Homeward Bound!

Millions trying to get home, but East Coast storm making that difficult.
6:04 | 11/26/14

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Homeward bound millions of Americans trying to make it on time for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow the busiest travel day of the year. The crowd here at Chicago's O'Hare airport and on the East Coast the big delays so many trying to beat a nor'easter but I think themselves stuck for now at least. And that's light away there misery map major airports circled the green indicating flight's on time but look at the red growing by the hour. Time lapse here that is the misery part the flights that are delayed. Are canceled hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York travelers especially on the East Coast forewarned. And they knew getting home today was not going to be easy to snow already falling this video. Taken just a short time ago the nation's capital getting blanketed by snow moving up I 95 corridor. ABC's Caroline can stellar joins us now from New York where is already rainy and pretty nasty out there Helen Caroline. Hi Ty yeah be 46 million people expected to travel between today. And Sunday twenty million of them are expected it to fly and this nor'easter is not just affecting airports here. It's having a ripple effect across the country we've seen hundreds of delays already and cancellations and that number is only expected to get worse. Rain slush and snow from DC to New York Philadelphia to Maine a nor'easter hitting the eastern UN. A one of the busiest travel lanes of the year they say timing is everything. If there was and Heather Tynan the year it may be easy to say reschedule a vacation at. But a traveler certainly can't reschedule Thanksgiving and that's why this story Easter it's such a problem for people heading home for the house. Hundreds of flights have been canceled and delayed that number expected to reach thousands New York City airports the hardest hit. But a ripple effect spreading throughout the country. And it probably going to be delayed. Several hours easily happens when I saw thank. I don't think a matter of this the city did have that you're in that has a weather issue all it takes is one city in the northeast. Airlines waived change fees on Tuesday urging holiday travelers to leave early and avoid the impending chaos or the weather extremes I played too late to do that now but if you still need a plan feet. Experts offered this advice the best suggestion at this point it's actually to changer flake for tomorrow. Thanksgiving at this works particularly well for people who are flying waxed because at the time change we'll still get home. In time for their tenor. And the airports are actually the least busy as the slowest on Thanksgiving Day so we'll be plenty of extra seats and maybe even. An upgrade to first class Thai. Asked that night Caroline we get a focus a lot on flying because we're seeing these terrible delayed but what people driving this year. Well yeah they're seeing an increase in the number of people on the roads they're expecting millions and millions on the roads gas prices. Are so low this year they are right to 81. For a gallon of regular that's 46 cents lower than they were this time last year so that big break for drivers is encouraging even more people. To be on the roads. All right thank you Caroline now have a great Thanksgiving. Kneed him. And that we want to bring in Kimberly Richard senator. He can definitely he's right you are live from LaGuardia Airport and really have been looking at this point. Once I actually it's not that bad I think what happened to that because he had advance notice that this bad weather is moving into the New York City area. A lot of people took advantage again the fact that. Many airlines were waving those change trees some people read books they have revoked earlier this week. They even rebook to earlier this morning so actually it's not that bad here at the airport and right now. I think a lot of delays on the boards are this pretty much look in smooth sailing all around. We're right now out of the three major airports in the New York City area LaGuardia Kennedy and JFK right now. Newark it's actually experiencing the most problems may have. Delays of three hours and fifteen minutes they canceled sixty flights here at LaGuardia though I check the big board. There are cancellations. And delays you don't want to see red or orange that's not good I'd check their flights canceled to places like Detroit. Pittsburgh Greensboro, North Carolina right now 51 flights canceled but again that's only gonna get worse. As the weather continues to deteriorate about an hour ago it was raining mix with sleet I just looked outside. It's snowing now. I can't believe we know you have done this story year in and year out and I did this here at that after years past. I think it's more organized this year again because of that advance notice this wasn't something that took us by surprise. People got their ducks in order and they rearranged their flights if they could. If they can't one thing that the folks here. At LaGuardia and the other airports using part authority is out here they're on twelve hour shifts and they're ready to clear the snow that will come this afternoon heavier they're ready to clear the tarmac the runways it also in worst case scenario that's adorable but. They have pillows Cox. And blankets. Puff puff that's good news bad news home next in line. You're actually in what was recently tagged as one of America's most frustrating airports LaGuardia but again. The gift of an it its okay. I think it is I think finally at least for today. LaGuardia can shape that bad reputation things orderly they have red coats those are the folks that are staffed by Port Authority. Directing people again not mass crowds here now but we still haven't gotten to the thick of things. That's gonna happen in the next couple of hours time that created and coming later today thank you so much can relate headline writing airport. And. You keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happen starring the story for exclusive updates on for now contact Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Millions trying to get home, but East Coast storm making that difficult. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"27199394","title":"Homeward Bound!","url":"/Travel/video/homeward-bound-27199394"}