Obama, Comey made 'similar mistake' presuming outcome of 2016 election: Top House Dem

George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif, to discuss James Comey's actions leading up to the 2016 election and Trump's pardoning of Scooter Libby.
5:25 | 04/15/18

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Transcript for Obama, Comey made 'similar mistake' presuming outcome of 2016 election: Top House Dem
We're joined by the ranking demo iuse tec committee, congressma Schiff. Thank you for joining us. Respond to Sarah Sanders. Reminding everybody what she said a few minutes ago. Adam Schiff rarely bases ts in reality. Talk about a grand stander. He's probably hook, line, and sinker buddies with Jim Comey. They both have never foundv CARA they dot love to in front of. I don't think she likes me, orge. You would have to believe the president picked scooter bby out of a out the tanf people seeking don this is a coincidence. Don't find that to be remyible. The president is sending a message. I'll use the pardon power. To pn people even thos nvicted of obstruction of justice. If you're wie, I have your back. Ink that is the blatant message the presidt is trying to send. I am workinglegislatioin ich any pardon where the president is a potential tness, subject, orget, the files should be prove to congress American people can decide. On James Comey. Some critics have said him speaking out now may affect the mur investigation. In some way. Are you concerned about that? N concerned about it. Think his statements, as far as I have seen the ips,re very consistent with his testimony, with memoranda. I ha always found him to be credible and truthful. So I think the Twitter attk Y concern about the investigation doesncern me. I do think that he made a very serious mistake in discussing the Clinton investigation two out and then a few days out. Releasing thete Releasing the letter. Violating the department policy. I think it's interest I think he made the same mistake in many respects that thobama administratiade more broadlyand for the same reason. The Obama administration didn't aggressively take on runs while tir hackingnd dumping was goon. While the social media campaign wing on because, ar I th they felt that, lik Comey, Hillary Clinton was lily to win. And that it would feed into trump's argument that were rig S. I think the Obama administration and James Comey ma sar mistake. By presuming the outcome.es Comey qtes Obama as say, around that time, that Putin backed the wrone. On the broader investigation. You also heard sarahrs say that there's been absolutely Ence of any kind of collusion that's come ard. The idgone farther saying there is no collusion. That's been luded by the investigors. You're still investigating. We're still investigating.this is simply not true. There have been, ink, any number of witnesses and evidence we have found on the issue of collusion. And -- you know, the trump tower meeting itself. The promise of help by russian government. Theeptance O help by the trump campaign. The secronversations with George papadopoulos. All of Thi is evidence of collusion. Now, it's a separate quest on whether there's proof T there was a conspiracy to defr T uned states. Thing telling abthst indictment of the Russians. It made no mention of the hacking and ING operation. Why was that not included? Why? That inment is coming George. It's action of whethhat indictment includes U.S. Persons or not. Do you credit at all this mcclatchy report overhe weekend that there is evidence that Michael Cohen was, indeed, in the Czech Republic? I don't know thswer to that the majority were unwilling to subpoena per to test whether they were telling us the truth. We said, let's subpoena his travel records. Cr card records. Let's fit where he was in Europe when he says he was in O place, did he go because there were not necsaly passport records to pra or somewhere else to have these meetings? The republicansn't want to know the ars and wouldn't oena those records. At thioint we don't kno the answers. I hope theciel can find out. Hat is your overall assessmentat this pot, of the Steele dossier? When it first went public, many he allegations WER salacious and unverified. Wh would you say about the overall credibity document today? Tainly some of the information has been corroborated. Ot, difficult prove or disprove. But I do think that the use of this be blicans to suggest that the investigation began with this, which it didn to suggest that the whole investigation should be deil because of the production of these reports by Christopher Steele. This is an effor put the government on trial.to say no matter how iminating the campaign W be, we shod throw that out. Becaus don't likhow the investigatwas initiated take issue with Mr. Steele. That's no reason to ig what Russians did. It's no R T get in the way of an investigation into what them campaign did. Congressman siff, thank you your time the M.

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{"id":54480271,"title":"Obama, Comey made 'similar mistake' presuming outcome of 2016 election: Top House Dem","duration":"5:25","description":"George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif, to discuss James Comey's actions leading up to the 2016 election and Trump's pardoning of Scooter Libby.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/top-house-intel-democrat-james-comeys-book-mueller-54480271","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}