Croatia welcomes American tourists

American tourists say a trip to Croatia was the break they needed.
3:18 | 07/28/20

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Transcript for Croatia welcomes American tourists
And all summer working from home to stay safe others are looking to travel the world Croatia is the first and so far only European country. Now ignoring an EU travel ban and welcoming American tourists as well as visitors from all over the world. But with so many warnings about the dangers of travel right now how risky is this trip ABC news foreign correspondent Maggie grew Lee joins us now from Dubrovnik. Maggie this is obviously risk not just for travelers but for Croatia as well how are they trying to mitigate this. Well there's a good question is is a huge risk for Croatia and they're taking that leap because it takes. We need tourism dollars and Americans bring it any day and just take a look at the veto you can see why so many Americans want to come here to Croatia last year alone. More than 600000. Made that trip to an audit you this year is not a normal year so even though people. Can come to Chris it's not going to be easy for Americans we met up. But one American right as she crossed the border she told us should have travelled for more than twenty hours yells at a show proof of a negative Kobe in nineteen test just. 48 hours before a Bible and a show where her hotel was going to be so it took effort she said she was exhausted and stressed out but that. Every step was worth it upped the dose not just effort it's also those extra risk when it comes to traveling and traveling abroad. Right in old town Dubrovnik behind you we met up with another American couple in from Phoenix Stacy and Daryn shot and they told us they know the risk. They knew there could be danger traveling to prevent it was all worth it and it was needed. I needed break. I think a lot of people after dissonant time just need something different you know we're not used I know it's news and others. Think after six months day. After reading the word has been true until this point coming go six months and stay home how terrible blood you know we needed a break we felt this. You know we take the right precautions if we do everything right you're having by the book. This is not something that's going away tomorrow testaments going away anytime soon so let's do. As much preparation as he can them. And we are prepared for what the new life looks like in. I heard him say it sort of the new normal of traveled there as he said they have four kids at home. Next trip they plan to bring. All of them abroad soap. There's excitement from Americans here Diana but there's also concern. If people are nervous leave us government has urged all Americans not to travel especially abroad they warned that conditions on the ground can change in just because. A place like Kris is open right now in May not be open for after fans. And Maggie I'm curious I've been lucky enough to. Have gone to Dubrovnik before and that that's high and I mean it was packed there was no way could social distance around that city what's it like they're now. Well than ever keeps saying this is a once in a lifetime opportunities he Dubrovnik their numbers are down. A fewer than half of tourists are here very few Americans actually a made the trip they're about 200 here tonight. It might start to change in the last couple weeks flights have increased more than 300%. Tier Dubrovnik so those numbers. Are slowly ticking back up but behind me and told normally inside old town its shoulder to shoulder you can barely walk I within their last night and had to practically. All to ourselves to death when his. Actual timing and the right Manuel glad you're able to stay safe and hopefully the other travelers do the same Maggie really from Croatia Forrest thanks.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"American tourists say a trip to Croatia was the break they needed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"72030962","title":"Croatia welcomes American tourists ","url":"/Travel/video/croatia-welcomes-american-tourists-72030962"}