Roundtable II: Politicians to Watch

The "This Week" roundtable's predictions on who to watch in 2013.
4:02 | 01/06/13

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Transcript for Roundtable II: Politicians to Watch
As we look ahead to 2013, I want to get all the roundtable to weigh in on who they think in the political world will make a splash next year. Jeb hensarling is a republican conservative, new chairman of the financial services committee. Sherrod brown is a liberal senator from ohio. The two of them could get together because sherrod brown is absolutely right on the need to break up the large banks and reduce the too big to fail threat to our societiment those two could get together and solve a problem. That could be quite an appliance. I have smalre/big bore. Small bore is deval patrick governor of massachusetts who gets to decide who the next senator will be and right up against a rock and a hard place of barney frank saying i wouldn't mind being a temporary guy and vicki kennedy and then, of course, ed markey thinking about running for the seat. Interesting thing to see this in the senate and what deval patrick has to do. The other large bore is bashar assad. He gave a speech that was given in syria. He said "i'm not negotiating with terrorists." Take that. Yeah, sounds familiar. He is -- we keep waiting for him to fall, 60,000 syrians killed in this violence and no sign of -- amazing he lasted this long. Mine is not exactly a new face. Joe biden. On new year's day showed he is the one in the white house that can still work with congress. I think this is going to be a big year for biden because if the president is going to get anything accomplished with congress, it's clear he will need biden to work directly with them. I look for biden and wonder if it's going to make or break his prospects. THEY CALL HIM the McConnell whisperer. I spent a day with susana martinez, a republican hispanic governor of new mexico when she took office a year ago, she had a deficit and came in, worked with the democratic legislature, balanced the budget. They no longer has a deficit and right now the prt is considering signing katie's law which has to do with taking dna from people who are arrested and some people may challenge the constitutionality of it but she was the underlying d.A. In this law and is a big crime fighter. Two rising senate stars, one is elizabeth warren. I think that she will be helpful in george's and my campaign to limit the size of big banks and also angus king, an independent from maine, tremendous integrity and very popular. Two new englanders though i say also senator joe manchin of west virginia, keep an eye on him, and now we pause to honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. This week the pentagon released the name of one soldier killed in afghanistan. And finally, "your voice" this week. Diana biederman asks today's question. Why do we have inaugural ceremonies for two-term presidents? It says they all have to be sworn in. Always an excuse for some party. This year has been scaled way back from ten balls to two but second inaugurations have been a time for some first. African-americans joined the parade for the first time at abraham lincoln's second inaugural. Woodrow wilson's second, women were included 52 years later. Harry truman's 1949 inaugural was the first on television and in 1997, americans could watch the swearing in online for the first time of bill clinton. Tweet me your political questions to @gstephanopoulos plus greta is going to answer your questions for this week's web extra. Thanks for spending your sunday with us. Check out "world news" with david muir and don't forget that "nightline" has a new starting tuesday, 12:35 a.M.

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{"id":18144245,"title":"Roundtable II: Politicians to Watch","duration":"4:02","description":"The \"This Week\" roundtable's predictions on who to watch in 2013.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/roundtable-ii-politicians-watch-18144245","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}