'This Week' Roundtable: Gun Control

The 'This Week' roundtable debates the prospects for gun legislation.
5:58 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Roundtable: Gun Control
One of things we saw overnight Mayor Bloomberg of New York starting at twelve million dollar ad campaign. In targeted target swing senators. Eight kinds of our -- and protecting my -- I believe in the Second Amendment and I'll fight to protect. But with rights come responsibilities. As flash support comprehensive background checks to criminals and the dangerously mentally ill and can't buy guns. That protects my rights and my name. Jim Messina is no secret there was a lot of resistance from Democrats on the assault weapons and including. Harry Reid you saw Mayor Bloomberg right there he's going to be advertising. In both democratic and Republican districts Democrat and Republican. States you know you work with organizing for action the president's. Super -- -- the president's agenda are you gonna target ads. Against Democrats as well as Republicans on this issue -- and work out of reach out to members of both parties unless. And background checks are supported by over 92% of Americans including majority -- NRA members. Majority Republicans there's clear consensus from the states. On this issue were absolutely -- members of apart so you'll be you'll be advertising and democratic districts will figure out -- average has his or talking on grassroots last week that over hundred events across. -- the country about -- katic in congressional -- Republican congressional seat. They have over a million volunteers in the first month alone. Getting involved on this and other issues and -- so -- can be advocating on the president's agenda we're still seeing Karl Rove the National Rifle Association digging in against universal background checks. Look if you say should we keep. The mentally ill and and the criminals from getting guns everybody say yes but that's analysis is about we're talking about. In this instance having a registry where if -- grandfather wants to give a treasured shotgun into his grandson -- granddaughter. -- to register with the government and go get -- government to give that -- himself -- That well -- it's also transferring and in addition. Senator Schumer for some -- other insists upon keeping a registry of guns -- there's one thing that scares a lot of people. Who believes the Second Amendment since -- federal government keeping -- national registry of gun sales and gun purchasers. And gun owners end to end and that if you don't have records how does the background check make anybody if you had best make a difference a UUUU. Five out of somebody can or cannot purchase -- -- right now I can go into it. Gun store in Texas to purchase a weapon I have to go through background check -- have to ascertain I don't have a criminal record. And -- I can purchase a gun but but do what we're talking about here is different than that and and why it's different than that and why -- given and that is politics. There could be a lot of mutual agreement found on. Closing some of these so called gun show loopholes we could probably get agreement while won -- widespread. Basis of people say lucky go to gun show he walking and you get you could you do you pass a -- you get you get your little stub their leisure to purchase weapons and that's it. But this goes far beyond that -- the answer -- that. Look 40% of all gun sales currently don't go through background checks with the record check system two million people from getting. Moved from getting transition yet but we know others will -- all over the place and -- just saying no which is what the NRA in your party's -- -- Nash isn't moving us forward. I agree on -- night mostly clear -- this. This is prompted by the sandy -- murders. Those guns were legally -- -- with a background check this would not have stalled something like that let's be very careful about. Quickly trampling on the rights of people and skin what you want to get something done. That stops here people don't say we're gonna keep a registry of all these gentlemen and let's not make it so anthrax got -- -- without scaring people you're scaring people with this orwellian sense that black helicopters in the government if we register guns are gonna confiscate Americans can't. That kind of paranoia. Fueled respect it is not paranoia who -- confiscate all the people have a fear of this why do it why do you need it lots of things are registered in the united simply by America because there -- -- -- -- because -- wanna -- register other things are content constitutionally no I don't and that. The result of this is that the only votes really -- have been taken since Newtown have weakened gun control in America some of those votes the senate took last week. To prevent the justice department for example from. Taking a look at gun shop owners inventory to make sure there haven't been thefts voted down so -- raking in many things haven't changed afternoon much at all. Here's what I think the problem is. I think congress is attempting to act in a way that ignores a central fact. The central fact is that nobody in America really trusts. Congress. If -- congress and you admit nobody really trusts us than you make simple. Discrete. Five page bills not these big comprehensive. Things that involve being. Assault weapons and this and that and putting it forward men having everybody say wa -- I'm not sure I trust you. The reason Americans don't trust these big bills is that they assume so much mischief is hidden inside. I take your point and that -- -- extending a background check from gun stores to gun shows does not fit that bill supporters kind of simple simplicity. If we are at the point where that is a simple bill. On its own existing on it's on I think it could go forward and do well as long as it does take care of certain things that may be. Going too far -- senator Reid thinks he can get through. -- -- if he puts the background. Proposal up first and then couple it where it gun safety manages to keep all schools safe. And then perhaps opened up two additional amendments look I think there's there's still room for negotiation. -- mansion of a west Virginia's working with the NRA. Gun on his 82% of them believe that this is something that should occur. And I do believe that we're going to have some action on assault weapons which I I don't believe that we have the votes on that. But I still believe this in the -- allow the amendment to come up and let let the bulk why does go on record saying where they stand.

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{"id":18801589,"title":"'This Week' Roundtable: Gun Control","duration":"5:58","description":"The 'This Week' roundtable debates the prospects for gun legislation. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-roundtable-gun-control-18801589","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}