US Coast Guard commandant: 'We're ready to continue to respond' to Florence

Adm. Karl Schultz, who has given multiple briefings on Florence to President Trump, is interviewed on "This Week."
4:45 | 09/16/18

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Transcript for US Coast Guard commandant: 'We're ready to continue to respond' to Florence
Look forwd to talking to you soon getti another thanyou. Ank you. Thank you. Codant. He orsaw Hurne marias harv last summer. He isakg a ld role in the federal reonse to florencethere are 3,00 members in the dter zone. Have saved 57 people. Helso been befing the president he latest develoents. Thank you for joining use. Good morning,. When did you last give the president an update? What did tell H about tuation? Brie with theresident yesterday and the previouwe gav him update, the department of homeland security, health and human servicesnd the white house team.we talked out the risk the storm poed flooding we gave him an update in the THR. The president is completely in fedsd to D to support the I north Carolina and south Caro, we feel fully suped we see the dric licopter rescues. 57 people Ady saved the coast guard. Are you confident Yo resources in place to get to all of those who need evacuate thys ahead? I absutel very confident Ave 28 aircrin the region. Rotary wincoay hawks andller dolphin helicopters,l team. There's ti R available. We're supporting that's. Ve 35 shalw water reue teams in norarolina ancarolina.theyrt of the amt feds working together. The partnep is strong the dialogue iod we've got the L liaisons. E ready toontinue respond to this challenging situation. What's yoiggest corn? Tg water. Yoard reportof of rain in Wilmington. Today there'sotentially 15 inches more. The storm is moving very slow. Ent from T TD alstant yestery.outhwest of sou Lina. It's going to be in the state another 24 hours befit moves we'rlooking at a higter situ. The riversentiallyrest into the early part of this week. Warn fromheir localerts and concerd that peoe make good Cho, they staad and tune. I can assurehelocal, state and federal team isdy connue to respond. As with Harvey, tfter the S. Evetorm is dierent. This was forecast to be a winds. It downgrade category 1, it'serent. It's veryucn many regards like a harveyha sat still and 52 inches in Houston. The water is what gives moskpeople. Beforeoou to ask you the president's comments auerto Rico and hurricane ria. You werentimately involved in the hurricane MARIA effo coast guard did a lot Ork in Puerto Rico. The president unsung sce twasaw it? I'll tell you this, every relief and every S is fferent. We're seeike a little but Florence and what was predi anwhat was aual. The response to mawas ssive ins it's an island which makes it challenging. The supplies lifin by sea and R, I have pl women that call Puerto Rico home. They work out there. Eaned in wh Y bit of energy we could. I saw my FEMA colleagues working hard. Ispute about nus, those are locally Gener numbers. I beeve the of Meland security welco transparency. I'm focusednhis or we want T we're precting the citizens of the Carolinas. He devastatithand. You have any reato doubt the official death toll, do you? 'M not calng any numrs into our team was part of it, W were supported's a changing are thca, you go from San Juan to remote areas. Wead men aomen flying materials in, off duty car water a things likeha in. I S wt I saw andnow the efforts were the CITS O of Puerto Rico. Thank you so much. T you, Jon. The round table up next

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Adm. Karl Schultz, who has given multiple briefings on Florence to President Trump, is interviewed on \"This Week.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57857506","title":"US Coast Guard commandant: 'We're ready to continue to respond' to Florence","url":"/ThisWeek/video/us-coast-guard-commandant-adm-karl-schultz-57857506"}