U.S. and allies strike Syria; Trump lashes out against Comey, Cohen raids on Twitter

ABC News' Martha Raddatz, Jonathan Karl and Pierre Thomas report the latest on Syria, James Comey, and Michael Cohen.
7:12 | 04/15/18

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Transcript for U.S. and allies strike Syria; Trump lashes out against Comey, Cohen raids on Twitter
Thanks for joining us this Sunday after another extraordinary week ie trump idency. It was capped riday night's strike on Syria. The U.S. Jd France an England, retaliating F chemical weapons attack by the are. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley reinforcing the president's age yestery sa the U.S. Is locked and loaded for a new strike if Assad uses poisonous gas again. On thenvestigati front. A strike deep the ident's inner circle. With the FBI raid on the home, office, and hotel room of trump's personal attorney chael Cohen. The FBI is looking for records about ament hene to porntar who alleges a relationship witnald trump. In congress, pryan announced he will not run for re-election. The big question is is his retirement a big vote of no confidence ie GOP's ability to keep control of congress? And thmbshell nebook from FBI director James Comey. "Aher loyalt" it goes on sale Tuesday. It's already topping the Amazon bestseller list. Making headlines that the president is une, untethed to truth. Xclusiveerview with come areas tonight0/20." We'll show more of the my exclusive iniew later. Fi let's bring in the Washington team. First up, Martha Raddatz thank you foining us this morning. A late night for you on Friday Ni that strike on Syria. We saw the tweet from the president yesterday, mis acmplished. In the Pentagon's view, what accomplished what dference wi it make O the ground in Syria over time? Well, George, I think its generally not wise to use the term mission accished in an going confct. If what you wanted was a limited shing strike, as safe U.S. And allied forces as can get, with uninte casualies on the ground. Then the mission was aclished. Will it cnge the dynamics of E war on T ground? No. It allows the administra T say, we told you not to cross that red line. Will it stm from using chemical weapons? It didn't last time. The pent says they destroyed infrastructure. You have to wondhy they still had the prohibited weapons and honey they have hn away. Seems to be a struggle behind sc on the sce of Friday night's raid. What can you report T? There was. I think this was the strike secretary of defense Jim Mattis Ed. He didn't wantine the region with a larger, more robust strike. He's derate.methodical. He knows the consequencef calation. Officials have said John Bolton, his rst week on the was advocating for aad but tn the end,to was respectful. Listo the options. Presentehem to the president. Whh is what he's supposed to do. George? T you, Martha. Let's bring in Jon Karl from the white house, Pierre Thomas om the justicear Joh -- Jon, the president is up this morning. Tweeting four separate tweets on James Y. Al-out attack on James Comey on Twitter. Goes so far in onhese tweets as to suggest that the former FBI directoould be behind bars. Take a look ATS one. The G questions in Comey's bay reviewed books are not answered. Like how come he D classified information? Jail. Why did congress? Jail. Why the DNC refuse to give up the server? And he goes on and on and on. This, George, I like campaign. The president and thete house are treating James Comey like the present treated his political opponents. Lyin' Ted Cruz. Crooked hillary you now have sleazeball James Comey. Ands also using the Republican national committee.they have set up a rapid response oration to deal with Comey's book and with his interview tonight. A Pierre, Hillary Clinton supporters are not happy with James Comey either. They're convinced his decision to reopen the e-mail inveion cost hilla Clinton the white house. Here is part of James Comey's explanation for the decision. At some LE was the decision to revinfluenced by your mption that Hillary Clinton was going to win? And your concern that if she wins, this comes outeral S later, and that is taken Byer oonents as a sign that she's an illegitimate president? I must have been. I don't remember consciously thing abouthat. T it must have been. I was operating in a world where hillarining to betrump. I'm sure it was a factor.I don't remember sing it out. But ad to have been.e's going to be elected presid and if I hth ommerican people, she'll be illegitimate the moment she's eld. Thmoment thicomes out. The president I tweeting about Comey's comment this morning, calling it unbeliev io know from sources close to Comey that at the time the the cision was made, he thought Clinton was likely going to win. If information cat after she had been elected, it would have looked like the FBI was protecting Clinton, G favorites. He felt he had no good options. Hed that in our interview. Mean final, Jon, the pdent has been seething about the raids Monday on his personal attorney Michael Cohen. Another tweet this morning, attornlit privilege dead. The white house is worried about the raids. President is er that's why he took the initiativeer the raids T ll Michael Cohen. Nmistake Abt this. The legal team for the presi is me worried out Michael con than theare about Robert Mueller. Part of that fear is what they don't know. Theyruly, George, don't know what are in his files. In part the what tho know. Michael cohes E prident's fixer. When the prent had an issue, a problem, Cohen fixed it. No questions asked. There are worries. The biggest of all for the presidenlegal team and those Clos the president is the idea that Michael Cohen could state's wine he could cooperate with prosecutors against his former ss. If thereone person whold take Donald Trump down, it is Michael co that is something somebody C to the president told ABC news just a few weeks afore the raid. Stakes are high. The Cohen investigation is being done by the U.S. Attorney soistrict ofanhattan. It's very connected to the Mueller stigation. Indeed, George. Deputy attorney general rod ronstein refred the case to psecutors in the southern district of New York. Thatra president wrath. I have never seeything lik this every day rod Rosenstein walks into office wonderin he's ING to be fired. Sources say he's at peace. With whatever has. That whie's loyal to the administration, he'se to theraining he has as a prosecutor rule of law. When there's enough evidence suggesting investigation, it will be investigated. And Democrats are telling me, if Rosenstein is fired, it will be the beginning of the a constitutionnal crisis. Pierre, Jon, thank you very much.

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{"id":54482801,"title":"U.S. and allies strike Syria; Trump lashes out against Comey, Cohen raids on Twitter","duration":"7:12","description":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz, Jonathan Karl and Pierre Thomas report the latest on Syria, James Comey, and Michael Cohen.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/us-allies-strike-syria-trump-lashes-comey-cohen-54482801","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}