Inland Lee County residents board up homes before evacuating the area

ABC News' Tom Llamas gives updates on evacuation efforts from Fort Myers, Fl., in wake of Hurricane Irma.
3:49 | 09/10/17

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Transcript for Inland Lee County residents board up homes before evacuating the area
Might it of the West Coast of Florida right now Fort Myers. ABC's timing on this is there Tom. George good morning to you were a strip mall the Fort Myers area coalition with some of the people of done to get ready here this is El Paso. Supermarket you could see people aboard up their windows here. And it still relatively calm here it's raining a lot the winds picking up but it's not that bad you can see some of the signs blowing in the wind and one of the reasons why we chose this location is because it's sort of out in the open you could see some of these signs we'll see how they with stand against the wind and of course we have a concrete structure overhead appeared to head inside want to get too strong and then on the other side of the Syria we have. The power lines are that's usually the big legacy of these hurricanes and floor of the power outages but some cut sometimes UBQ. To three weeks and I've been hearing a lot of those reports on the West Coast we are hearing that a lot of people thought. They were out of the clear the ring the clearer should stay in there when that storm shifted west. It sort of got caught up and that's why we saw a lot of people heading dual shelters so late as late as last night. At last check worse because some of the emergency management officials here in Lee County they said. Up to 28 7000 to answer Detroit 700 people were in shelters. Fourteen shelters across town and George get this 15100 pets in those shelters it so they're starting to get crowded though the rains coming down in public but still not that bad. Tommy spent the week in Houston with Harvey ga give a sense have I would imagine the news of Harvey. Made people there in Florida take this more seriously. Oh no doubt George who's actually a combination of things first you had Harvey and and you also had the 25 anniversary. Of hurricane Andrew in South Florida so people are watching all those sort of looked back reports in South Florida and it was reminding people how miserable and how scary that time was I was down there are hurricane Andrew from Miami it it was a very scary time and I think that that really like paint a picture for a lot of people know my family got out of town. As soon as they couldn't Miami getting them wait. But I think a lot of other people thought let's see what happens at sea we get lucky and that's when you get caught up in the storm and ginger is absolutely right I mean. That Cole was massive for so long so if you stayed in an area especially an evacuation zone. I mean you you really got to think about what you're doing right now. Thank you Tom wanted to do you move up the West Coast right now senior meteorologist rob Marciano in Sarasota rob. Hey good morning George much like Tom we're not quite as sick of it yet but we will be. Come later on tonight is breezy we've gotten up pulses of rain but far from the center of this thing. Two to a person up to the people that we talked to yesterday always today yet what do you think it is shipped meat this is shipped and tracked down now the storm. Probably will come directly over Sarasota and they all most of them have just looked away with disbelief and shook their heads like this in and they all lot of people to. That fled the storm we report on this to the west side. At aunt from the keys and now we're getting it here on the west side overflow from some of the shelters down to our south of Naples and Fort Myers they are being accepted up here they've got. Twelve I shelters open over 121000 people. In some of those shelters and they're still accepting a more people here. They did the coastline of west Florida as ginger I'm sure is mentioned very susceptible to storm surge we have Sarah took Sarah sort of date it's right next to us we have a barrier island that that has been completely. Back to edit the skyway bridge which connects said saint Pete Tampa. Two to the Sarasota area that's been shut down since last night so first responders already certain to say you know it's it's almost getting too dangerous for the go out that that would be the rest of the bridge is likely to be shut down. A later on today so they are preparing Georgian. To act go Tom's point. On storms and and Egypt there is no amnesia here not only do they have the hurricane Andrew anniversary but we all mud and Charlie came through here. In the last fifteen years and they remember those vividly so they know what a category three and four storm can do to the shoreline trying to learn lessons from that appear rob thanks very much.

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{"id":49738803,"title":"Inland Lee County residents board up homes before evacuating the area","duration":"3:49","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas gives updates on evacuation efforts from Fort Myers, Fl., in wake of Hurricane Irma. ","url":"/Travel/video/inland-lee-county-residents-board-homes-evacuating-area-49738803","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}