'This Week' Web Extra: Grover Norquist

The anti-tax activist answers viewer questions on his background.
3:26 | 12/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: Grover Norquist
Hello I'm happy thoughts on This Week with George Stephanopoulos and were joined today by Grover Norquist. President of Americans for Tax Reform. Because we believe all politics is social here at this week we're going to be asking -- some of your questions from FaceBook and Twitter. Our first question comes from Reagan of Chicago Illinois -- front runner what was your major college and when did you become a concern. I studied economics. -- then went to business school. And I was politically conservative. Its twelfth. As I was reading books and and aware that Alice. Center right. So most of your colleagues like you are evening -- you -- -- -- -- minute that cannot twelve I'd read most of the books that. -- -- -- over talent -- lives lot of that stuff during -- with a Cold War and foreign policy. Those issues. And you attended Harvard university and we have a second question frowned. One -- -- watchers asks when you remember of the hasty pudding which is a theater group known for its cross dressing musicals did you ever dressed up as a woman. I did not I worked with the business side of it help and it. Do do some of the business -- I was into an actor and it -- acting in high school but none has to -- that would have been great fun just west of the projects and -- And -- and questioned -- go to the topic of hair we actually got two questions about this. One from Diane Smith who -- on FaceBook. Dude what's up with the facial hair and the other from conservative radio host Laura Ingram who asked why the goatee. Well. I had -- -- -- college -- dead and what -- look at the data go to college. For awhile and then went to mustache. Later in college and then when I was doing work in. Africa I didn't want to -- because I was out. In the countryside and the -- of interest things that I didn't want to pick up from. Cutting myself shaving and internationally have everything one you'd like an electric -- So violent that beard grow. Then and kept alive -- had a thought about it and I'm married now my wife likes the -- we we've we've kept it. We collectively have kept it. And finally -- it's Christmas time we have a question from season Scott McDowell who wants to know what is your favorite Christmas. For heaven's sakes silent night. Karen share a few lines. -- That's why wasn't -- of singers in haste but in high school I was playing in the strait. Parts and then stood could hang out with the cast party they let me have a walk on part in the musicals. Than ever since voice changed -- Song and in that way. Well thank you so much Grover for joining us and for everyone who submitted questions online be sure until like this week -- on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com. -- this week ABC and follow us on Twitter at this week ABC.

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{"id":18050143,"title":"'This Week' Web Extra: Grover Norquist","duration":"3:26","description":"The anti-tax activist answers viewer questions on his background.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-web-extra-grover-norquist-18050143","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}