Republican House Intel member says memo isn't an 'attack on Bob Mueller'

Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, weighs in on why he voted to release the controversial GOP memo that alleges abuse of the country's spying program, but not the Democratic counter memo.
7:37 | 02/04/18

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Transcript for Republican House Intel member says memo isn't an 'attack on Bob Mueller'
will Hurd. You heard congressman Schiff saying this is going to cause a loss of confidence in the intelligence community your response? I don't believe so. I think we have to hold the federal law enforcement to high standards. I spent a decade as an undercover officer in the CIA collecting intelligence. We know that we are supposed to be held to a higher standard. When political leaders of an organization -- we should make sure they're crossing Ts and dotting Is. James Comey came out with this tweet. Dishonest memo, for what? D.O.J. And FBI must keep doing their jobs. I would say they should continue doing the job. I don't believe this is an attack on Bob Mueller. I don't believe it's an attack on then and women in the FBI. I've served shoulder to shoulder with them. They're hard working folks that keep us safe. This is about should unverified information be able to be used to spy on an American. Should circular reporting -- You heard congressman Schiff say it wasn't circular reporting. A newspaper article should be able to used to spy on an American. The article was based on information they already had access to. Nobody is questioning whether some of the information was unverified. Nobody is questioning that there was rumors that were involved in this. For me this is about making sure that we're protecting the CIV liberties of the Americans. The con man said this is one part of a very large file that was presented to the judge. When you introduced me today. You didn't say I was from San Antonio or sept my life in Texas. That doesn't change the fact I'm a member of congress. Nobody questions that. The gentleman from California -- Which information is unverified? Most of the information in the Steele dossier. You dt read the underlying documents. You don't have to read them. The gentleman from California said we haven't interviewed the FBI or D.O.J. On this. I've spent countless hearings with the D.O.J. And FBI asking questions. I've had the opportunity to ask the people that created the underlying document about this. That's what came to the conclusions and why I voted to release the memo. You voted against releasing the democratic memo. Why. There was information that I believe led to the erosion of national security. I believe they're working through that and it's going to -- Why not wait until that was scrubbed the same way the Republican one was skubed? The information wasn't ready to go. We decided to release our. Providing oversight and shining a light on the issues is important. Ultimately I believe we're letting the Russians win. The Russians got involved in our election to erode trust in our democratic institutions. The when the press is criticizing congress for shedding light on issues, when there's a perceived brick shfriction between the executive branch and legislative branch and people think there shouldn't we oversight -- Why not call the FBI director in a closed session and ask him those questions? We did. There have been dozens of hours of conversations around this. The reason we found this is because of the broader Russia investigation. To me -- I want to stress Bob Mueller should be allowed to turnover every rock, pursue every lead so we can have trust knowing what Russia did or didn't do. So you don't believe president trump when yhe says it vindicates him? I don't. I'm not shocked elected officials are using hyperbole and exaggerations. This is about for me what kind of information should be used in a title III court in order to spy on American citizens. Civil liberties are important. I was back in my hometown, I didn't get asked a lot of questions. Most people are worried how do they pay their rent, how do they make sure they have enough money for their kids to go to college. The fact we have to protect our civil liberties, this is one of the things that has made our country great. Congress should do its oversight role even in a a crazy environment. Carter page the man at the center of this -- we heard from congressman Schiff it began with George papadopoulos. Let's talk about Carter page for a second. He's been on the radar of the FBI as possibly working the Russians in 2013. In order to get a FISA warrant you have to show probable cause this person is a foreign agent. This was approved and renewed three separate times by judges appointed by Republican presidents. Right. I think that information that was unverified was renewed in that application. You think it would have been done on flimsy snfinformation? That's at the heard of this. You haven't read the underlying documents. James Comey said the dossier was say lay shows and unverified. He was talking about the one part dealing with president trump in Russia. That was one small part, not the dossier of the whole. What parts of dossier have been verified? The underlying documents would show for that. That's why I'm asking you haven't read them. We asked the folks at FBI and D.O.J. They've not been able to prove through other reporting that that information was correct. That's unverified information. At the time that information was included into this first FISA application they knew it wasn't verified. Want to show a quote from your colleague from Arizona. He said this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Sally yats and rod Rosenstein. Will you sign that letter? No. Is why. Is it a problem? Yes. The D.O.J. Has a report coming out. We'll look at that. That goes a little far. Let's get to Martha Raddatz,

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{"id":52826940,"title":"Republican House Intel member says memo isn't an 'attack on Bob Mueller'","duration":"7:37","description":"Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, weighs in on why he voted to release the controversial GOP memo that alleges abuse of the country's spying program, but not the Democratic counter memo. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/republican-house-intelligence-committee-member-release-gop-memo-52826940","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}