'This Week': Roundtable on Pope Francis

Cokie Roberts, Newt Gingrich, Robert Reich, and Ana Navarro on Pope Francis as Time's Person of the Year.
3:00 | 12/15/13

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Transcript for 'This Week': Roundtable on Pope Francis
This is just pure marxism coming out of the mouth of the pope. There's no such thing that unfettered capitalism exists anywhere. Unfettered capitalism is a liberal socialist phrase to describe the united states. This was rush limbaugh recently attacking the pope. But this week, pope francis responded, telling an italian paper quote, marxist ideology is wrong. But I have met many marxist in my life who are good people, so I don't feel offended. Of course, the pope was also named "time" magazine's person of the year. We're back now with the roundtable. Cokie, after a year of pope francis -- NOT QUITE, MARCH 13th. So, not even been a year, but it's been a remarkable year. What kind of impact? He's shaken up the church. He's shaken up the church. He has people loving him. Our abc poll shows an 82% approval rating. He's fun, he's loving, he's kind, he's humble. And people are responding to that. But he's also saying very important things and what he's saying is basically what jesus said, and why this is making people puzzled is a very interesting thing, they clearly have not spent much time with reading the new testament. This pope is spectacular, jonathan. You know, I'm a catholic and i can tell you that, I was very disappointed with the structures of the church. I think what he's done to rehabilitate the church in a short nine-month period is amazing. Church attendance is up all over the world. He has shown a heart. He has put the focus of church back where it needs to be, among the poor, he has shown compassion. After this pope, I think we only go for latino popes. You know, I think that he takes on supply side trickled-down economics. That doesn't make him a marxist, whatsoever. I think what he was saying was something that not only people in the united states, but around the world, are concerned about. That widening inequality in terms of what it's doing to our society. Let me ask you, mr. Gingrich, speaker, when you look at that issue of inequality, and this something that the pope puts front and center, and it's something that of course president obama talks a lot about, we saw the story about homelessness in new york, is this an issue that republicans should be talking about? Absolutely. I mean, how can you justify the level of wealth in those big towers in new york city and the level of poverty in those alleys, and without talking about government say, surely a society that was endowed by their creator, with the pursuit of happiness, and come up with a better solution than 22,000 children that are homeless and I think that the republican party has an obligation to rethink some of its indifference to the very poor and I think i the democrats have an obligation to ask themselves after 50 years on the war of poverty -- wait a minute, public policy -- mr. Secretary. The war on poverty. Wire going to celebrate the 50th anniversary in addition to the civil rights act, the war on poverty was successful for a time, what has happened, however, over the last 30 years, is that much of the -- much of the ardor, much of the concern, much of what propelled that war on poverty has dissipated. It's also true, though -- five years of president barack obama, we see the problem worse? The problem is worse, I think it has something to do, perhaps with the intransient of the speaker's party, every time there was a jobs bill, to expand low-income housing. Rert -- we're talking about equal opportunity. Equal opportunity. Is at the basis. Every major city which is a center of poverty is run by democrats. Every major city. Their policies have failed. They are not willing to admit it. The fact is the poor who suffer. Wait a minute. First of all, bloomberg is not a democrat. Secondly, what's happening in america -- a lot of these public policies -- a democrat in new york for 20 years. What's happening is happening all over america. Wages, median wages are going nowhere, and rents are going up. There's absolutely no response to washington or elsewhere particularly, particularly, newt I'm surprised that you're not -- we're unfortunately out of time. Obviously, a subject we'll come back to. Back now to martha raddatz in

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{"id":21225949,"title":"'This Week': Roundtable on Pope Francis","duration":"3:00","description":"Cokie Roberts, Newt Gingrich, Robert Reich, and Ana Navarro on Pope Francis as Time's Person of the Year.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-roundtable-pope-francis-21225949","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}