'Sunday Spotlight': Alpha House

Behind-the-scenes of the new Amazon series "Alpha House" loosely based on real life senators.
3:00 | 11/10/13

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Transcript for 'Sunday Spotlight': Alpha House
We turn now to our sunday spotlight shining on the new comedy "alpha house," written by garry trudeau. It stars john goodman and is based loosely on a group of homeless senators. Jon karl went behind the scenes. Reporter: Imagine bill murray as a foul-mouthed u.S. Senator getting hauled off to jail. That's where amazon's new comedy series "alpha house" kicks off, when murray playing one of four senators who bunk together in the townhouse, forgets to go to prison. Bill murray, what was it like to have him on set? He was there briefly. But he blazes like a comet. We would like to play some of that scene, but we had to bleep it out. John goodman plays the leader of the pack. As gil biggs. Who we learn, he likes to nap in the shower. Save some hot water. You don't do a lot of nude scenes, do you? Oh, for god's sake, no, why subject the american people, they have already been through enough lakely. Reporter: Mark consuelos is the new housemate. I have been backing him for years. Yes, and I have been fronting for her. My guy is pretty much talking to anybody who wears a skirt, which was a lot of fun to play, because you get to free license. You want to throwdown? Reporter: Matt malloy. Is louis laffer. He wrestles stephen colbert. How did you prep for that wrestling scene? I was told it was to end in an awkward position. It was. People bend into some funny shapes to keep their jobs. Clark johnson plays pennsylvania senator bettencourt. Why did you decide to do this? I did homeland a lot. Threats against the president. It's a comedy, of course, but the show's creators went to great lengths to keep it looking authentic. Building realistic senator offices. They even brought a real senator to the set for a cameo. Chuck schumer is the real deal, because the premise for "alpha house" is his real life. During the workweek, schumer, the third most democrat in the senator, lives with dick durbin the second most powerful democratic and congressman miller. We got the not so grand tour. Oscar de la renta venetian blinds. Our favorite cereal? Plenty of cold cereals. I tried at this time other night, it's like a rock. At least the location of his bed is convenient. Right in the living room. In all fairness. I did it for you. What would an actual reality show based on this house be like? Maybe it's a good thing that alpha house isn't too realistic. But what would the cast think about flipping it around? Which one of you is going to run for office? Senator goodman. A firm no for now. Maybe the perks will change their minds. For "this week," jonathan karl, abc news, washington. That is one big bowl of cereal. Our big thanks to the "alpha house" gang. The show launches on amazon on NOVEMBER 15th. Now, we honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. This week, the pentagon released the name of one soldier killed in afghanistan. And that it is all for us today. Thanks for sharing part of your

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{"id":20844408,"title":"'Sunday Spotlight': Alpha House","duration":"3:00","description":"Behind-the-scenes of the new Amazon series \"Alpha House\" loosely based on real life senators.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sunday-spotlight-alpha-house-20844408","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}