Bike Tour of Washington D.C.'s Monuments

ABC News' Maggie Rulli visits the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in celebration of National Park Service's 100th anniversary.
30:08 | 09/08/16

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Transcript for Bike Tour of Washington D.C.'s Monuments
And what. Difference does yeah that's nothing absolutely. An ice castle like right on the national African American and he's a little he wouldn't going to be like earth moving night pumping. We're beginning and ending. Up my general and camera and from my problem with my yeah. I like ours around us. I. Think it is and doesn't want an hour. Up. Actually take out. Enter the real commitment. And what we're Ingram. Oh. Washington continents. 55 feet tall by what we're into the service. But mr. And you'll notice on the days that there aren't an American flags what was. Killers whatever that changes color. Charitable work this work and we started. Important yeah. And then when the war ended we went back. Wanted to continue construction but unfortunately the quarry that we will be hitting stone from outside of Baltimore was empty. 200 different Couri outside of Boston this time we are able to match the stone pillar just close enough incidents that we haven't been here in the district. About coming here to offer national park big celebration. And people think national parks and being. Nature an exact rate which it. There are so many beautiful. National parks and Richard Engel asks her to celebrate. History and culture actions over the mom and agreed that topic earlier telling people have. You're a century now. Before. And historical moments democracy. And thank them for that matter threatening. Absolutely. I felt. But. We're ready to go castle stretching out about it. Does not like I've had already asked the you know right thing which most important thing that's something happened. One more thing lowers it right here before we get back on the bikes and everybody sees the White House just over here. Time White House 55000 square feet Horner and 33 rooms including 35 bathrooms ever needs headline helps more than enough but he's got. Beatty and her blonde you what you got me thinking. I'm so. Ready but. Money plus money. To go out. If anything. Holding a camera bike ride but. An aggressive I'm ready let's get Creag and. We're up. Yeah. Apparently for the memorial. And the vote is a mountain of despair a stone home. It won't right now. So as I mentioned the entire team out of it now. And receiving. Was assassinated. Victory. Lightning were. It's possible. Also a series thirteen vote. Onto him and certain. I'm against terrorists. The Iraq. Excuse. You'll also on the National Mall. It's easy it's news. A little earlier playing for the Rangers we spoke with celebrating its. Park yes celebrates conservation but also history and culture and hear the National Mall in particular. Simply delivering democracy and and when people want to make ending ending hearts here to give speeches here so simple. MTV. Where yeah. You see your name it any better governance and good things come to. We have really good thing. Nice yeah. Where it doesn't attack again. But. The thing. Yeah we're I got the that is didn't do it. A lot of people don't live here this morning their debuts in DC looking across the waters to Jefferson. Cherry street. Yeah. Are angry threatening not to respect. You know how beautiful it. The memorial and the Washington monument and you watered cheering on the street and I think president. On Larry. We needed to take that in her side. Low branches there aired its Dele. As. Thanks everybody. Boyhood. If I go over the eyes you wanted to save of the camera senate growth. Throw back to you aren't. I'll dry quickly it's not out and thanks everybody. It. Very little this. If you're making a memorial I want nothing. About fifty to sixty years we had a moral line that. On the grounds and. And it's still there today. How its name and your. Now we realize condemned him pretty cool stuff and the largest memorial my land area. From a decade the largest guy and there in that. So we're gonna walk through the entire thing check out room by room after it was the only president treatment or terms while after his presidency he added. Woman. But before we got edged up around my not just here on the corner this is one of the statues and payment deal. And walk hundred. Everything's going to win hell. Unfortunately the water heaters nah turned on at the moment we're conserving water lately he. Let me tomorrow quietly mulling street down ever present stuff. Can happen during his presidency but it to find them. Everything I want to point out if your relief sculpture just. Underneath the glove that the only thing we have to hear experience now. Community the buildings Bulger and actually shows FDR as travels from the capitol building to the White House after taking his very first vote. I mean yeah. Misrepresent the dust Fuller what was happening in the American west. During the Great Depression. And then the next one reference shows by gentleman standing in a red line and that represented what was happening in the urban communities during the Great Depression. So that was sort of the problem. And over here just are right now it's. The very much. Get a deal represented. Five giant fallen behind me these columns were. Old out to create these quite. Fun fact that. My back. The first dog have been. So that is why we have. Though there's been dogged at. It was. In the Great Britain. White. Of all of the other water. Yeah. Back to the first of all we're. Aaron work. Lost in the spring. Wonder. Okay. In the shades. Please see you back and just chill and it's a beautiful garden. Virginia but she never even if the speech or so you get the idea charge me an important. A let's do it. Community news bills and it doesn't advance. Oh boy. It is an eleven A various and bond behind neck we're not gonna make it. We'll finally I. What I'm and we can't comment re needed to stay away things did these few minutes. Eight element here. Yeah. Why. Thomas Jefferson our third. Place in next secretary of state however. There's meetings meetings. He designed is a recent visit 300 things the first that was Eddie and the university. The second was that he will Virginia's first amendment rights and agree there. The memorial itself they're thinking. And it was designed after much. And it turned Jefferson designed Monticello after the UV on in Rome to keep mineral receivers. Through there that's probably why. Now the statue inside in nineteen that statue of townships and not the original statue installed in nineteen. Earnings next week or even memorial just. Good for seven years got plastered Communist. And then once in World War II ended. Let's against thanks Jack we'll. Tonight and we do much like I ran into my garden I let down. Somebody can just checking at that very and we. Aren't in the successfully completing a mad dash like writer and the National Mall in honor of the 100 anniversary of America's best at its national park system. They turned 100 today and the national hearing DC is actually the most visited national park in the entire country. So what better way to see it and being one of those visitors Ers nick and I and JC news regarding the bikes down next. Nick is just taking us on a whirlwind of sixteen minute tours and their final stop is here is be raced up. Stares at Jefferson Memorial. And as you see behind it's also beautiful Washington monument. Is just behind us and it's looking as background. And he Wendell and yes there is me. Now let's look at your around. And happening. He tells us. So again nineteenth extension. And Jefferson just in front of us. Scroll in his hands not a lot of people think that it is an act. Declaration. Of the national answers and gentlemen decided to not to know exactly which piece of writing was peaceful since. Jefferson was known to lot of different things one of them is that. All of his books created The Library of Congress national Library of Congress can't be here in new. Thank you can actually go to the library and the city's original collection of books and acids especially in the house alone. Some space and sort of speaks to his knowledge and address. Very long. What we're. You. Well. And he don't think. I'm here you can actually see in the White House we're standing. Good name straight time that he didn't feel anything inappropriate behavior and we watched new money into White House. Exactly so as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's public works projects. Some Jefferson Memorial entity he wanted to get Americans back to work. Here in the district of Columbia's recent let's build a memorial to Thomas and accidental shooting area and it was Franklin Delano read all of the trees cut down on the White House. And Jefferson Memorial service at York keep design construction into the Jefferson keeps. What fun tidbit I love that didn't speak with a that we have. Deficit. Looking out keep Indian island. On our democracy and on the White House Rain Man. Or it will friend. Am just about wrap up our time here. I think we did in under an hour so lets you decide. And they happen bike in the role. Jason he's down there. He kept us on track he. We're sweaty not like we're also much more knowledgeable that we are about our national park system in about the monument from the memorial and about Washington DC. On if you have any more questions. Give us the hauler bicameral nailed it Maggie early and I eagerly on Twitter insert and have a lot of reach out and thanks for joining us today we. As the cost. Of the national park. I I Hank.

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{"duration":"30:08","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli visits the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in celebration of National Park Service's 100th anniversary. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"41952867","title":"Bike Tour of Washington D.C.'s Monuments ","url":"/Travel/video/bike-tour-washington-dcs-monuments-41952867"}