'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable

Donna Brazile, Howard Dean, S.E. Cupp, and Bill Kristol debate the week's politics.
3:00 | 10/27/13

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Transcript for 'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable
It's really good. when did the president of the united states turn into gill from "the simpsons"? How many can I put you down for? A lot? Please say a lot. I need this. How much trouble for the president. We'll talk about that on the roundtable. Joined by bill kristol. Democratic strategist donna brazile. S.E. Cupp from "crossfire." And howard dean. You were laughing when I used the words obama care chaos. You think everybody should calm down? It's not chaos. It's a rollout of a big website. I haven't seen a rollout of a big website in anything, even in the private sector that hasn't had troubles. I think they'll fix it. What do you say to those other democrats like joe manchin, yeah, you'll be able to fix it, but it would be smart to have a delay? That's too early for that. Right now, they think they can fix it by the end of november. Unless they thought it was true. They have some really smart people and they private sector company that are supposed to be fixing it. Bill kristol? Let's hope they fix it for the sake of the country. They can fix the website but not obama care. The big story this week and last week, people in the individual insurance market, about 15 million, getting notices from their insurance companies they won't be able to renew their policies next year. It doesn't comply with the mandates in obama care. Their policies they purchased, individually rated, got rated for whatever their health condittion was. Over 10 million people are losing policies. Joe manchin said something very interesting, no one should be forced to buy a policy that's inferior or costs more than what they have had already. Defenders will say, that helps subsidize other people. That's part of the defense. The other thing that the white house is going to say, donna brazile, some of the people will have to pay more, but they're going to be paying more for a better policy. Absolutely. Look, I think this rollout was a huge bundle. It was a mistake, no question about it. Going back to the architect of the medicare program said success in any social program is inspiration and 99% implementation. I think it's going to work better over the next 30 days. People are not only enrolling online, there are in-person enrolls. And there are people are being recruited to help sign up people, so I think it will work. All of these negative folks who are saying bad things, wait five months. Perhaps on the other hand we're not learning who's exactly signing up right now. That's a number that the white house isn't going to give out. S.E. Cupp, one of the big problems and dr. Besser talked about this as well, one of the differences from medicare, this time around, you need young people to sign up. Exactly. Exactly right. There are two problems. One is the technological problems. Millennials have never bought health insurance in the past. Buy something that they don't think they need. In some cases, can't afford. That mechanical issue remains to be seen, the website rollout has affected that. But, culturally, it also reads, I have talked to a lot of millennials. An inability to speak their language. Donna you might call an 800-number and sit on the phone. Millennials aren't used to that. They don't meet in-person with insurance brokers or travel agents or anyone. They need a website that works, that gets them, that is easy, that is young-person approved and they're not going to be administration tweaks all of that. I will have to disagree with s.E. It's not true that if young people don't sign up the program doesn't work. That's false. The reason -- the white house said they have to have a third of the people that have to be young people. That's not true, actually, the reason that is framed as being true is, everybody assumes you can't do a community rating. Without an individual mandate. And that's not true. The remember I dknow that is because I did it 20 years ago in vermont. We have all -- almost every child under 18 has had health insurance for almost 20 years. We had a tough community rating. You couldn't charge 20% more than your base rate and you couldn't discriminate against anybody for pre-existing conditions. We have had this for 20 years. Relatively small community, can it work nationwide? Yes, it can nationwide. The problem is to scale. It would have been better to have four exchanges than one. They didn't know 34 states were going to refuse to participate in the exchanges. We can fault the obama administration, certainly there are faults to be had here. I should add that republicans bear some responsibility for this, they defunded part of obama care. The 44 votes that took to kill it, everything that the obama administration has to do is going upstream against republicans trying to kill this program and there is some responsibility they bear as well. President obama said over and over in selling this program in 2009 and 2010, if you like your current plan you can keep it, that's false. About 15 million people are being told, the current plan which they do like, they're being told they can't keep it. They're being forced into these exchanges, that don't work. And it will cost more. That's the big political story more than the website. President obama said if you like it you can keep it. And that's not true. And tens of millions of people last year got refunds from their health care plans, many people got grandfathered into their old plan, 3 million more adults are now getting coverage as a result of obama care and 8 million women are getting preventive care. So, obama care is already working. When I made that 800, and yes, I like apps, my old boss was in charge, he would get service people and it would be done like this. And back in day, bill, when you and I were getting health insurance, we didn't have twitter. Nowadays people want things instantly and that's the problem. George, I was able to get in touch with a d.C. Person. I live in d.C. But I also called back from louisiana and they said you got to wait online for this health care marketplace. That's part of the problem is obama care relies on cooperation and partnership with the states. That's one of reasons this website has been so bungled. Whether it's going to be successful in the long term, we already see senator ted cruz not backing off one bit. Not many friends in washington but embraced in iowa. I'm convinced we're facing a new pair dime in politics, the rise of the grassroots. It has official washington absolutely terrified. Hillary clinton may be staying away from the early primary states. Here's how she answered the question about afghanistan. They actually have women candidates, it's not likely they would win but that didn't happen here either, so you can't blame afghanistan for that. Just a tiny limit drop there. Bill, let's talk about ted cruz first, not backing down at all. One of the predictions he was making in iowa this weekend si that come 2014 all of the ads are going to be about obama care and that's what's going to preserve the republican majority -- help them get a majority in the senate. And preserve the republican majority in the house. I think he's likely to be right. I didn't agree with his tactics over the last couple of months. I still think there was still some price to be paid for the shutdown. I have always said the failure of obama care will dwarf the minor derailment of the shutdown and ted cruz is going to look better and better. He's the guy who understood one thing that others didn't, obama care is the center of gravity in politics. It is intrusive in a way of most normal liberal big-government programs aren't. Most of these programs you expand benefits for people. Pell grants, food stamps or whatever. You give benefits to everyone, social security. This is a kind of an unusual program, you're forcing people into these exchanges. My friend in washington who said you can't keep your insurance is not being left alone. Your insurance plans conforms with obama care -- about 15% of health insurance plans do. It was a free market. We kicked those people out of our state when we did this and it was a good decision we did. They were taking 50% of every premium dollar and keeping it for themselves. What you're doing is driving the fly by night insurance companies out of the market. So, wait, when blue shield drops and these huge companies drop 300,000 people in florida, those are fly by night insurance companies? It's anthem in florida. Second of all, even good companies have crappy policies. But the government -- that's going to be great. The government has a right to make sure when you buy something that it is what it's supposed to be. That's what you're doing. I think that's okay. In the long run, what's been happening in the past, those policies that get sold, don't cover what you think they cover. And furthermore, and this used to happen when I was practicing, an insurance company could pull your insurance that can't happen under obama care. The reason we're going to pick up seats in the house and we're not going to lose the senate. Ohio became the 26th state to expand medicaid for its uninsured individuals. Now north carolina is considering it. What percentage of ohio accepts medicaid? Well, I'm not a doctor. Most of people signing up are signing up for medicaid. Which is a failing program. You have a growing list of democrats who are worried about obama care and we're not going to run on obama care success. And you were laughing when howard dean said this was going to help democrats next year. This will overwhelm the shutdown. Right now, you look at the generic ballot of 2014, republicans are about eight, nine points behind. I think what you're seeing, back to ted cruz, I think what you're seeing in the republican party, are two interpretations of what happened in 2012, ted cruz and folks like mike lee and rand paul are saying we lost 2012 because we weren't conservative enough. Ted cruz saying I got elected and mitt romney didn't. Then you have the paul ryan plan, I'm pretty darn conservative, I'm conservative enough. The problem was messaging. We didn't have a powerful message. We weren't artful in our articulation of our policies. So, you have folks like paul ryan trying to talk about how we can cut the deficit. There's that tension. And all we're talking about is how republicans disagree with one another. Look the problem with the republican party is there are two republican parties. Dick cheney said his daughter is going to run, she's running against a republican. The problem with the republican party it is exploding -- two parties are better than one party. I want to bring that to howard dean, how about on the democratic side, if hillary clinton decides to run, will she face a serious challenge on the left? I'm not going to be that person. I'm going to support hillary. You ruined my day. I think they're likely to nominate somebody on the other side, ted cruz, who's going to scare the living daylights out of people. This guy brought not just the american economy, the worldwide economy to a brink of a collapse, that's not going to be a person people are going to vote for for president of the united states. Hillary clinton is a perfect foil, she's done it all, she's ready to be president from day one. She's got the foreign affairs experience, perfect foil for a candidate. I'm so depressed, howard dean is not running, red sox lose due to umpires. It's a rough weekend. Thank you all very much.

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