First Commercial Flight to Cuba Since 1961 Takes Off

ABC News' Jim Avila and Serena Marshall are on the plane as it takes off for Cuba.
23:54 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for First Commercial Flight to Cuba Since 1961 Takes Off
And it's your momma look back on. We eat. Or the historic flight that goes to Cuba menace which surround about to close the door. We've got to do something left. No I'm. That we call. It negatively. Parker thank. Fifty people. Many of them. Flights yeah I think that we even during the the airport in Miami. It's did you have what. The trip in a box. Plane to Cuba. Martin. Tonight this. Save. Kennedy space. That means that you have to. We'll see continuity and Kelly financing. The airport like any other life. He's the right now. Going to your. First. Then we'll airlines and since November. It's really. In the right but I know that we were up. What we're got. I. Take back the ride was even smaller than Tony David plays and you're welcome on this it on the ground 2000. Prior to. They gave no operational and business and doesn't come. Because it would sell. Repeatedly clicking cameras them. Then. Electronic court. Street and Marshall. I CBS. Look like we're going to do. Right now we're just. And we started and oh yeah. It's the attitude is if you. Who drove seen. Of these items it says quote it word that it water balloon flew out exit from the blue there. Life monologues he's. Over. I'm Mario. Nothing came up. I'm hundred million from one of those. Telephone number numbers. Nobody in the little moment that money. Obama. But his book. Get a little bit Rebecca. Particularly in an environment are and we can't go over there so we appreciate you. What we have registered. You go well what did they think from. We have opportunities before the creation revision in regards they've unless we've been given written about him like information. Hopeful that block. Your positive people third. Vogel. The relief yesterday that the mobile. People. O. The structure even when the did. You're right there is an apology what they're good he. You get everybody who filled the ball and bring the best of what. New ways big and little. That's goods about Florida legislative. Oh and did it. We're gonna do unimaginable that looks north a month we'll. Every that your. This there was a tree burning past eight. Indoors and strong and all we knew it Intel. You know. From the event are. Okay since I'm here are ugly thing to sign up ahead. This is our political lightning win and Shelby Steele who are actually muscle injury and his movies they can moment under the age that goes. When you we'll show you. If there's anything heavy pressure ball we'll see him as we'll job but barely pulled out the wars in the start of folks. Place that's all the here knows amount of the members. About the road ahead U plus and news in this Google's. Even though the fact legally they pulled him with the be sure to review its first before blow me. We'll let you know it they're the big bucks and having to make sure we're ready movingly. You can almost by ten dollars in the Boston hands regulars who lives longer it's. If you know what I want to say my video. The last thing we'll. Smoking but that is about it but it's never low on any. Never quit he saved its most advanced where residents starting this development and the resulting. Particularly as these are regressive. One at the moment the moment patient and is equipment and anybody changing them. Club today but what else goers aerial or satellite TV and radio five. You may also. The nations of like minded view it is life and accident. Will be a guest coming out that's vertical market you have been in business realignment on the level of disease. Give your regular viewer we're saying thank over the we've. You have a vote vote life as forget attention without getting toward that debt could experience. I was also Wachovia occupying troops to communicate and scored him and Donovan again but what's that will have both as a championship Google is not a good soccer vertical well. Good on offensive assistant sergeant who knows spot he books that Garnett it was political. Absolutely. That it's another busy what do don't know who's. Dozens of I think hospital so concealment a similar kind of heavy because that we you know. Whereas if you don't call that Italy put most of us that we subsequently Posey opened the process. Not relevant it's something that I think it is simple and beautiful daughter took Johansson of what do you know those releases in the house you don't look at us. Again but it was at fifty you don't need to have a few supplies and understood the yes the other there's gonna want they underneath you know what you know. Put Minnesota settlement of the Olympics and again. What sort Monday suspended on the volatility cumulative I don't know man who was Obama. Senecal solitude and it's us against the fielded questions when India from an awards on Sunday. Technical people got some of and what of other corporate audit notice as to who has an idiot young and according syndicated host. It's WW inflict political analyst and yup let's begin our hopefuls Obama most schools are awful close. The news and a gazillion numbers and it was looking of the month becoming the outlook for graphic and got a really pleasant Senecal Soviets did you know. It's Airbus has been disconnect bushels an indefinite and yet those what the sort of infinite what was obviously the homeless Beatles what does. What to think you're both going go off about what's your complicit different view W you can be vocal a lot of them. Thought affiliate has nothing hello coincidental but this video. 600 society thus deserving of his foot movement and policy of regularly Coca listening to us. I don't know what sort of moment the something in my city cannot that he went out of Dublin that it does instead. To mr. Condit ridiculous as him. Peter welcome Oscar still seasonal I don't know Minnesota's scandals. I'm an apostrophe and this is their bodies and broken off Minnesota's an uneasy over. Who sit on it doesn't have an enormous government studies who have and those on the left two dozen couples loves. And of Seattle real in order to housing plan. On the city's most everybody I don't know if you have my articles what goes on to study. The group reported an attributable to us a little companies of but it has been. Ford Motor you hostility because this is a bit on social solicitors most of those who voted because usually you find it hostility. To get open. It was sort of capacity because it would have you reportedly tackles. It was a beautiful model Sophia he acidic particles of global village look here is going to distribute money when I was taught us that wasn't going to Sicily and it was and what to a one. But as comedies the fund has a photo not deals people don't keep those who went on its open of yet but others. What a portion of what really could have put another coincidence of within a that it definitely still valued equally. Some sort of a that was a big if very the space he let it defeat you know who sodas can. But don't forget two record and what does it wouldn't go. Symbols of this deal. It's almost soup make it opens the mythical and so there was political development there's what studies of different it has the most. The governments of about it. I deserve. It's a very excited mom involved all of us here vigilant when my colleagues humble myself. When bluntly. Saying great things do all company management hey Barbara you. Brothers all of these climate security. Take me. All department that have been involved in his right moment to me he's might happen. They'd hold the future flights that would be coming in the future do you know why the relations between both countries that we are waiting. These have been born in Cuba. From the people United States has. We'll be a great moment Paula. I'm pretty sure we're they have. We'll. Think people are being bought these. And Jordan I. Together produce joining us. The ABC. Coverage. You know walk or. Park like Cuba and this morning. Number one for. Political. I'm offended him ahead of us but. Here.

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{"duration":"23:54","description":"ABC News' Jim Avila and Serena Marshall are on the plane as it takes off for Cuba.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"41771563","title":"First Commercial Flight to Cuba Since 1961 Takes Off","url":"/Travel/video/commercial-flight-cuba-1961-takes-off-41771563"}