President Trump, Russian President Putin meet face-to-face at G-20 summit

ABC News' Cecilia Vega reports on the key moments from the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.
2:48 | 07/09/17

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Transcript for President Trump, Russian President Putin meet face-to-face at G-20 summit
With that let me bring in Cecilia Vega. She's still in Hamburg where she was with the president. Cecilia, good morning. So we have that report in "The New York Times." We've confirmed it. There was this meeting in trump tower with a Russian lawyer. Just the latest evidence that the president's previous denials are just not true. Reporter: Exactly, George. And the story broke as you said after the president was in the air on air force one landing back home in Washington. Essentially this is more of the slow drip of names of people in the president's inner circle who after the fact are finding out they had met with people with Russian, people with ties to Russia, despite what the president told me there right after he -- after the election. But, look, we've got to say there is absolutely no evidence at this point of collusion, but what we know is that don Jr. Is now among the list of names of people who met with Russians. This is a Russian lawyer who we know has known ties to the Kremlin. It happened in trump tower about two weeks after the president clinched the nomination. Sources tell me that the campaign was not discussed. Don Jr. Says that essentially they talked about the issue of Russian adoptions, that this meeting was set up for him but, again, George, not what the president wanted to be coming home to after this trip that the white house is calling a big win. Here they are once again with questions landing right in their lap about ties to Russia during the campaign. We also know that Russian lawyer was pushing to ease sanctions on Russia as well. Meanwhile, a lot of questions about what actually happened in that meeting between the president and president Putin. We saw president Putin saying yesterday that president trump accepted had is denial. The president up on Twitter saying he's already given his opinion. The problem there is that press conference we showed earlier in the week where the president said a number of things. He said I think Russia did it. There may have been others also. No one knows for sure. Reporter: And that press conference was an astounding just one day before hours before basically he sat down with Vladimir Putin in that closed room here at the g20. Look, we may never know what really happened inside there. It was just a small group of people, diplomatic aides on both sides and translators and the two leaders essentially but you've got this big question, did the president essentially agree with Vladimir Putin's repeated denials of election hacking, of election meddling. The president, I'm told, repeatedly pushed inside that meeting, started the meeting with questions about whether there was election meddling on the part of the Russians, Vladimir Putin adamantly denied it but the big question seems to be still to this day, where does the president stand? What he told us when he was asked point blank in that press conference on Thursday it could be the Russians, it could be other countries but, George, he's still not saying who these other countries could be. Okay, Cecilia Vega, thanks very much.

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{"id":48532589,"title":"President Trump, Russian President Putin meet face-to-face at G-20 summit","duration":"2:48","description":"ABC News' Cecilia Vega reports on the key moments from the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/president-trump-russian-president-putin-meet-face-face-48532589","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}