whether we're talking about what he said with regard to China on the south lawn and on the phone call with the president of Ukraine, the words used were inappropriate and ill advised. If question is were they impeachable? I don't think they were. They're worthy of investigation. The latest whistle-blower report is worthy of further investigation. In order to do so, let's let the house put this to a vote. Right now we have a Nancy Pelosi squad impeachment effort. We need to put it on the floor of the house. Let them take a vote. That way we can get not just second and third-hand accounts, but first-hand accounts from people who were on the call. It appears the speaker is going to have to call for the vote. She's not required to. We need to acknowledge that congress is a co-equal branch of government. The president can't dictate how they do their work. I think this is a distraction and delay tactic. If congress says you need to give documents, give the documents. It's just not required. If they do that, they'll probably do a vote right after recess. They want the process to be able to go forward in committees now so we can more forward and not drag into next year. Has the case been made for impeachment already? Not for a lot of American people. It would be wise for Democrats to do this. If you're going to do something this big, bring the country together behind it. The president's strategy right now is asking his people to suspend disbelief and their common sense and not to bulge an iota. Not a my micro millimeter. If they start asking how wrong was it and evidence comes out, he's lost his last line of defense. For the Democrats to come forward as unified as possible and as sober as possible, is the best way to serve the country, whatever way it turns out. The other thing he's doing is trust me. Don't trust them. Don't trust the media. Scorched Earth from the president on his opponents. A series of tweets against Mitt Romney. The president has been nonstop on Twitter. There's so many things wrong with what the president did, attacking somebody who is a United States senator of his own party, he attacks in this. The second part is I believe the house will impeach the president of the United States. I believe it's going to happen before Thanksgiving. The American public is more for the impeachment than -- The numbers have been going up. They're much higher than they were for Nixon at this time. Mitt Romney is going to be a juror. He's basically attacking one of the jurors who is going to decide whether or not he should convict the president of the United States after the house impeaches him. It just seems a stupid thing to do. He's trying to keep all the other Republicans quiet. Sure. He's used this strategy in the past, deny, deflect and denigrate anyone that opposes him. That is something that has worked for him. On the flip side if Democrats want to consider the process -- they're doing death by 1,000 cuts with regard to subpoenas and whistle-blower blowers and selectively release text messages, that's not going to win over the American people. The push for impeachment has risen among some. I talked to a lot of congressman in the heartland. They're doing constituent out reach. They're saying this is enough. The way Adam Schiff is handling it, if it continues down this line with drip, drip, drip, without a huge smoking gun, the American people will get frustrate. You say drip, drip, drip. It's moving quite fast. It isoving quite fast. Part of it is being helped by the president and his administration. We can't get any Republican to say, one, the president has said this, done an impeachable thing in public. That's a way for him to normalize this. Let's talk about the fact that you just did an impeachable thing. Also, he's implicating everyone. There's Pompeo, Barr, Rudy Giuliani, now Rick Perry made me do it. Not only are the American people going to realize there's something here, he looks like someone who has done something wrong because he's pointing the finger at everybody, one, popular opinion will continue to rise. I think people will realize he did something very, very wrong and he needs impeached for it. There's something to be said about the president doing this out there so publicly, so transparent. If there had been a tape out there with the president saying, I want China to investigate the Bidens in some way that would be more explosive. It's him saying I have done nothing wrong. What you're seeing is not my personal political vendetta, but my job as president. He just so happened to pick his first case with Biden. He is saying this is not a personal affair, it's an affair of state. As his campaign is running ads against Joe Biden. What would cause Republicans to vote for impeachment? What could president trump do that would cause the Republicans to call for impeachment. When have they voted to impeach a president? They voted to impeach a president for lying about sex. That's been done with this president. They voted to impeach Andrew Jackson for being outside of the values they believed in America. Check, they could do that in this case. Now we have a president that's fairly clear from his own words and everything he said and even if it's out in the open, that he abused power and power of the office and welcomed a foreign government into our elections. I'm just curious. I would love the Republicans to tell me what instance would they vote for president trump to be impeached. I would love to know that. Certainly getting more information about this. As I said, this is inappropriate. This is not something a Republican communication adviser or political adviser would say this is a great thing to say to the president of Ukraine. There is not enough evidence to indicate -- I don't see a quid pro quo on that transcript. I don't see a malfeasance. I don't see crimes necessitating an impeachment. He used the word favor. He withheld aid. What was the justification for withholding aid? What was the purpose of the call? He acknowledged he wants this investigation to happen. You can put two and two realize one was the other. One of the things the polls are telling us is the public sees this as a very serious matter. Absolutely. They understand the gravity of it. They want to see more facts. The support for impeachment or impeachment inquiry, they want it to go forward. The allegations and the evidence they've seen they recognize it's serious. That's why I wonder if this defense you're seeing from some Republicans to release the whole transcript, let's see all the facts, if that is going to backfire. These processes are dynamic. You never know what's going to come out. That's the problem. If they say let's be transparent, Schiff be more transparent, he could say great. Dump it all. Now honor to subpoenas that have been sent to the white house, to the secretary of state, to the vice president. Let's all be transparent. To me this moment -- I agree. The public is focussed on it, is concerned, but it goes through this partisan lens that we have in this process. Again, I go to at some point -- Mitt Romney has asked this question which is why he said the things he said, Ben sasse has said the things he said, senator Collins has said the things she's said. It's a very concerning moment in American history for a president -- don't get to quid pro quo -- to invite multiple foreign governments into our election. Third time it's happened. Absolutely. If one of the president's goals was to tarnish Joe Biden, cripple his campaign, is it working? I don't think so. I mean, you see Republicans going out in public actually trying to try hunter Biden in the court of public opinion. The investigation, quote unquote, may happen. The Ukrainians may do it. Until that happens, they're trying to tarnish his reputation by saying a lot of things that aren't true. I think people are smarter than that. They can see this coming from a while mile away. It's already been asked and answered. It's been settled. This is a tactic for trump to deflect from himself. By all appearances it is working. All Joe Biden is talking about on the campaign trail is this. This is all that people are asking him about. It's all the sound bites that come out of his rallies, events. You have Warren and others able to talk about health care and the economy and their plans to win the primary. The fund-raising numbers are key. Sanders doing well with fund-raising. Mayor Pete and booker all out fundraised Joe Biden in the third quarter fund-raising. You want to talk about how this impacts the president. $13 million in the first 36 hours since Nancy Pelosi began this impeachment inquiry. That says a lot. The fact it's helping solidify the president's base with regard to fund-raising and support and is causing more fracture in the democratic party that's where it's going to be a long-term political impact. A lot of political strategists say Joe Biden has no choice but to take it on. Donald Trump wants to beat me more than anyone else. In the short term it's a huge benefit to Joe Biden. He can pivot one on one against the president of the united States. He can go back to how he introduced his campaign, a fight for the soul of America and asking the question who are we. He ought to go front and center saying I'll take on the president directly on this. The majority of the Democrats aren't concerned with who are in agreement with them on policy. They want someone that can take on the president of the united States. What better way than someone the president of the United States has mentioned over and over again. Joe Biden has had an appearance of a conflict of interest in the Ukraine. Maybe he shouldn't have been the administration's point person. When his son was buck racking off his name in one of the most corrupt countries in the world. That is going to be raised by Democrats at some point, certainly by Republicans. It is a definition of conflict of interest. Cat meet kettle. The trump family is more entrenched by foreign governments with their business deal ks. We have can't compare the two. We're in a populist moment when the notion because daddy is the vice president of the united States you can make a lot of money. When he's president you can get trademarks in China. That's what's so funny. The hypocrisy of it. Not only is it something we'll hear from the president and Republicans, but mark my word, this will be used in the primary by the democratic opponents against Joe Biden or super packs. Thank you very much. We'll be right back. Now we honor our fellow

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