Ruth Marcus: 'Put them on that stinky cruise ship'

The Washington Post columnist offers a unique solution to Congress's sequester gridlock.
1:47 | 02/17/13

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Transcript for Ruth Marcus: 'Put them on that stinky cruise ship'
It doesn't matter who's idea was what matters is that the unthinkable is now inevitable. -- give you my modest proposal for the -- which we should take the relevant members of congress and the administration. Put on that -- cruise ship and send them back out there. But I want to say. That that. The notion that. -- -- -- government ways there is more -- to cut absolute worst way to cut it is in the across the board. I'm thinking mechanism of the sequester and second the impact of the sequester. He's bigger. Then it would appear if you just take it as a percentage of the budget as a whole because they're not touching entitlements to -- cuts -- -- -- -- so it hits two things -- hard. It hits domestic spending which is already shrunken as the size of the economy to the levels. Of the Eisenhower administration and it hits defense spending effectively -- -- cramming knowledge to seven month. 9%. Of domestic spending 13% cut in defense spending that's not Smart government. And extort that's that's a big hit in the Pentagon and we all -- -- -- there and that's a big hit immediately. -- on the open the show correctly what the most powerful person or else and it wasn't gonna happen I can't believe given his extraordinary communication powers that he can't. Get people together talked to the country and solve this problem. It doesn't look like he's trying very hard. I mean it's just not the top item on his agenda and he's made that clear endorsing the partnership idea what the cruise ship. Particularly -- -- May become close to being -- -- if convicted. Had a great at all who has been through he's a huge cable bonanza but come. This is just to test of leadership this is why we have our system a precedent he's -- -- he's gonna lead us through this crisis and just.

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{"id":18524562,"title":"Ruth Marcus: 'Put them on that stinky cruise ship'","duration":"1:47","description":"The Washington Post columnist offers a unique solution to Congress's sequester gridlock.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/ruth-marcus-put-stinky-cruise-ship-18524562","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}