More Than 1,100 Flights Canceled Due to Snow Storm

ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports on the winter storm and the morning's other top stories.
4:09 | 02/01/15

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Transcript for More Than 1,100 Flights Canceled Due to Snow Storm
Good afternoon everyone I'm Condace Gibson at ABC news headquarters in New York with the digital report on this Sunday afternoon we're gonna get started with another major winter storm this snow and wind. Making its way from the midwest to the East Coast winter storm warnings already in effect for new York and Boston the snow expected to arrive later this evening heaviest after midnight. Here's what the storm looks like right now in Cleveland heavy snowfall dangerous conditions for those drivers trying to get around. And in Chicago today near blizzard like conditions that's where ABC's Alex Perez joins us now live Alex. How pet well it does look pretty bad how is it out there. Yet it is pretty bad condition of the snow really started in earnest here just a couple of hours ago as you can see behind me pretty much a white stuff everywhere you know you talk about those blowing wind conditions. Here you can see the effects of that look at how this snow it just piling up on this car. Because of those strong winds those blowing winds if you look behind me here this is a lot of the site's street in Chicago looked like right now the plows just haven't been able to get to them. Just yet know already at the airports have been more than 11100 flights have been canceled crews are out there trying to keep those runways clear but the snow keeps coming downs as you know at the battle they're gonna have to fight for the next couple of hours. Now the big concern here is and is as we lead heading into the evening hours. They're expecting we are expecting here more snow and more wind those are those blizzard like conditions that you were talking about and so authorities here are you know on alert in trying to make sure that. Everyone is somewhere safe. This afternoon could be tricky here in the Chicago area. This is likely the biggest snowfall of the season. So far so as you might imagine everyone here is not too happy about it and this no doubt Alexander with that additional snow on the way what are the authorities advising people to do. What you know authorities are taking this very seriously they are warning everyone that if you don't need to be outside don't beat state inside especially today there's a lot of a Super Bowl parties so a lot of you will be traveling from one place to another and they're telling people you know what if you can. Just stay home stay inside. Streets it's going to be a while before they are clean and safe to drive on. And so there wanting everyone it's not a joke stay inside if you care. And it does appear a lot of people heeding that warning ABC's outs for his life for us in Chicago we do thank you to that we move on now to some major developments overseas one of the Al-Jazeera reporters imprisoned in Egypt. For more than a year has been released Peter grass is now on his way back to Australia after a decision by the Egyptian government to deport him. Two other Al-Jazeera colleagues he was arrested with are still behind bars all three accused of being terrorist and endangering national security. Charges they all deny. Back here in this country Bobbi Kristina Brown the daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown remains hospitalized tonight after being found on responsive. At her home in Georgia. It's 41 year old discovered face down in the tub Saturday by her husband nick Gordon and a friend. So eerily similar to the way her famous mother was found dead three years ago by the Christina has been trying to launch a singing career the incidence. Under investigation tonight. At finally the big showdown in Arizona only hours away now from Super Bowl 49. Who will beer re peat for the Seattle Seahawks and the reigning champs or will Tom Brady who has been fighting awful cold. Lead the patriots of that Lombardi trophy his fourth. The stadium will be packed with 70000 super fans and the halftime show. Is all about Katy Perry and she promises big surprise guests wonder who that will be. ABC knees monitoring these developments around the clock to get updates on these top stories. Start them on their ABC news phone apps and Tommy on this we'll have a complete wrap up later on world news for now. And Condace Gibson in New York have a great day.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports on the winter storm and the morning's other top stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"28646221","title":"More Than 1,100 Flights Canceled Due to Snow Storm","url":"/Travel/video/1100-flights-canceled-due-snow-storm-28646221"}