Stevens: 'We don?t have a 140 character problem'

Romney's 2012 campaign senior adviser on technology and the Republican reboot.
1:16 | 02/17/13

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Transcript for Stevens: 'We don?t have a 140 character problem'
We have this much talked about Republican reboot we won't take a look at the New York Times magazine that has a cover story today. On the Republicans and their problem with technology and Stuart this quote caught my -- -- senior strategist Stuart Stevens may well be remembered by historians. As the last -- to run a presidential campaign who never tweeted. Really -- and I treated in this campaign this whole discussion -- matter the Second Amendment would -- be replaced with more about the First Amendment whether it should actually about -- -- Listen I I don't think that. It would it would be a great mistake if we felt that technology and itself is going to say the Republican Party. Technology is something to large degree you can go out and purchase and we think that there's -- Off the shelf solution that you go -- and purchase of the Republican Party it's wrong. You know we've got a lot of chance announcements -- their campaigns -- -- with a -- the Obama folks who. Sometimes they have better technology -- will get better technology we don't have a 140 character problem Republican Party. We have a larger problem -- we have to look at and be patient about it. And trying to think that there's one solution like this I just don't think -- -- we ever gonna that you want -- -- -- We can discuss it.

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{"id":18524714,"title":"Stevens: 'We don?t have a 140 character problem'","duration":"1:16","description":"Romney's 2012 campaign senior adviser on technology and the Republican reboot.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/stevens-dont-140-character-problem-18524714","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}