'State of Emergency' in Ferguson, Missouri

ABC News' Martha Raddatz and Steve Osunsami report on the week of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.
3:19 | 08/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'State of Emergency' in Ferguson, Missouri
news. State of emergency. Return to your homes immediately. Announcer: Overnight, a curfew in Ferguson, Missouri. Oh, they dropped gas. Announcer: Dramatic measures after a night of looting and violence after this video they didn't want you to see. Martha Raddatz is on the ground, asking the tough questions. Searching for answers. Leading our team coverage. Terrorists targeted. The U.S. Unleashes a major new wave of air strikes in Iraq. Can Isis be stopped? And Texas governor Rick Perry indicted. He's fighting back with some surprising allies. From ABC news, "This week" with George stephanopoulos begins now. Good morning, from Ferguson, Missouri, I'm Martha Raddatz. Where we've seen another night of chai YOS and violence in the streets, despite authorities imposing a five-hour-long curfew. Police firing tear gas. Making at least seven arrests. At least one person shot by an armed protester and is in the hospital. We're tracking every angle this morning. Missouri governor jay Nixon will be here shortly. But first, all the breaking news from ABC's Steve osunsami. Reporter: As soon as the governor's curfew began, so did the night's chaos. No justice! No curfew! Reporter: Overnight, the S.W.A.T. Teams moved in, firing smoke canisters and tear gas at people in the streets. You must disperse the area immediately. Reporter: Someone was shot by an armed protester and had to be hospitalized. Now in critical condition. Police promised to be kinder and gentler, they're now defending the use of tear gas. We got a report of a shooting victim. They did deploy tear gas in an effort to move back and get to the shooting victim. Reporter: All of this after state of emergency was declared on Saturday. No justice. All: No peace! Reporter: During the day, families protested loudly but peacefully. At night, thieves went to work, robbing and burning down businesses. Black families who met with the governor at a church were furious. And made sure to let him know it. You need to charge that police with murder. Reporter: Friday, police finally revealed the identity of the officer who shot 18-year-old Michael brown. 28-year-old Darren Wilson is a six-year veteran. He was moved from his home out of fears for his safety. Police then lit the fire by releasing this video of the shooting victim in the middle of what they said was a strong-arm robbery 15 minutes before brown died. A video they asked not to be released. Demonstrators called it character assassination. I have two boys, 19 and 21. They could have been one of them. Steve is with me. You have been here all week. You have tracked this so closely. What do you think has to happen at this point to calm things down? I think that people here are demanding and hoping for the prosecution of this officer. Absent that, I'm not sure what slows the protests down at night in the streets. There needs to be much more communication between the police and the public here. Information coming out a lot sooner.

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{"id":25013479,"title":"'State of Emergency' in Ferguson, Missouri","duration":"3:19","description":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz and Steve Osunsami report on the week of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/state-emergency-ferguson-missouri-25013479","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}