'This Week': Hillary Center Stage

The powerhouse roundtable on the impact of Monica Lewinsky and Benghazi on Clinton's potential 2016 run.
8:54 | 05/11/14

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Transcript for 'This Week': Hillary Center Stage
"Gma's" robin Roberts on Wednesday. But is she prepped for a possible 2016 run? Two issues she would like to avoid shot right back into the spotlight this week. The "Round table" ready to take that on after Jeff Zeleny. Reporter: Hillary Clinton's looking ahead. Oh, my goodness. Reporter: She won't yet say whether now is her time. Even when our robin Roberts asked about cracking the glass ceiling. I think we should crack it also. I'm 100% in favor of that. But, I -- I have nothing further to say about -- Reporter: But as she gets closer to a decision, it's the past that just won't go away. Monica lewinsky back in the spotlight. In a "Vanity fair" essay, she says she stayed quiet in Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential bid. I wish them no ill will she says. But also adds, should I put my life on hold for another eight to ten years? She's 40 now. Images of her as a young intern are seared in our memory, like when she spoke to Barbara Walters in one of the most watched interviews of all time. Did you ever think about what Hillary Clinton might be feeling or would feel if she knew? Did you ever think about Hillary Clinton? I did. I think I thought about her a lot. I never thought she would find out. I was never going to talk about this publicly. Reporter: The timing of lewinsky's return has spawned new conspiracy theories. Would "Vanity fair" publish anything about Monica lewinsky that Hillary Clinton didn't want in "Vanity fair "? Reporter: Another situation she hoped was behind her was benghazi. What difference, at this point, does it make? Reporter: House republicans have launched a special committee to investigate the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, where four Americans died. Our focus is to give answers to those who lost loved ones, period. Reporter: Congressman James Clyburn and other democrats say it's driven by politics. I hope she would not be frightened by that foolishness. I don't think anything will frighten her out of this race. Nothing. Reporter: Until she decides her future, this much is clear. The Clinton past will be there to fill the void. For "This week." Jeff Zeleny, ABC news, Washington. Thanks to Jeff. The "Roundtable" now, bill kristol, editor of the weekly standard, democratic strategist donna Brazile, Adam Kinzinger and talk radio host Michael smerconish. Author of the new novel, "Talk." Bill, I want to start with you. Your magazine said, we're guessing that lewinsky's reemergence months before Hillary Clinton's likely announcement of her candidacy is probably staged by the vast pro-hillary conspiracy whether lewinsky knows she's a pawn or not. Do you stand with that? I stand with that guess. It's a guess? It's a little ironic. A little light heartedness about Monica lewinsky and Hillary Clinton. How would that work? This conspiracy? Do you sit down with the "Vanity fair" editors? Yeah, well, you could. I believe Hillary Clinton knows the editors and the publishers of "Vanity fair." I don't think Monica lewinsky will be an issue. Benghazi is a serious issue. Boko harm is a serious issue. Monica lewinsky is not. I don't think her coming out, telling in the American people her story. Having her story out there once again. If it didn't damage a sitting president 18 years ago, I don't believe it will hurt a presidential candidate 18 years later. Monica lewinsky deserves every opportunity to tell the American people her story if that's what she wants to do. I don't think it will have anything to do with secretary Clinton's ability to run a good presidential campaign and win if she decides to do it. Michael smerconish? The net net is a zero or a slight plus for secretary Clinton. I was going to ask that. Is there a plus in this? It portrays her as a sympathetic figure. I can't imagine someone would say, I was going to cast a ballot for secretary Clinton in 2016 but now I'm not because her husband cheated on her. I think it's also a sign of her resilience. I read that portrayal. It reminded me, my god, like her or dislike her, she's been through a heck of a lot and she's still standing. Congressman. You're the youngest person here, maybe by far. So, you're younger than Monica lewinsky. Isn't that terrifying to thing that? Does this pass your generation? Do people care? I don't think the lewinsky thing is going to matter. It's an intriguing story. I feel bad, a little bit, for her. She was young when this happened. Everybody knows her name. Not for something she necessarily wants to be known for. The bigger issue on the Hillary question, I don't think it will affect her. The thing that's going to be bad is, I can't throw a dart at a world map now and hit within 100 miles of where there's a war or an ally that no longer trusts us. That is a much bigger issue. Her history as secretary of state and benghazi came up this weekend. And they'll have the committee investigating that. I think those are bigger issues than Monica lewinsky. I think it depends on what develops. I think up until this point, nothing from benghazi has received traction apart from the gop base. It's the abortion of the 2014 cycle. Get out the vote. But to get out what vote in the gop base. The hearing I would like to hear, the hearing I would like to hear is the hearing that says what became of those individuals that were responsible for the deaths of four Americans and why haven't we brought them to justice? Not a hearing about e-mails and Ben Rhodes and what did he know and when did he know it? I agree. There were 29 recommendations from the accountability relief board -- review board. Those are the -- we should be talking about what have we done since benghazi? What have we done to make Americans safer in the embassies? In these dangerous places across the globe. There were 13 attacks. I want to stay with Hillary. For a moment. She was secretary of state at the time. And she took responsibility. But as you said, no one has really been held accountable in a larger way. Is this an issue going forward? Absolutely. I mean, when -- when we discussed Hillary Clinton at the beginning of the panel, donna carefully said secretary Clinton. I think that's right. Let's have the debate of O on secretary of state of the united States Hillary Clinton. We intervened. What happened in Libya over the next year that benghazi got to where it was at? Why did Hillary Clinton say the video caused the attack when she must have known it didn't? Haven't we gone over and over. There have been investigations. What is the -- What were the investigations, there have been investigations and just last week we got the e-mail that said, let's blame it on the video. Blame it on the video. Nothing in the e-mail should have prompted the republicans to call for another investigation. The reason you're doing it, congressman, is republicans have no other issue to discuss. Health care is not an issue anymore. And because the chair of the armed services committee basically said there's no more there there. Now Mr. Boehner has to give the republicans something to do. When I went through survival training, I was told your country will never leave you behind. It will move heaven and Earth to come get you. If you find yourselves behind enemy lines, don't worry. There will be an f-16 and guys coming to get you. At some point. That didn't happen. The youtube video to me is beyond the politics of it. There was an attempt by the administration to cheapen the death of four Americans, not give them their due rights of having died on the war on terror. That is not true. That is not true. Initially, they said it was because of a youtube video, not because of the war on terror. That is not true. That is not true. The president said that the day after this was an act of terrorism. And the administration has expressed regret for the lives of those Americans lost. But if you look at all the reports that have come out about benghazi. There is nothing in the reports that say the administration tried to -- to -- to keep the defense department from doing their jobs. They wanted to get to those people. They wanted to help the secretary. They had seven hours between the first and second attack. This discussion shows there's a lot more to be discussed. And a lot more to look at in this.

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{"id":23673441,"title":"'This Week': Hillary Center Stage","duration":"8:54","description":"The powerhouse roundtable on the impact of Monica Lewinsky and Benghazi on Clinton's potential 2016 run.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-hillary-center-stage-23673441","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}