Web Extra: Robinson Cano on '42'

The Yankees slugger on Jackie Robinson's legacy.
2:57 | 04/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Web Extra: Robinson Cano on '42'
So those who are actually need -- -- Yes vaccinated to. You know my -- Tony. In -- -- the Yankees now. He's in this run inning. And you you've gone the number -- -- -- Which is a loophole you can only get 42 religious movement I suggest to any forward was one 42. So what why why did you want -- -- then it was the Aggie math. I was today. You know right now -- to have fully truthful and went when he hooked do you see this new Jackie Robinson movies. -- Now. -- lot of good doing it finally. They'll -- right out -- all next item. Apparently -- right now and I'm gonna. Meg doing I can always good to go then serious articles -- on the news. So this -- his memory still -- here I mean you guys wrong you'll born long after he was gone in. All the players and almost every player in Major League Baseball. He was born after Modano will. -- -- -- -- -- We here because I feel billion dollars for a lot of guys. In view of the chance of community game in Wilson who was in the news right now. -- uno -- you have people don't know the word redneck from Dolores. I don't think there's another player who seems to love this game more than you I know his game. And that was the spirited songs like Jackie Robinson always was going through the guy. You can see -- the old guild voted. Or that he knew he went to school and got to -- -- in the restroom. I mean he's he's had little influence. Stayed away -- -- -- that someone's going on and you -- you -- and he was it was a war. We can you imagine being in any time. Be forced to not trust with the rest of the team -- forcing -- Wanted to do what we are now is hard to remind me to imagine coming up on the field like he did when he first sort of plea with the Dodgers. And -- many of -- teammates wouldn't even shake his hand. -- -- -- Minnesota which. Mr. T he had a sixteen now related time that I mean now -- today. He had to get him on when everybody. He's good enough so that -- he does -- yet --

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{"id":18950734,"title":"Web Extra: Robinson Cano on '42'","duration":"2:57","description":"The Yankees slugger on Jackie Robinson's legacy.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/web-extra-robinson-cano-42-18950734","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}