President Obama on His Relationship With Donald Trump

The president talks about his relationship with President-elect Donald Trump in an exclusive interview on "This Week."
21:08 | 01/08/17

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Transcript for President Obama on His Relationship With Donald Trump
Welcome to this special edition of this week our final interview with President Obama. Eight years ago he came to our studio for the first time a president elect confronting an economic crisis just days away from taking his out. He's appealing to president already melt. It doing all the little taste of all those bells and whistles. Is as much as you know we are. Working hard in the next couple weeks I think that when you're actually in the Oval Office. Making decisions I think that's going to be different. This time just days away from the end of this presidency we came to the White House for his final Sunday interview. An hour in the Oval Office reflect on the last eight years and the Donald Trump presidency coming next I met the president and the residents. Present thank you for doing this in her walk in Georgia sent to think you're gonna miss this short commute back after. I am it's one of the biggest benefits. Of being president billion Billy don't think about until you get here. I have never had to. Travel more than thirty seconds for homes office and it's because of that that I have been able to maintain. You know really. A family life that has nurtured and sustained me during this time how long did it take for the White House to feel like home. You know it it it took. Shorter I think for us just because when you got lol kids. And you're talking a man it's hot it's all right we're when they've. When you open a door and her in the pajamas and there. You know wrestler bearden as Kenyon. To read to Holmes stuff you know its search feel like home pretty quick not to mention having a mother in law. Upstairs. And salute and the dog. And now two. It it it it feels even more like home now because you have all these memories that were formed watch and your kids and I want to talk about the kids and I know you'll report a little bit apprehensive coming in what has theory on. Wasn't a good experience. You know. You don't know how would have turned out if they've grown up in Chicago and stood in a more normal environment. All I can say is they have turned out to be terrific young women. The deal we were. Concerned. Mostly about whether they develop and attitude red hot hot hot gas and pay our. He'll. Sweet kind. And funding Smart. Respectful. People and they treat everybody would respect that's not. Just the biases of apparent you know we we feel pretty good when we hear back from France. Because they still have sleep overs later another. Folks house when the parents you know Malia she's just so sweeter Sasha helped to. Pick up the dish is what is it that you don't want to. They never complain about you know they complain about Secret Service as they became teen years and that's the Secret Service has done the the very best job they could accommodating and so it hasn't restricted. Any of their activities but as you might imagine if your teenager. Haven't. A couple of people. We're always on your I don't ask and then guns. Always falling around back in grade on them but you know they've handled it with grace and and I give. Michelle most of the credit for how well they've done but I also would just think they are. Graceful good young two young you know when it's part of the White House so I kind of Smucker. This walk. It. It doesn't matter what time of day it is. In some ways I feel more. Attached. To this walk even in the Oval Office there's something about. These steps and thinking about everybody who's walked here and and all the business that's been done it. Ten business gets done on this walk us exactly and an even when you go. This rant at you think about FDR Wheeling himself up. Couple cigarette holder in his mouth. And it. It's bet that all that you feel that that reverence for the field for the place number time. But that's what my things I was gonna have to thank you kept in touch with people by reading those letters. How can keep in touch with the president's. It's an interest in question. More than anything obviously the presence is the people. And it's been uninteresting. The emotions in the last few months and what you realize is that. You may never have a team. That is together in the same way under the same pressures. And the attachments that you make. The folks from your chief of staff down to ultimate bunker it is and the people. Here have been extraordinary. We had a farewell dinner for so my senior staff and generally. You know everybody likes to talk about a cooler ones are correct I have trouble getting through. Just a few remarks because. Not only. You appreciate the sacrifices they've made it. Hours they've captain. Soccer games they've missed the boat they parties but I also had a lot of young people who came in here and the others probably. You know Equus would you have your own experience you were young when he got here. And feel like when I left but it on now suddenly you've got. Members of your team who were torn 124. They've met their wives here or there husbands whose. And yet a lot of rain here people and you and then you and they start bring an end there are kids. Who you think should be babies and our. In second grader supplement you watch them grow up but. The concentrated. Interactions experience that you if you're don't think I don't expect you can duplicate in place and we're about to walk and ill homeless wondering the big gut check decisions. Jamaican and they are our country. Count. I think made him on this walk sometimes. You know there times word. I'd serial office and use together the facts. The decisions. You probably make latest nightly Psycho Nidal up there but there are some times where you think you've made the decision but. During that walk where your announcing the decision just got to make sure that. You're you're prepared live without because as you know George a lot of these decisions. Are not. The outcome Johnson. Those big decisions are dwindling in these final days of Obama's second term but the president has responsibility and power right up until the inauguration on January 20. And we sat down the Oval Office Friday afternoon right after the president was briefed on that deadly airport shooting at Fort Lauderdale. And just minutes after the intelligence community release their report. Detailing how Russia interfered in our presidential election. This intelligence report came out on the Russian activities declassified version. Pretty start opening sentences. Russian president Vladimir couldn't ordered an influence campaign. He further tests that could in the Russian government developed a clear preference for president elect tri president put us trying to electron. Well I think the report is very clear number one the Russians. Sought to interfere with the election process. That. The cyber hacking that took place by the Russians was part of that campaign. And that. They had a clear preference in terms of outcomes. What. What I've repeatedly said is that. You know our intelligence communities. Spend a lot of time and effort. Gathering a lot of strands a lot of data there are times where. They're very cautious and they say. We think this is what happened borne out sur seine I conference here this time. They've got high confidence and having seen some of the underlying sources. And information that they are basing this on. I stand fully behind. What does that tell you about what president who. He's trying to do right now and I think back to 2012 when Mitt Romney talked about Russia being number one can execute threat he kind of dismissed him. In the second debate did you underestimate. You know I don't think I under the messed estimated him but I think that I underestimated. The degree to which. In this new. Information age. It is possible for misinformation. Four cyber. Hacking and so forth. To have an impact on our open societies are open systems. To insinuate themselves into. Our democratic practices. In ways that. I think are accelerating and so part of the reason that I ordered this report. Was not simply to re litigate what happened. Over the last several months but rather to make sure that we understand this is something that. Putin has been doing for quite some time in Europe. Initially and the former satellite states where there are a lot of Russian speakers but. Increasingly. In western democracies. They're going to be elections coming up among our NATO allies that we have to pay attention to. I anticipate that this kind of thing can happen again here. And so in addition to the report assessing what exactly happened. Well we have also done is to make sure that the department of homeland security and our intelligence teams are working where. The various folks who run our elections and one of things urge. The president elect to do is to. Developing strong working relationship with the intelligence community and I think it's important that congress. On a bipartisan basis work with the next administration. Looking forward to make sure that this kind of influence. Him he met little intelligence leaders this afternoon praised. Their work at the top still didn't seem to accept their conclusions fully talked about Russia and China and and other countries. They've made no assessment on whether this affected the outcome of the election he said very clearly had actually no effect on the outcome what do you think. You know I think. There are a lot of factors going into an election. I think the bottom line is that. Donald Trump is going to be. Sworn in as support for president of the United States of America and it's not necessarily. Profitable there sort of try to. Tang untangle all the different factors that went into it the issue here is. You have. I think. The clear. Example of how if word not. Vigilant. Foreign countries can have an impact on the political debate in the United States in ways that might not have been true. Ten point. Thirty years ago in part because of the way. News is transmitted. And in part because so many people are skeptical. Mainstream news organizations. That. Everything's true whenever principles. You know nothing. Nothing is settled or rivers contested in that kind of environment. We're. There's so much skepticism about. Information that's come in and we're gonna have to spend a lot more time thinking about. How do we protect. Our democratic process and as I've been saying for years we're gonna spend a lot more time on cyber security was one of the reasons why I ordered. Commissioner bottom line this time Vladimir Putin got what you want. Well look I think that. What is true is that the Russians. Intended to meddle and they metal. And it could be another country and the future. It could be another election where. You know the B alignments between Republicans and Democrats are different than they were this time and and who. A foreign country performers and that's why I hope that this does not continue to be viewed purely threw a partisan lines. I think there Republicans as well Democrats were concerned about this and that the two things we need to do George number one we have to spend a lot more. Time. Energy resources. On cyber security and it makes what makes this difficult is because it's not just government. Problem is a private sector and government problem there's going to be a lot more cooperation that was one of the key recommendations of this commission that I. I've got a report from just a few weeks ago. And the second thing we have to do is to make sure that. All of us. Think about how. We approach. Our elections and our democracy not only to secure them from vote tampering. But also to make sure that. We understand when and propaganda is being churned through the system. And and one of the things all I'll be out a switch or for the things that I am concerned about is the degree to which. We've seen a lot of commentary. Lately where. There are Republicans. Or parliaments. Or cable commentators. Who seem to have more confidence and Vladimir Putin's and fellow Americans because those fellow Americans are Democrat. That cannot be does that include the president elect. Well what I will say is that. And I said this right after the election. Which are minor souls were on the same thing. What we're poems monarch to. If we get to a point where. People in this country feel more affinity. We have. A leader who. Is an adversary and views the United States. And our way of life as a threat to. Then we're gonna have bigger problems than just cyber hacking. He talked the president electron has several times over the course this transition what do you try to impress time that got. Well as I've said before the conversations have been cordial. He has been opened to suggestions. And the main thing that I tried to transmit is that. There's a different strain governing campaign. So that. What he has to or appreciate it is. As soon as you're walking in this office after you've been sworn in you're now in charge of the largest organization on our. You can't manage it the way you would manage the family business. You can't manage it the way you would manager senate offices. I was a senator before art became. President. And so you have to have a strong team around him. You have to have respect for the institutions. And the process to make good decisions because you are inherently reliant on other folks. So when I talked to him about our intelligence agencies. What I've said to him is is that. They're going to be times where you got wrong. Intelligence that comes and then. In my experience over eight years. Intelligence and it is pretty good about saying. What we can't save. For certain what this means. But they're going to be times where. The only way you can make good decision is it. You have confidence that the process is working and the people that you put in charge. Are. Giving you their very best assess how is he impressed you. You know he is somebody who I think is very. Engaging in a gregarious like them. You know I've enjoyed the conversations we've had. He is somebody who I think is not lacking confidence. Which is I think some say that about you too well that's a sign of its its prior. A perquisites for the job. Or at least you have to have a enough. Craziness defect he can do the job. I think that he has. Not. Spent a lot of time. Sweating the details of you know. All the policies that. Is that where you well I think that can be both a strength. And weakness I think it depends on. How we approach is if the if it gives him fresh eyes. Then that can be valuable. But it also requires your knowing what you don't know. And putting in place people who. Do have. The kinds of experience and background. And and knowledge that can inform good decision making and look I much. I think as part of Serbia and higher are sure opposites in some ways. Orders often do that I think but. So so let's say I'm on the the policy wonk and of the spectrum. As much desired. Can dive into a briefing book and really work. To to master. Various subjects that come before my desk. I'm still not an expert on. A huge my stuff that we work off but I do make sure that I got people. Who are experts. That are helping me make the best decisions possible and if you don't have good people and you don't have a good process. And you don't have that some level the basic. Reverence for this office and an understanding. Being credible responsibilities and obligations that I think you can get twelfth. You're also not much of a Tweeter is on a tirade. This morning sent out a lot of tweets early this morning. Clearly according to him as he was gonna keep on doing it. When he's sitting there behind that good idea. On the one hand that information is as moving quicker movement Kyra. Or the way in which people consume information is changing so fast. Clearly this work form and it gives him a direct connection to a lot of people the voter pork. And I've said to him and I think others I have said to him that. The day that he is the president of the United States. There are world capitals and financial marker of us and people all around the world who. Take really seriously worries us and it in a way that's just not true before your actually sworn was pressed. More my Oval Office and a good President Obama when we come back to talk about how who engage the battles preserve his legacy especially obamacare. His toughest decisions in the White House. And how he'll feel that moment on inauguration day when power passes from him. The president tried.

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