Hurricane Nate brings 5-foot storm surge to Biloxi, Mississippi

Nate, now downgraded to a tropical depression as it heads inland, left over 100,000 households and businesses without power in states on Gulf Coast.
3:40 | 10/08/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Nate brings 5-foot storm surge to Biloxi, Mississippi
Good morning on status of Sami and we are live. On the beach in Biloxi the Gulf of Mexico is over here. Behind me are the casinos the lifeblood of this town network overnight was bad storm surge that came and they're cleaning up this morning you can see behind me but I want to show you something. There's someone somewhere out there this morning was missing something. The winds which we know reached near 85 miles an hour were strong enough to push this sailboat from where ever it was on to the beach. The name of the vote is the reliance. In case there's someone who's watching this right now he's looking for missing boat. I can tell you that. Officials this morning are very grateful saying that they're thankful that no one was hurt. That it doesn't even appear that a home was destroyed in Biloxi. But what they're dealing with this morning is cleaning up after storm surge there were all these predictions. A dozen feet storms surge that was going to. In the date this community and some of it came it came all at once too late in the night. As this storm was approaching landfall here in Biloxi. We saw several feet of water over highway ninety US ninety which is. The main way in and out Biloxi through the casinos in Gulfport we were trapped where we were. And some of that water poured in to the casinos mainly into their parking garage is. We saw several feet of water in the parking garage is of a number of the casinos the Golden Nugget. Harrah's. Even the blower bosh also about water. They had already evacuated the casinos they closed in a hurry to gaming commission. Ordered the casinos closed around 5 o'clock yesterday. At one point in the night that looked like a mistake that certainly wasn't. Because the cars that were still stuck in the parking garage as were flooded. I will tell you there were people in some of the hotels connected the casinos who were still in their hotels as the storm surge. I was coming through so they were essentially trap but no one was hurt. And the water quickly leftist Citizen Kane. This morning that they be highway is open. The casinos there's no water in the garage as we're already seeing them. Pushing out sort of the palm fronds and other debris that got trapped in the casinos. We're gonna go around town later today and look for for more what we think might be wind damage. They were number of trees that were and that's what lost limbs. There are also power outages because of that. At one point there were several thousand people without power. We're told now this morning that in Mississippi that number somewhere closer to 200000 people without power. And now as the storm continues to move north. It brings its heavy rain. And winds to the north but one the good features of this storm is because of the way this weather system is working it is moving fast. This storm is according to the National Weather Service is the fastest movie hurricane the Gulf of Mexico has ever seen. And it it's continuing to speed along across the country. As it continues to bring its rain and wind to other parts of the US. But this morning again families will be able to get out we expect that. It will be business as usual here shortly. There are still many many people who have power who did not lose power we did not lose power last night. So the cleanup will officially begin this morning and luckily for many people here. What ended up happening wasn't quite as bad as what was forecast. I'm Steve listen Sami on the beach in Biloxi.

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{"id":50353282,"title":"Hurricane Nate brings 5-foot storm surge to Biloxi, Mississippi","duration":"3:40","description":"Nate, now downgraded to a tropical depression as it heads inland, left over 100,000 households and businesses without power in states on Gulf Coast.","url":"/Travel/video/hurricane-nate-brings-foot-storm-surge-biloxi-mississippi-50353282","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}