'We're working every angle' on investigation: VA Beach police chief

On "This Week," Virginia Beach police chief James Cervera joins George Stephanopoulos to talk about the city's ongoing investigation into the Virginia Beach mass shooting.
5:10 | 06/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'We're working every angle' on investigation: VA Beach police chief
But we begin in an all-too-familiar place, mourning the victims of another mass shooting in America. Here are the 12 killed in a government building in Virginia Beach late Friday. Laquita brown. Ryan Keith cox. Tara Gallagher. Mary Louise Gayle. Alexander Mikhail gusev. Joshua hardy. Missy Langer. Christopher Kelly Rapp. Herbert snelling. Bobby Williams. The victims and their loved ones in our thoughts this morning. We won't name the shooter as we confront what has become a deadly epidemic. And we begin with the police chief Cervera, our condolences to your entire community. In addition to the 12 victims, we also know there are four injured. What more can you tell us about their condition this morning and the latest on the investigation? We do know that three of the victims who were wounded are still in critical condition. One is in much better condition. Our fingers are crossed and our prayers go out for a positive outcome. As far as the investigation goes, we're currently in the evidence recovery mode. The FBI has sent some who investigators to assist us. Actually, they now have the lead at this point. So, all the forensics text from our city are still in the crime scene, in the building. I have to let you know that it's a large building and because it's an older building the inside is a honeycomb maze of offices. They've been in there for -- since the initial shooting and my deep honor goes out to the work that they're doing right now to put this whole case together from this end. None of us want to give the shooter any more attention he deserves. From what you discovered so far, anything more on the motive or whether anything could have been done to prevent this tragedy? We don't have anything additional on the motive. We're now interviewing, coworkers, witnesses, family members, anyone willing to step forward. To give us additional information. I appreciate the fact that we're not mentioning his name. I did it once. As far as additional information on the case, like I said, we're working every angle we possibly could. Remember, this is an open government building and he's an employee of the open government building. He has access with his card. To get into numerous places that the general public would not be allowed in. He had full access to the building. He obtained the guns legally. We know the shooter used a sound suppresser. What difference did that make in and do we need more restrictions? The sound suppresser is just that. They wouldn't have heard the gun going off. But again, this is a very large building, might not have been an issue in this particular case. As far as more legislation on gun issues, I don't think most of that would have mattered in this particular case. We do have the second amendment. It's very stringent for our country. In this case, the weapons were obtained legally by this individual. And your officers responded with their training quite quickly. Saved lives. You've been in law enforcement 44 years. This has hit home for you and your force this morning. What is your message to the country? Well, my message is this -- the first four officers that made entry, made entry into that building within few minutes of that initial call going out. Other officers responded. To search other parts of the building. The team that made the entry that eventually confronted the suspect, made that entry, began to clear out the first floor, realized where the suspect was, on an additional floor, they immediately engaged with him. It was a long gun battle. For lack of any other word. A long firefight. They stood their ground. They held their ground. He was moving, they were moving. This wasn't something that you'd think of in most police officer-involved shootings. Also, everyone has to remember, this isn't a choreographed TV or movie incident. It was real, it was violent. It was going on. They stopped him from committing more carnage in that building. They were able to take the individual down and yes, it was a fatality, but we also have to know that, when they realize he was injured, that he was down, they switched over to first aid for that particular individual. Because cops believe in the sanctity of life and they're the ones who put themselves in harm's way for other individuals. That's exactly what those young cops did. Chief, thank you for your time this morning.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"On \"This Week,\" Virginia Beach police chief James Cervera joins George Stephanopoulos to talk about the city's ongoing investigation into the Virginia Beach mass shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"63431888","title":"'We're working every angle' on investigation: VA Beach police chief","url":"/ThisWeek/video/virginia-beach-police-chief-63431888"}