Roundtable I: Karl Rove and Jim Messina

Former campaign chiefs Jim Messina and Karl Rove join the "This Week" roundtable.
27:59 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for Roundtable I: Karl Rove and Jim Messina
for under $200 a month. Visit vwdealer.Com today. ]The performance es event has begun. ♪ ♪ featuring the lexus gs and is performance lines. Because control is the ultimate expression of power. ♪ ♪ get great valueson your favorite lexus models, during the command performancesales event. This isthe pursuit of perfection. Jim: Breaking news. Just one winning ticket sold in the biggest powerball jackpots in history and what we know about the ticket now. A.J.: Another storm heading our way and the timeline and what to expect in your area. Emily: It started small but ended big the goal organizers reached before the night even started. Emily:9:00 a.M. On sunday march 24. Good morning. I'm e emily riemer. Jim: I'm jim lokay but first the forecast. Emily: Bright sunshine. A.J.: And less wind. Good morning, everyone. Still brisk so what you're seeing here is not what it feels like outside. 31 at marshfield and nearing 40 degrees down near the cape and we add in the wind and it feels LIKE 20s ACROSS THE BOARD. The winds will start to settle back through the midday and afternoon and feel nicer underneath the sunshine. Get out and enjoy it because it will last us all day long today. The storm won't have a direct impact on us but will help steer this big storm down to the south of us. It's going track like this and redeveloping into an area of low pressure off the atlantic seaboard and head south of new england. We get brushed from it. The storm stays offshore and afternoon mix turning to nighttime snow. Because of the mild temperatures, relatively mild alimited accumulati don't expect too much of an impact on the roadways and guys over to you. Emily: Breaking news this morning. There is just one winning ticket for last night's $338 million powerball jackpot. Jim: Start with the bad news because it only applies if you bought your ticket in new jersey but still pay attention to the numbers, 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 and a powerball of 31. Lottery officials won't say anything about the winning ticket until tomorrow but that jackpot is the sixth highest in the game's history. The grand prize winner can choose the $338 million over a number of years or take a lump sum of $211 million. Other tickets matched all but the final powerball number. Emily: Investigators are working to figure out what caused an overnight fire in hamilton. The flames were shooting through the roof on cutler road when crews got there. There is extensive damage inthe house but no one was hurt. Jim: A major success for the small connecticut town forever changed by gun violence. It started as a small gathering of former newtown students but turned into something larger. Liam martin with the story. That's what boston's all about. We pull together for other people. Reporter: More than 700 people gathering at fenway park to raise money for newtown. Our goal was $26,000 and i know we surpassed that to start the night. At the end of the night we'll tally it up and surprised if we surpass 50,000. Reporter: He attended sandy hook elementary as a child. The money raised at this silent auction will go towards a new children's museum under construction in newtown. I don't think the town's broken by any means. It's a strong town. When I came in the line was out the door. Reporter: The governor was there with the mayor and red sox owner larry lucchino. There's time for changes in the federal gun laws. We need universal background checks and stronger mental health checks and we have proposed all of these and by the way proposed them in the past and they haven't moved in the legislature. Reporter: The mayor saying the same. It's time for washington to act. We have to get them off their duff. What happened at sandy hook can happen every place. They close their eyes to the problem. Reporter: State senate president therese murray pledged a state gun bill by the end of this bill and the party was going until late last night and it was hard to get a ticket to this event. Liam martin, wcvb newscenter 5. Jim: Michael bloomberg stepping up the fight for the gun laws. He's launching a $12 million ad campaign and the new york times said bloomberg is going to pay for it himself. It will air in 13 states where governors could be convinced to back the legislature and the senate will debate a plan to give law enforcement new tools to fight illegal trafficking. Emily: The search for a missing brown university student is expanding. 22-year-old sunil tripathy vanished from his apartment last saturday in providence. He came to boston often and liked to history his aunt in newton and they're asking people in the hub and new york and philadelphia to help find him. We really don't know where he. We have an outpouring of support from the brown community. Friends from home, relatives from all over the country. We really miss sunil. We want him back. Emily: His mother also says sunil had been strugglinging with depression. The fbi is helping providence police. He is originally from the philadel area. His cell phone,redit card and i.D. Were left in his room. The university of new hampshire under attack a woman said she was attacked in the sawyer hall building and is not a student and doesn't know the person who assaulted her. Anyone with information is asked to call unh police. Jim: And cardinal o'malley celebrating palm sunday at the holy cross cathedral. Speculation grew o'maly was in the running for the job but either way his elevated status could lead to a more prominent role in the church. In the meantime, thousands of people in st. Ter'ssquare. The ee newly-elected pope francis leading the services and only encouraged the faith it will lead simple lives. Before that, pope francis meeting with former pope benedict and now former pope emeritus. He wanted to go and say to him you still matter. I'm still thinking of you. And I think on a human level that was the significance of this meeting. Emily: Clues into the sudden death of a wealthy russian businessman and scientists weigh in on the meteorhat streaked across the sky and it's the time. The key factor helping the mapling sugar season get off to a sweet start in new hampshire. Another significant sunk hole in florida and the threat it' Jim: So if you're about to dig into a pile of waffles maple season is underway. You may be disappointed with the cold start to spring but it's actually good news for the syrup industry and your wallet. It's our big coming out party for the year. We spend hours and hours and hours boiling at night all night sometimes to make it. It's our day to shine and bring it to the public. Reporter: At the sugar house in morning star farm they're on course for a good year. Last year most maple syrup production was down about 50% in the state because of the mild winter. Now many are hoping to get back up to 100%. Last year we were done with production this time and it's much colder and a normal weather pattern so we're on tap for a normal season. Reporter: It brings $6 million to the state every year producing close to 98,000 gallons of syrup and it all comes from new hampshire trees. I love it local. Reporter: At the maple ridge sugar house in lauden it was everything maple with everything to cotton candy. Maple syrup shots. There's nothing better. Jim: It hurts my teeth to think about. Shots of maple syrup. The sugars will be own today. Emily: We are hearing more about the meteor saturday night. Nasa scientists say it was the size of a small refrigerator. It was seen from maine to north carolina and it turned out it's not terribly rare. Bolder-sized asteroids or meteors come into the atmosphere every two or three days and this time it took place over a densely-populated area. A.J.: This is why our atmosphere is so important on a cold day you rub your hands together like this and the meteors are moving at 25,000 does to 150,000 miles per hour so it's the same friction that caused them it burn up. That's what the atmosphere does. It protects us. Emily: We're so lucky. A.J.: We're so lucky to have an atmosphere. We're lucky to have sunshine and look out at worcester right now. Blue skies smiling at me and you know what it's just going to be a real stellar day across the board. TEMPERATURES ARE IN THE 30s Across many areas eastern and central massachusetts we'll back off to worcester atezing right now as of the top of the hour. 37 falmouth and nearing 40 on nantucket you'll notice a good breath of wind to midday and watch what happens, the winds settle down towards 3:00 and 4:00 so if you're going out to the park and haven't gone out just yet the afternoon's the best bet with the full complement of sunshine and less wind it will feel nice. We advance to tomorrow morning at 9:00. Notice first of all the winds pick up. These are the wind gusts and miles per hour and gusting at times over 20 miles per hour and coming off the water now. It spells out a lot of cloud cover and the approach of our storm system which will plow through the mid-atlantic states. HIGHS INTO THE 40s AND FEEL LIKE THE MID-40s INSTEAD OF THE Windchill. As the winds settle down it will feel more true of these numbers. 46 in marshfield, maybe even 48 town towards providence. So we look at the satellite picture and look off to the north and east because we have this giant complex of stormy weather over the eastern part of canada around the canadian maritime. That has a factor in our forecast in terms of block this system. Mostly down to the south. Eventually low pressure will re-emerge off the mid-atlantic coastline and ride due east south of new england. I show you what's going around kansas city and missouri and the snow has wound down but they'll likely end up with more snow through this system than all of last year. It's a big storm. They only had three to five inches last year in total. The storm lapping at the connecticut-mass border and maybe as far north is the precipitation shield will get. To the north there'll be some flurries and nothing really accumulating. Also good news it gets out of here in time for morning drive on tuesday. It starts around the evening commute or really tomorrow afternoon and it's not a whole lot of precipitation. What does fall tomorrow afternoon will be in the mixed variety I don't expect a lot of accumulating snow south of town by the evening commute. The theme being the evening commute and morning coute, monday evening, tuesday morning shouldn't be too bad. It gets on out of here through tuesday morning and late night monday night into tuesday morning. Maybe an inch or two south shore down towards the canal and portions of rhode island. Lesser amounts to the north with light mix and flurries could amount to a small coating but it's it. It winds down by tuesday. Enjoy today, tomorrow's your cloudy day and turns wet and snowy monday night and tuesday we clear out and see the sunshine in some form for the week and a quiet forecast through the end of the week. Jim:9:17. We'll check top stories. Emily: British police are investigating the death of an exiled russian businessman. Authorities say police have not found any hazardous materials near with his body was found. They'd been looking for possible biological and chemical evidence. He made his money in the early 90s AND SOUGHT POLITICAL ASYLUM After a falling out with russian president vladimir putin. Jim: Presi Emily: Another sinkhole opens up in florida. This one just a mile and a half away from the deadly sinkhole that killed a man last month. This latest hole about eight feet wide, ten-feet deep opened up last night in a tampa suburb. People near were evacuated and it doesn't look like it's affecting any homes right now. The celtics were in memphis last night trying to snap their three-game losing streak. K.G. Will have an mri when returning to boston and lee has a sprained ankle. They came out strong without their key guys and bradley got the dunk and paul pierce knocks down the three-pointer and the celtics led early and down by ten at the break but old friend tony allen gives the grizzlies the 19-point lead with seven minutes to go and the celtics make close but lose 110-106. They'll be home to facing the knicks tuesday. In toronto last night the maple leafs scored a goal a period and they gave up three goals on 11 shots. Toronto beats the bruins 11-2 and same two at the guardian tomorrow night. Jack parker coaching his final game at the garden. The terriers taking on the u-mass lowell river hawks and ar inland scoops up the puck and u-mass lowell wins its first hockey east championship and their first title is jack er's last game behind the bench. Harvard men's basketball lost to arizona 74-51 in the ncaa tournameesterday. A disappointing end to a terrific season. That's sports. Have a great day. Emily: This is a huge robbery. Jim: And team5 investigates the look at the war of 11 dead. Communities ruined. The worst environmental disaster in American history. When BP tried to avoid responsibility, one man said no. "Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey put the so-called spillcam online" Ed Markey uncovered the extent of the damage. And when BP executives lied, EdMarkey held them accountable. Ed Markey: I'm ed markey and iapprove this message because I believe polluters must pay. A.J.: Tons of sunshine and TEMPERATURES IN THE MID 40s Along the coastline and 44 in hyannis. Believe it or not the temperatures today and tomorrow's cooler and some could get snow. We'll detail it in minutes. Jim: Team5 investigate as a new war on drugs. Investigators targeting prescription pills. Emily: We take a behind the scenes look into the business of counterfeit prescription drugs and the battle against them here in new england. This is an antibiotic. This is an alzheimers medication. Reporter: You're looking at a range of drugs designed to battle diseases to alzheimers. This is a cancer medication. Reporter: At first glance the prescription pills look like the real thing but team5 investigates they're dangerous and sometimes deadly fakes. We teamed up with pfizer and homeland security to give you an inside look into the counterfeit prescription drug trade and a war on drugs that could end up in your medicine cabinet and they're a click away readily available online at a cheaper price without a prescription. You don't know if the pill is laced with something that can ou. You don't know if the pills have what they say they're gonna have in them. It's not regulated. Reporter: The head of homeland security investigations in boston said the counterfeit pharmaceutical drug trade is a $21 billion business. Team5 learned federal agents are currently investigating a distribution ring on the cape where it's sold on craigslist. Many are manufactured in the far east and sold online. A website will indicate it's a legitimate pharmacy but it's not. If you continue to make that purchase you are sort of playing russian roullette. You don't know what you're going to get. Reporter: There's obviously a concern about the amount of active ingredient found in the drugs but there's also concern about the fillers. Chemists have found boric acid and sheetrock and plaster of paris. Reporter: It's more troubling when chemists check the cancer drug and find this pill that is supposed to save someone's life has no active medicine at all. It's a type of sugar. Some person because they want to make money is taking their only chance for getting better. Reporter: And when we take a close look at the benefits we found some mistakes. The january expiration day is printed wrong and the main ingredient in viagra is misspelledox but the real danger is what cou inside. It's just as bad as if they

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