Special counsel Mueller builds legal team for Russia investigation

ABC News' senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas reports the latest on the Russia investigation.
2:51 | 06/18/17

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Transcript for Special counsel Mueller builds legal team for Russia investigation
director Rosenstein, the heat son high. The president in that tweet basically said he believes he's under investigation. That soon could become a reality. The former FBI director James Comey laid out what he believes is a disturbing case. He said the president asked him for loyalty. Asked him to basically stop the investigation into Michael Flynn. He said he was fired to change the course of the Russian investigation. Mueller face ss a huge decision? Does he believe the president or go after the president in the way James Comey wants him to do? My sources are telling me he's begun preliminary planning. Plans to talk to people in the administration. He's not yet made the decision. How vast is this team? How favast are the personnel he's hiring? Mueller's hired 13 attorneys already with more in the pipeline, I'm being told. He also has a platoon of FBI agents at his disposal. The trump team and administration is going to face scrutiny they have never seen before. These are experts in conspira conspiraci conspiracies. Inves gating the mafia. And bringing down crimes like enro Our next guest, speaker newt Gingrich, says the first few people Mueller hired were Democrats or given to democratic candidates. Is that a fair issue to bring up? Clearly, several of the people he's hired have made donations to Democrats in the past. Guidelines say he cannot use that kri tier Ya in the hiring. Bob Mueller is not seen, by and large, as a partisan figure. He served as FBI director for ten years. Was reconfirm bid the senate, 100-0. He's starting to get some pushback from some. Clearly, some people are pushing at Bob Mueller. I'm not sure that dog is going to hunt. What do you make of the tensions between the president and the justice department. Especially deputy A.G. Rosenstein. People were perplexed. The president's tweet called into question the integrity of Rosenstein. Rosensteinp is under extreme pressure. If Mueller decides to investigate the president and the firing of Comey, Rosenstein a potential witness. He may have to make a decision to recuse himself. If he does that, you would have the attorney general and deputy attorney general of the united es recusing themselves in massive investigation. Thank you, Pierre. I'm joined by trump ally and

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{"id":48117404,"title":"Special counsel Mueller builds legal team for Russia investigation","duration":"2:51","description":"ABC News' senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas reports the latest on the Russia investigation.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/special-counsel-mueller-builds-legal-team-russia-investigation-48117404","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}