Rich Lowry: 'It's ok for a president to criticize the court'

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
12:50 | 02/12/17

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Transcript for Rich Lowry: 'It's ok for a president to criticize the court'
Guard in California as this elderly man was floating away in his submerged car. The 81-year-old driver was swept into rushing floodwaters at a highway intersection. The helicopter plucked him to safety. Rescue teams is doing their quickly was vital to saving his life. He was stuck in six the deep turbulent water. We are told he is doing ok this morning. Shayna: We are learning more about an icy crash in Pittsburgh. The teen driving off a steep and bagman and landing in a freezing Phillips brook. We are hearing from the firefighter who made them at -- you made the rescue Friday night. By the time he and his crew got to the scene, the 17-year-old had already freed himself from the car but had been there 45 minutes with no one knowing. She could not climb out of the steeper been. The challenge was because of the snowy embankment, the difficult access, it was pretty steep. We had to make sure she was properly packaged before we were able to extricate. Reporter: Firefighter say the crash and fall could have been deadly but when she left, she was conscious. Doug: Move over, I'm coming in. It's ok. You have a lot on your plate. Shayna: Moving in. Doug: We are getting it from both sides, just like the storm. Cindy: We have had some snow showers this morning. I want to show you what it looks like in Boston. Some flakes falling in the city but it has to do with this right here. Just out of the 20's to 35 degrees in Boston. Easterly wind coming off the water and this is going to be a huge factor in this storm. Just inland and it's still in the mid 20's. The coastal front is starting to shift westward and it is going to play a role here. 22 in Orange. This cold air is going to hang tough for the duration of this storm. Definitely going to be a factor and if you are getting these snow showers, this is ocean effect. The main factor with the storm, everything coming together and converging. Most areas will see the snow, but along the coastline, there is going to be some rain. Until we get into the overnight, we will see a shift back into the snow and the wind makes up -- is up to 60 miles an hour on the coast. A big problem as you get toward Essex county and into southern rain -- southern Maine as well. The snow is moving in with the storm and will track into new England, pulling the warm air into southeastern Massachusetts. It was well below zero in northern rain this morning. Temperatures this afternoon will not get out of 20's north and west of town. The snow will be a little fluffier but not like the heavier weather snow into Boston. You can see everything filling in around lunchtime and look at the rain and snow line. Rain mixing in southeast Massachusetts. As we get into the overnight, a ton of transitions in Boston. Our storm really intensified. That is what we are waking up to, strong winds and toward noontime, the bands shift offshore. North and west of 495, closer into Boston south of the pike, six to 12 inches. Between three and six inches in parts of the south shore. Some spots don't have too many issues. Kelly Ann: We notice the wind shifting to the east along the coastline, temperatures dropped quickly and we are well above freezing. That is going to be a huge factor when considering snowfall. We see the changeover bit earlier, so by 3:00, we should be able to get an inch of snow on the ground at that point. Try and get it done before that snowfall moves in. Worcester, already starting to see the snow and starting to accumulate up to three inches of snow. Boston, temperatures warming into the 30's. Not until this evening that we see the changeover. After 6:00, things pick up and we get to inches of snow. Changes occurring later and later and you have some time to avoid the chance of heavy snow accumulating just yet. Cindy: With the northerly winds taking over tonight, that's prompting concern for high tide coming up. There is a coastal flood for the high tide coming up tomorrow morning. Good northerly wind on the backside will focus the snow along the coastline first thing in the morning. As it pulls away, we will see big improvement as we head into Tuesday. The midweek is our next opportunity. Could be a couple of inches of snow on Wednesday entering the day Thursday, the storm tries to redevelop. Too far away to be a big player. Behind it, things quiet down and start to warm up a little bit. Shayna: Saturday night live is the perfect spot for poking fun at politicians. Doug: And senator Elizabeth Warren was the talk of the weekend update segment. My fitbit says -- Have you always been this way? In middle school, I was the one who would do this -- scooby, scooby, he's writing on the Dax -- excuse me, he's writing on the desk. Doug: All in good fun. Shayna: We are following breaking news from quincy this morning. Doug: Fios is not cable. We're wired differently. So we wired the Wagner's house with 150 meg internet. Which means that in the time ittakes Mr. Wagner to pour a 20oz. Cup of coffee, Tommy can download 40 songs, and Jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. That's the power offiber optics. Get 150 meg internet with equalupload and download speeds, TV and phone for just $79.99 permonth for the first year. Cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. Only Fios can. Shayna: Breaking overnight -- two people killed in a third injured in a house fire in quincy. Reporter: Unfortunately, a woman and her 19-year-old grandson did not make it out of the house behind me. The 19-year-old father did make it out. He jumped out of a window. He's at a Boston hospital and they did not have an update on his condition. Somebody we did speak with did speak to him and they were able to talk. They saw flames engulf the homes overnight. They saw it spread on the first floor, went to the second floor and then through the roof. Doug: There it is. Here it comes. Take a look. Cindy: We've checked in with Josh so many times, one time it snowing and one time it's not. The snow is moving intermittently through the area but you can see what is happening on the radar. That will continue to fill in through midday. That's why the amounts will be there. In Boston, ending up between six and 12 inches just outside the city as well. That's where we will see the highest snow totals. Kelly Ann: We will see winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour. No supplies along the coastline, we have the blizzard watch in effect through the day tomorrow. A nice little break. Cindy: There will be snow and strong winds. Doug: We will be here for that. Is this the heart attack snow -- they heavy Cindy: Stuff? Where we get some mixing with rain? Absolutely. Closer into Boston. Doug: Good for the skiers, I guess. Thank you very much for joining us.

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{"id":45440601,"title":"Rich Lowry: 'It's ok for a president to criticize the court'","duration":"12:50","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rich-lowry-president-criticize-court-45440601","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}