Summit 'will be a dud' if Trump claims success without 'actionable activity': Bossert

Former Trump adviser Tom Bossert, Brookings Institution Korea Studies Chair Jung Pak and former U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson discuss the second summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim.
7:16 | 02/24/19

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Transcript for Summit 'will be a dud' if Trump claims success without 'actionable activity': Bossert
To get rid of all their nuclear weapon if you via the world I think they well I really believe that he will have gotten to. You tell him about short period of time yup ships to date. Keynote you know I mean he's dean who can be old place Anderson is still a very quickly I think he's going to start now I just like to see ultimately lead to polarization. The North Korea I think we will see that ultimately. I have no pressing time schedule. President trump reset expectations there for a second nuclear summit would North Korea that's set for Thursday in Vietnam let's talk about the risk and the possible rewards of that meeting. And our panel of experts Tom boss or former trump homeland security advisory ABC news contributor. John packed Brookings Institution create cities chair former CIA analyst and Bill Richardson former US Sebastian Guillen has negotiated with North Korea investor rich let me begin. Would he saw the president re setting expectations Arial says that we got this morning that ends a denuclearization. With a question mark question whether that's gonna happen. Is it a success can you have a successful summit without a clear commitment by the north Koreans an actual concrete action to. I don't believe it would be a successful summit unless you had some kind of commitment on North Korea sparred on denuclearization. Dismantling. Inspections for missiles and nuclear detonations. It seems a president is. Deflating expectations. And and that's of concern the concern 'cause I think what should come out of this summit is a framework for negotiations. My worry George that this negotiation this summit may be a dud. That instead of concrete progress on what is important he nuclear station it's now shifting from. To peace to. Important steps. Return of our servicemen. The remains a may be a liaison office may be some kind of it continued north south cooperation which is good. I think the president deserves credit for. Lowering tensions in the region but in terms of concrete accomplishments. I don't think this summits that are producing U that in. Doug as early as one possibly there's also been some concern expressed by the president of Pfizer's that he gives away something and he shouldn't give away. Too soon say formal peace declaration at formal declaration and to the Korean War. I think bill is rate I think there's finished with a profound shift and talking about peace. I'm and normalization would North Korea rather than the nuclear issues and I think that's really problematic because the whole point. Of a summit between the two leaders is to see what CE two is to get dismantlement and North Korea to get. Two completely abandon its nuclear weapons I think you know having a piece separation normalization is fine for tension reduction. Well we really have to walk wonder about how that affects North Korea's actions Camelot. Should there be Tom Bostick should there be some and now given the fact that the presence and ask you measure. John Bolton says the North Korea hasn't. Maybe you know follow through on the commitments they made the first I'm. There's been backpedaling and dishonesty from the last summit which was a significant watershed moment till today and at this point the only reason to have that summit is for president trimmed to go in. And Democrat reminder date will be a dud if he comes out and tries the varnish this as a success without any real actionable activity. Any kind of freeze are reversible gesture superficial gesture on the part of the north Koreans. There's going to be a little bit of a slap in the face but of the president comes out and buys it whether it's because of domestic political pressure or some other instinctive to post a win. He's gonna lose. You know an international coalition that he's put together and the strength because in west. The president another tweet this when Genpact the president put out he says that north creek can be an economic powerhouse under Kim Jung on if they just give up their nuclear weapons almost trying to incentivize them. To to come further along at this point he does seem to be. Baking and the idea that his personal relationship. With can join and somehow gonna yield benefits. Yeah I think. President trump is still making a mistake a mirror imaging so the president is near his from New York city's a businessman and a real estate mobile. And he's speaking in terms of as if Kim is another businessman. But Kim is a dictator in a highly authoritarian. About highly authoritarian regime and who needs his nuclear weapons for legitimacy in a sponsor rival. And so yes North Korea is in the middle of a very strategic environment with it among the second third and eleventh largest economies in the world. A but North Korea also sees it's it's location and its economic deprivation. Relative to the other countries as a threat I'm to its survival. So how do you make progress you short short of north creek getting rid. This nuclear weapons testing portrait we've seen testing moratoriums in the past what kind of concrete. Action. Could we see from North Korea that would really signify real progress the can be built. Well I think young it's right and and so stomped my view is that what is concrete progress want I've called this a potential done but we've got to continue talking. The relationship no harm -- leaders now. The relationship at the two leaders that's good. However. The president should listen to his advisors and his advisors. Haven't. Bin I think very specific what I fear we're gonna lose one. A deep tailing of all the weapons inventory that North Korea has I think we kinda given up on that. Secondly. That. We simply say OK you dismantle the younger on reactor another missile site that they've already done several times. That's a danger and if that's the only arms control initiative that they push. And I think lastly mind worried Georges that we're gonna trade something what that north Koreans really want which is a peace treaty. In exchange for some limited arms control measures I think what needs to happen is. Dismantle some weapons current gotta dismantle all of them freeze Intercontinental ballistic missiles that affect Japan and South Korea. Find ways that these are concrete steps. Time lines verification. A framework for negotiations there this just a bunch of you know handshakes and you're good guy and will meet again it's it's going to be a done. Is there a win win here. Yes but it's not gonna happen out of this meeting so what happened in the last meeting took us back from the brink of war but the president. Two presidents agreed to two mutually inconsistent. Future objectives one was normalization between the north and south and the other was denuclearization. Of the north. Right now president moon in the south is suggesting that he give some incentives in terms of money you're reduction in sanctions are opening up. Industrial complexes to the north. To induce them into further talks. To re normalize their relationships that would fundamentally undermine everything the president trump trying to do with respect to. To Jones point. The north will not get rid of their weapons so the win win here has to be for the presidency carried the international. Goodwill to this meeting 'cause he's not represent United States. And come out of this for some serious if not threatening additional sanctions to his last word for day thank you all very much.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Former Trump adviser Tom Bossert, Brookings Institution Korea Studies Chair Jung Pak and former U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson discuss the second summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"61272687","title":"Summit 'will be a dud' if Trump claims success without 'actionable activity': Bossert","url":"/ThisWeek/video/trump-kim-hold-2nd-summit-north-korea-denuclearize-61272687"}