Trump will have 'pretty good gut feel' in choosing for Supreme Court: Chris Christie

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable debates current politics, including President Trump's upcoming Supreme Court announcement.
14:42 | 07/08/18

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Transcript for Trump will have 'pretty good gut feel' in choosing for Supreme Court: Chris Christie
Let's say debating pocahontas, right? I'll promiou I'll do this. You know thosetlhey on television for $2? Learn yoeritage. Iltake that little kit and say, but we have to do it gently because we me too generation so we have tove gentle. But we have to do it gently because we're in too generationwe have to be very we have to do it gentlybecause we're in the me too generation S have to be very - but we have to do it ntly because Wein the me too generation so we have to be ntle. Wel very gently take that kit and we willwly toss it, in't hit her, and we will say, I wve you $1 millionyour favorite charity, paid for by trump, you take the and it shows you're an Indian you kno resident T unleashed in eat falls, Montana on Thursday night. A lot to T about now W roable, joined byrick gaspard,ormer political dire in the Obama white Republican strateg Sara Fagan, now acotor. Stephae cutter, O newest ABC contri and Chris Chris Chris, let me begin with you.let's talk about tup court. President rly working the phones. Of surprise all. Are yoetty confident that the choice is one of these fou people on thort list? I am. I K they're four really good people, four very rent people in terms of their background and their experience. But I Thall of them are op no one could E are aordinarily well qualified from a legal perspective tove on the supremurt. So I think the president's got a good list of four people.owing him,e is going to continue to think abthis une last houan-- Which M the lobbying ca continue until the last hour as well. On't know how effected he is by , George. K on this kind of F he'll haretty good gut feel of whether that person is someone that he wants to sell to as the right person forup court. Sara faa not just gut feel.we just had Leonard Leo , formally of the federalist society, in manys anybody the short list is a known commodity toublicans. They are. They htrack records of course but some have longe K records. There's been somnversation T Kavanaugh, for example, a former colleague of mine. He's been on the court for 12 S and has an incredible, impeccable track recand I thinmebody who would move the court forward and influe his fellow jces. 12 years may not be enough in trump's mind to overcome the connec torge W. Bush. You showed that clip from that rally and edition to those aack lines actually en had T gull too after president 'S impressive record on encouraging America to volunteer to the sand poinf light. The first president bush. First president regrettable a reprehensible. Deons that are going to be parsed through, all four of these ntial contenders a long history that would suggest all of them are going to mohe courts in this save moment fur to the right. I think that's going to compel moderate independent republic sors and three democraticen in red es that trump won to ask really tough question about how thisoments very different anorsuch mom. Which wasn't changing the balance. Wasn't changing the bal. Stephanyou're a veteran of these crmn battles both the senate and the whit house. Put on that stgist anything anding in the way of any of these four nominees given Lin the senate right now? Potentially. You know, of course Gorsuch won with 55 votes including 3 demos, but since he wa confir Republicans are one with Doug Jones winning the tet in alaba. We don't know whether John McCain Wil able to come back to vote for this nominee. So THA the count right the balance 1. If democrats together and there is a compelling argument fosenator cos and senator rkowski to see this as the swing seat, which could mean a big in direion for womerights, the ability for women to make their own decisions aboueir health re decisions, both of these senators have said THA incredibly important to them, there's a chance this nominee could at least be delayeot blocked. We don't know yet. The flip side though of that men of cours E're heading into a contentious election. Have 10 Democrats running for the senate iatt Donald Trump won. So totion that some of those Democrats would not support this nominee for their own political futures to mads me to think that any one of these four would get through the process and be confirmed. Except re missing one important point -- N the context of the election iemid-terms,ould also add right now a poll that we saw om "The Washington last Friday demonstrates that T president has the approval of 32% of ICAN women. If this supreme court fight litigated on health care, litigated around choice, that'ing to have implications for republicans The supreme court fight is not going tolitigated out ere. It's going to be litigated in vote for of these four very qualified nominees are going to have an awfully difficult time explainingthr constituencies tdidn't. Again, this is one of those things whehat party you're in really does matter and you talk about those three, there's more tthree as Sara po out, that are going to have to worry T this. Claire Mccaskill is going to have to think about it. I think thare six or N -- Once one Democrat goes you could see a whole bunch go That's true but the oneng that we are talkabout with thupreme court nomination that we very rarely talk about in theomns, usually it turns over R. Wade or some obscure commerce clause argument is one I think fhe Democrats that are up for re-election in some red states, it's going to turn on health care because there AAS moving throu ur the last check on this president has been the courts in terms O unravelingffordable care act. There are cases moving towards the supreme court that This wed we saw them in district court. Ely, and we saw the administration yesterday end payments to insurance companies that helm cover people pre-existing conditions. Those Democrats in those red Ates care about people with pre-existing conons. That's going to be terminative. That's not going to be determinativoe Donnelly in Ana or Heidi Heitkamp in her state. The fact is thstates are so red and P won by so much that they'revery, very fficult if notost impossible races and they'reing to want make their lives more difficult. We senator blumen, the lif attack which we anticipate from --emocrats are gearing up F war over whoever these is, you know. There's going to be no rights for anyone who's gay, no women will have any rights, you St recuse yourself on a vote, theoretical vote opehment. Decrats are going to throw everything at this and at the end of the day tovernor is right, this is polally untenable. But rhtow it's not -- -- For people like Manchin Anidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly. We're not seeing Democrat gearup for war. Weseeing Republicans gearing up for war around this nominationree seeing a profoundissure around this Republican party. I don't there's any fissure. Let me try to connect some of these points here L. Let's say Mueller doom forward with some kind of repo before the final hearings which are likely to be in October. Isn't that -- we heard the response there from Leonard Leo, but isn't that going to strengthen the Democrats' case for delaying anything in -- if a muellobert drops ri in the middle of confirmation gs? No. What it will do is make confirmation easier beca people wilistracted. If the supreme court is the only thing that pe are Goin be able to focus ot will be thing. If we'ocusing on a report from Bob Mueller and the supreme court, this nominee will I think sail through because people will be distracted by brightest shiniest object. Let me say there's not going to be a report, I'm willing to bet you right now there will be no report until after the elec. There's ay he's going to finish -- listen, George, he's going to hto finish them we're sitting hereay on July 7thr 8th rig? July 8th. 'S going to have to finish by September 1st. Not Goin happen. If there's ever an argument to D a supreme court nominee, it is with a ial osecutor iuing a report on whethethe presidt of the united scored with Russia on action and structed justice. S argument to delay a supreme court nom. Really, because you eculating tht some point amatter like that mn fact get the supreme court and that son you're already deciding D be the deciding vote when fact, when you look at what happened when president Clinton was in oe, the people wh president Clinton appoin voted against him on the Paula Jones matter. Preme courstices on issueslike that are going to vote in a partisan way. They're not going to vote according to party. We've seen that over and over again,tht was the xo tapes case, Paula Jones. We've seeem vote partisan over time. Governor, the notion that somehow senators are going to be distrarom the supr court decision I think is -- that's a stretch. This ie of the -- The rorts -- This is one of the most remarkableftwe're going to have in the supreme court in generations. The 1930 shift remarkable, the shift was prod. This os onsequential. Senators will be distracted from it. Thisgoing to be litid -- Particularly when it's the last branch of government that pems a check and ben this president. Let's not forget that this nominee is going to get confirmed because of Harry Reid getting of -- inclg the clear option for court picks and so Democrats have no one but themselves to thank. It was actually Mitch mcconnelo did away with filibuster. Both sidee always - places on all of these nominations. Isn't it true even if Harry Reid had not done away with the filibuster, if it were necessary to D with away with the filibuster now to get a sme co nominee through, they would do it. I don't know -- The rty is this ie way we select supreme court stices now in this country and whoever this person is, they wie able to come. I'm not ready to buy into that this is the most profound momente court sinc68. Anthkennedy, if you look at voting record, if you don't look -- Conservative. -- At roe aay rights -- istoric -- most important decisions the supreme court ever made, nor. Okay, I understand your point except that those issues Auch more importa to some as oed to others E are other issues on the court that are much more portant to certain people nd the country and Anthony Kennedy has been a main line. You're right that roe V. Wade important tot the country. Has been a main line conserva.this profod change that we're talking about I think as someonewho's appointed supreme court justices at the state level, no matter what you're told before yonate them, tmy word fo, they forget once they get to the court aake decis based on what they believe is right. But you have a prest let's not forget that ths the first president who laid pretty stri lists during the campaign which is what ultimately helped him G elected on the kind of justice thats looking for bon roe V. Wade, also on health care D many otherngs. Are you trying to tell me that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did not have a litmus test on roe V. Wade? Are you tryino tell me that bill cnton or Barack Obama would have appointed a justice that they kne was going to not support roe V. Wade? Please stop. Just because Donald Trump was honest and said it -- wait a nd, because Donald Trump was honest and sit and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama didn't, do don't tel that they wouldn't consider -- K at the court tnd know that the governor is right about that. All thisrsation about ro V. Wade, that's not the -- that's not likely to ever come up. That is into the likely the legal precedent. The courhas moved to Casey versus planned parenthood as the legal preceden But you can see the court continuing to improve shaving away at roe V. Wade. Lso the science abortion is the whole other factor that we forget 36 yearser No question. Has movhis debate. This debate completely different than it was when roe V. Wade passed and any future court cases go be different because of those factors. That's absolutely right. Let's turn back to the investigations and, Chris, let me go back to the Michael Cohen tential cooperation with prosecution. You herudy Giuliani saying he's not worried about it at all. Share THA Listen, I don't think Rudy's tellthole truth ere. I dothink you can evot worried when someone who has at one time represented your client iw he cross hrs of prosecutors. But I will tyothat I Thi that michaohen's role base upon my observat has been significantly overplayed. He was one of many, many lawyers that Donald Trump had. He got the hottest of H button issues, trump tower in Moscow, the storm Daniels . You know what, xpe wi Donald Trump is there aren't vmany cool legal issues he gets involved in, not ones that don't createot of contrersy and a lot of heat. So listen, but it's all speculative, George. He end, if Mel Cohen has some things to say, I think he's made it very clear he's goto Y with the tons he's Ken by hiring a lawyer, by cleaning up his Twitter handle, all the rest O. And by the way in my experience as a prosecutor, every criminal defendant makes almoll the time which is UT their own liberty and the saketheir fa ahead of anybody else. That'st happens. I thought Michael Cohen's interview with you was absolutely astounding and clear that some who has had a long-time loyalty to this ident has sh that has to be causing anxiety inside of the white house, some of the president's counsel. That has to be the last wor today. Thank you all very much.

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{"duration":"14:42","description":"The \"This Week\" Powerhouse Roundtable debates current politics, including President Trump's upcoming Supreme Court announcement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"56441441","title":"Trump will have 'pretty good gut feel' in choosing for Supreme Court: Chris Christie","url":"/ThisWeek/video/trump-pretty-good-gut-feel-choosing-supreme-court-56441441"}