GOP 'civil war' in primaries will lose them midterms: Democrat senator

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chair joins "This Week" after Democrat Doug Jones' victory in Alabama.
3:00 | 12/17/17

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Transcript for GOP 'civil war' in primaries will lose them midterms: Democrat senator
lawyer says that won't happen. I think it would be a miss take myself. Senator Cornyn, thank you for your time. Thank you. Now to senator Chris van Hollen. Senator Cornyn says he still has confidence in director Mueller. He says director should take further steps to clean house. I think Republicans should end their concerted effort to undermine the credibility of the Mueller investigation. You have somebody who by all accounts is an independent person. Somebody with lots of integrity. You see a concerted effort out of the white house to undermine the investigation. I really hope our Republican colleagues will not join in subverting that process and trying to end this investigation. The question is, what are they afraid of? What is the white house afraid of? Let's let them finish the job and get the facts. Why isn't it a problem, if several members of Mueller's team have given contributions solely to Democrat IFS they seem to have text messages or other information in their past which suggests that there may be a political bias there? Well, because Mueller has already taken actions with respect to those individuals. Beyond that, you will find that -- there are many contributions made by folks like FBI director. To president trump or Republicans. And the reality is that people in these jobs have integrity. They're under the leadership of Mueller, who is known for being a straight shooter. He'll do a job. He'll get to the facts. And I strongly believe people will have confidence in his judgment. Do you take the president's team at their word where they say firing special counsel is not on the table? I hope that is not the case. Let's move on. You heard senator Cornyn inviteth vinvi inviting Democrats to the table. Your response? This is a total betrayal. It's a huge giveaway to big corporations. Millions of middle class tax paisers will see taxes go up. Though Republicans promise that would not happen. Millionaires will get an average annual tax break of $35,000 a year. And the big winners are those corporations. I think many people haven't focus on the fact that 35% of the share holders of those corporations are actually foreign stock holders, who in the year 2019, are going to get a $31 billion tax break. So millions of American taxpayers handing over money to foreign stock holders. It doesn't sound like America first to me. It doesn't sound like the middle class first. You heard the senator's response. The provision that caught your eye earlier. A special carve-out for real estate LLCs. It could mean tens of millions of dollars to president trump and other Republicans. Do you have any idea how that got in? Any chance it could be taken out? I don't know. They're behind closed doors. A whole army of lobbyists surround them. The longer they're in there, the more you see special interest provisions. It would be a windfall to Donald Trump based on everything we know. He hasn't released his tax returns. It remind mes of the fact that during the campaign, the one issue Donald Trump used as exhibit "A" for why this tax code was broken was the carried interest loophole for hedge fund managers. He said during the campaign that hedge fund managers are getting away with murder. You heard senator Cornyn. They have a 1,000-page bill. Nowhere in it do they get rid of the one tax giveaway special break that Donald Trump focused on most during the campaign. That is why this is a total betrayal of that economic populist message. People are catching on. You heard senator Cornyn's response to the possibility that medicare cuts would be triggered by the bill. He expects M ds to come on board. Will Democrats allow $25 billion in medicare cuts to take effect? You won't vote for the raiwaiverer? No, Democrats are not going the allow those cuts to go in place. When Republicans voted for the tax bill that increases the debt by $1.5 trillion in doing so they automatically triggered this provision that would cut medicare by $25 billion. Now we hope they'll join us in turning it off. If you look forward next year, you have a lot of Republicans who used to care about the debt. I used to be the senior Democrat on the the budget committee. Paul Ryan talked always about the dangers of debt. We actually agreed on that issue. Now they have blown a big hole in the debt. If you look air that budget, their plan for dealing with that is to cut medicare by $500 billion and medicaid by over $1 trillion. This is step two of their plan. Because they just increased our debt by over $1 trillion. House leader Pelosi in the letter I showed suggested Democrats will not go along with the waiver. You're taking a different position? When it comes to protecting medicare, Democrats have always been front and center. Doug Jones talked about that. Are this are many other provisions Republicans may try to get into the bills. The Democrats will not support. We need to make sure that we're investing in our kids' education and infrastructure. As well as investing in our military strength. And so there are a whole lot of issues with respect to the budget issues coming down to the wire. Grot the unexpected win in Alabama. Is that really a model for the year ahead? Or is Roy Moore just such a flawed candidate it doesn't tell you much about what will happen in 2018some. No, I think it tells you quite a bit, if you take what happened in Alabama combined with what happened last month in is a have a and other races. You find a couple of things. One, a hugely energized grass roots democratic base. Plus, and very importantly, independent voters voting for the candidate. And moderate Republicans crossing over in Alabama and other places. This is only going to further inflame the moderate Republicans and bring more people over to democratic candidates. You have the civil war in these Republican primaries. They flock forward Donald Trump in the primaries. Are you worried Al Franken's resignation put the Minnesota seat at risk? Mgt no, we have a terrific candidate. The lieutenant governor will be appointed and run if the seat. She'll be terrific. Chris van Hollen, thank you for your time.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chair joins \"This Week\" after Democrat Doug Jones' victory in Alabama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"51843564","title":"GOP 'civil war' in primaries will lose them midterms: Democrat senator","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-chris-van-hollen-51843564"}