Ginger Zee Food Forecast Facebook Live: Maple Syrup

Ginger Zee discusses Vermont's lucrative maple syrup industry in a live chat about the the second episode of "Food Forecast."
15:12 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for Ginger Zee Food Forecast Facebook Live: Maple Syrup
Oh. Hi everybody it's AG UN contingent can't keep easing our. Internet screen that you just yet. Now. An injury and doing today because at home shoots. Twenty food yes and it's produced an uptight latest episode of Berkeley campus without. And Adrian lot of different because. He just look the shell out nicely if you haven't seen it you're missing out right. You. Be sent an accident so different that snow were forecast track it. It is. To seventy years. To 740. Years everybody. Yeah. This episode people and that is something. Not now. The difference between late regulates people's that I get it strictly it shapely woman. In Britain hands and every step that Jesus Christ I thought. It. And what ingredient. An angry boiled down. And me that nothing else. Yet let me we're talking about it's and so it's it's. Are. For some. Again just that it and keep saying that you can have any Chris and light. It's heartening but. The number producers. I honestly think it's that part. The answer me. Lock box. Virginia Pennsylvania. Ohio produces. It is very so the story. Whitney gloomy years. That one year. She asked. Mary. Do you that they had maple says sales at number one. And records can you imagine. But there is me. Yes you do that's partly because you left that show. Did you realize that within that people should actually each. Yes. Which by the way at that conference after it used to be the number one sugar in America. Let the port sugar cane lets it be transported in our and a you may well and then say. It should be added but aptly sugar and then people kind of accidentally adjacent that the people. So the whole history I think it's fat and eat at we talked want to Katz's seventh generation sugar it's called deeper and yes. And his. The affair device what some other 100%. The heat it's such a great job at eating through history where it's technology has helped immensely it's a whole story both. You receiver not figure out that's where the crux of the story is. You receiver happy that the season is changing its short. Starting earlier Andy earlier and corporate average of last forty years they've lost three days talking about port at six week. Scene that greeted me so how they meet up with that unions in different types of technology. It's very. And they have questions and certain people certain of its happier I'm me at this rate you may be the. What do you want to ethnicity. Yet. Very. Tony Damon questions the lieutenant lots and let's hear bands yeah sure that's crazy that I mean that's how to vote like. Who grew up with flat black people even at age type thing happened and it had soda pop that's out there east but exit. Ice cream. 300 papers when he years since child yeah great. He is that the plea to something happened. I didn't. Yet. It. He's been saying one thing that's big that's a very angry he should be part of that we're oh. Yet it didn't want senator. So that's for people is it needs to. Just truly great it is they've put an block cook with that still sell that pepper plays. Show chat and then they look at these rates it. This news. Think you meant to mount Mansfield Mansfield as well it was up up and Chris slay me now what happens yes it. He's never had centers so we were to get on its it would be. You Matt yeah you'll elect. I don't compassion. So what I am doing now is Jack and when these babies in my copy so it's it's. Another type of cigarette health. Yeah yeah. Yeah. And could decide then and I'll say that. He here. But if you pass. Me. There's so. Yes basically he's the friend says it's a natural sweetener an ugly looking at best thing. There. You. And they're showing us. This kind of history of Naples and then all the non people's. It. I. The I. The parts. Should. And spent. It's. It. Bush. So that his. Tuesday. It. It. The car an. Act. Should. But. There. You're. So. That. Shouldn't. He. Worked part should. So at that. You. But if they and then street for. Because I questions to let it did in that scarred but they need to be very weird. At some degree. And when other things. He matters that's. Tired and actually yeah. And the he just pumped. Everybody latching but that UNC. And now. He. Then going papers that. He. Oh. Anybody up. Him. Some questions questions. And any amendments there. Billing is in the captioned by the way. That's lots and eat it hurt him acts. At. Me well there it's just. Days. So that figure out that its rate. Actually receive it. I. Us. Out. Experts. And trees and tree. You can tap. Says. Certain. At the beauty. Industry. This is not happy. You asked me here history history are. We just so excited. I'm let me. And let it. To your point countries. Yes and ludicrous. Picker while not connect I call it my own me. I actually. Did you know you'd be more than one basically I'm not something I guess it's just. Have to grow up for my. Now Monday it would upset them. Let's talk about. That our dinner. And they mentioned Scott Pioli vocal he's been a vote. That. Movie game yeah. I. Were. He. All the last. At. That luncheon and. Ka. Proof that. The net. Is it she. Yeah I. My of the thing that I. Heard. Yup C now sleeping at the how long as it takes process I love that so Marcy just asked how long it takes to process and meet. A beats that depend on what type it takes out the different grades of paper. Equipment C and I. It's in the tubing. And panicking until an hour yeah it duties it'll depend on what they're going to court for the now that that's the craft that's what makes it's that different. Not every people sent. That is me. You know one day and then two days later can be completely different look taste. One more from what you say it's even better word. Saint one centers topped talked about some of the benefits that he's seen at least currently. I feel like one other sectors and different and he went. B replacement or six that he popped but. I don't think again general health. And it. You be OK now and then thinking okay. Yeah do not show everybody I opt for a month and he'll say if I had nothing exciting. Yeah not everybody is a Mathieu that's. Behind them I hate it. That kid that it's too. He fountain city terribly written. It Yousef and then. Yeah. He will bounce back and that you it he bath and nothing can impact and pretty. The here is if it. And it is sending countless happy. He's got. And you guys will look totally separate it that's. The egg and. Through months. Like cats. After the currency. Hit fly list. At readings of please share it cracked that he didn't think the story the story Angel by the end it. Respect but he. Thank you so much again Adrian thinking here. Thank. New screamed. Now that month he says they hear a template for yet. At.

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{"duration":"15:12","description":"Ginger Zee discusses Vermont's lucrative maple syrup industry in a live chat about the the second episode of \"Food Forecast.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"41075864","title":"Ginger Zee Food Forecast Facebook Live: Maple Syrup ","url":"/Travel/video/ginger-zee-food-forecast-facebook-live-maple-syrup-41075864"}