'This Week' Oscar Picks

The "This Week" roundtable makes their Academy Award predictions.
3:25 | 02/24/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Oscar Picks
Let's get some oscar predictions and preferences. So many political themes as we were talking about before. George, who's your pick for best picture and best performer? Daniel day-lewis. The best picture, I think for three reasons, "zero dark thirty." To make a suspense movie when everyone knows the outcome. It's a genuine contribution to education. But third, it's a rebuke to senator levin, FEINSTEIN and McCain who have enough to do without being movie critics. Falsely accusing that movie of taking a stand on torture it does not take. "Lincoln." A year we celebrate 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation. It was an emotional movie. It was a masterpiece. Daniel day-lewis deserves an oscar. Okay. Daniel day-lewis. I find myself agreeing 100% with george, on each point he made. On "zero dark thirty"? Yes. Yes. Senators should be dealing with the stuff that we dealt with at the beginning of this discussion. You know, I got to go with george, I do agree with that "zero dark thirty." I have to go with intrade. And the fact that it's not going to win. But on the best performance, I'm actually going to get out of my comfort zone and go with anne hathaway in "les miserables." That was a very raw performance. George and steven and I can be movie buddies. I'm also going to go with "zero dark thirty." I would add to the point, it was also a great moment of american triumph. And daniel day-lewis, as well, too. It's magic to be able to embody a character like that. You really think that you're were watching lincoln. I have to agree daniel day-lewis. "Zero dark thirty," to be in suspense watching the movie, the whole planet knows the ending of the movie. I loved "argo" as well. Same thing goes for "lincoln." You're sitting there thinking, are they going to pass the 13th amendment? Let me give a shoutout to q wallis. I think she had an exceptional performance. She has a bright future. She's a darling little girl, just infectious. Thank you. Now, we'll take a break and honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. After the longest gap without a casualty in afghanistan, since 2007, we learned that one service member was killed this week, the pentagon has not yet released the name. That's all for us today. Thank you for sharing part of your sunday with us. Check out "world news" with david muir tonight. And I'll see you on "good morning america" tomorrow, live from the oscars.

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{"id":18580552,"title":"'This Week' Oscar Picks","duration":"3:25","description":"The \"This Week\" roundtable makes their Academy Award predictions.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-oscar-picks-18580552","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}