President Trump's support of Roy Moore will make him very hard to defeat, Cokie Roberts says

The Powerhouse Roundtable dives into the allegations against Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore on "This Week."
6:47 | 11/26/17

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Transcript for President Trump's support of Roy Moore will make him very hard to defeat, Cokie Roberts says
Okay. Let's bring in "The roundtable." Our political director Rick Klein. Senior political writer for fivethirtyeight. Perry bacon. Anna palmer, co-ed or the of the the politico playbook. And cokie Roberts. President trump tweeting, I endorsed Luther strange in the Alabama primary. He shot way up in the polls but it wasn't enough. Can't let schumer/pelosi win this race. Liberal Jones will be bad. It sounds like he may be going to Alabama. I talk Todd a white house official that said there's still no plans to go to Alabama. That's still to the ruling it out. The idea he was burn once in Alabama. And the possibility over the last two weeks he could deliver a senate seat. Maybe deliver the critical vote for tax reform, it might be too much for him to avoid. He's listening to the base that says they don't believe or care about what Roy Moore's accuser say. He might be there. He doesn't mention Roy Moore by name in either of the two tweets. I know. It's just Doug Jones and Pelosi and Schumer. But, he -- is clearly -- He didnoesn't have to. He doesn't have to go to Alabama. He's done plenty for Roy Moore. Moore can put it in his ads, which he's doing. He's clearly got the endorsement of president trump. Without the endorsement of president trump, he won the primary. I think with the endorsement of president trump, it will be hard to defeat him. You think this could make a real difference? Yeah. Clearly trump is on an island. The rest of the Republican party is somewhere else. He's looking to where he needs a conservative in his back pocket. He believes Roy Moore will be that person for him. And Perry we have seen the ad that Doug Jones is running. Looking at all the accusers. One after another. Is that the tack he should be taking? Think stop the polls have shown, my colleague, Harry, wrote about in this week. Moore's lost about nine points amid the scandal. I think that's the right argument for him. Jones, make the race about sexual harassment. The you're Moore, I think Moore and trump are smart making it about this is a Republican, Republican, Republican, liberal versus Republican. Alabama is a very conservative state. H is an "r"/"d" race. The better off for Moore. Is the support softening? Yes. Moore lost nine points. The polling average is about 45-45. Moore had a lead. He's lost. The key thing to note, what happens the next two weeks as Moore, the story sinks in with the voters. The voters, does this become a race where the voters go further from him or does Moore stabilize. Has he lost all he can or can he lose more? In the base. Even women are suspicious about the sexual harassment claims. And part of the reason for that is that women who are not in fancy white collar jobs often have really awful thing happen to them on the job. They are asaultd. They are raped. They have horrible things happen to them. When they hear women say he talked dirty to me. Or he came on the me, they think, big deal. That's not what happened to me. What happened to me is so much worse. And so, there's not that same sense of affinity. But, it -- it's teenagers. I get it. Trust me. I have 14-year-old grandchildren. I mean, I'm horrified by that. What goes through their heads with that? That doesn't seem to work assen analysis in this particular case? I think they feel kids are telling a lie. It's the president standing alone. He's make it into a partisan political moment. It's making his colleagues in the Republican party uncomfortable. Think that's a foenl game-changer here. If this is rememberered as a broader moment, we'll look back and see where people lined up. And Anna, if Roy Moore is elected. Mitch Mcconnell said there would be an ethics investigation. Is that what Republicans need right now? How does that -- It's all over -- This is exactly the opposite of what Republicans want to be talking about right now. They want to you can that about tax reform. Trying to figure out government funding. Looking toward the midterm election and having something to win on. He's making a big mistake there, too. If you look at what happened in 2010 with senate Republicans, they lost when they were talking about some of the similar issues on women's reproductive rights and other things. This is not what they want to be talking about. An expulsion and ethics hearing will take weeks if not months to get done. They'll probably be talking about. What about Conyers and Franken? Nothing's happen pd since. We saw Kathleen rice. I'm curious. My question is saying they should go to the ethic committee a real thing or a stalling tactic? They've set up a process. Does the process matter? Is it going the lead -- Hard to see the Conyers thing. He's going to rehab. We know what happened. Does that lead to a resignation or a stalling process? Can they weather the storm, right? One of these happens, another one happens. If it just becomes noise, maybe they can hang on. They're so used to it. The culture of capitol hill for so many deck katds was men being bad. And -- We talk about that. We have talked about it weeks and weeks. But does anything really change? No. We ask that question. Seems unprecedented. How many. Do you think people are talking bit as if things will change? I don't think that the culture has -- we haven't seen major shift, right? I would point out members policing themselves, a very bad track record of it. Whether about these scandals. How they cruise their finances. There is -- nobody is saying that they're going to change the whole process by which this is done. They're going to throw out members with sexual harassment cases. The fact that people are willing to be public can change things. We all talked about for years. A little bit at a time. Don't get in the elevator with him. And the whole every female in the press corps knew that. Don't get in tell rate ISS the elevator with him. That's a change. Right back with more from the

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{"id":51392264,"title":"President Trump's support of Roy Moore will make him very hard to defeat, Cokie Roberts says","duration":"6:47","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable dives into the allegations against Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/president-trumps-support-roy-moore-make-hard-defeat-51392264","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}