Nor'easter slams East Coast with snow and strong winds

ABC News correspondents give you an update on the weather.
13:44 | 03/07/18

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Transcript for Nor'easter slams East Coast with snow and strong winds
Hey everyone I'm Maggie really welcome in to ABC news where we are following the latest on that massive storm. That is slamming into the East Coast right now we're facing. Our second nor'easter here in the northeast. In less than a week many areas still without power some still under water residents there just struggling still to dig out from last Friday storm. Now we're gearing up for around two we have complete team coverage here on ABC news. We have deal but needed an Allentown Pennsylvania we have Lindsey Davis in new Rochelle new Yorker we have can't whitworth. Dealing with travel woes and just debacles. Over at LaGuardia Airport I want to thank all three B for joining us today the conditions looked miserable so thank you for being out there for us. I want to first start with a GO out in Pennsylvania GO. The the governor there declared a state of emergency in 26 counties along with the governor of New Jersey what is happening right now on the ground for the state of emergency declaration. Say you know what Maggie I mean there's been a big difference in what this snow has looked like over the past couple of hours because. When we started and ended Good Morning America today it was sort of like a wet snow that just wasn't sticking. Now it's very different just look at this on the ground here it's really sticking all over the place. And that's what's gonna happen later on because as this goes on they really believe that this part of Pennsylvania. Could see more than a foot of snow we're gonna see that all over the northeast of and didn't just take a look at these roads because. One of the things that they want people to do is to stay off the roads that's Y. It started closing school districts all across the northeast we're talking about New Jersey Delaware Pennsylvania. They have all closed their schools that's 550. Schools. And even V highways. You're looking at. Oh the V highways in Pennsylvania many of them I have actually shut down. Two commercial vehicles so there's that a ban in fat and in effect for commercial vehicles across Pennsylvania. And in some parts of New York to. Well Julie civic cars going behind you right now people clearly still out on those roads but one of the major concerns I know is looking forward to the commute tonight. A we're expecting inches upon inches of snow just a messy ride home for people. A what do you think going to happen once that communicates we're news roads it'll look like. I think it's going to be a little bit of a mess up because we have. These salt trucks that are coming out they're trying to go ahead and then lay down as much salt as they can. We're seeing what these plows take a look over here we're we're seeing one of these files driving by here. That one of the interesting things about Pennsylvania is that they've started turning some of the garbage trucks. Into snow plows but this is this is really going to be a bit of a mess if it turns out to be more than a foot of snow. Garbage trucks pulling double duty everyone busy. Including everyone but in the overhead. New Rochelle where Lindsey Davis says Lindy I know that you have been out there all week talking people who many of them still don't have power but I understand. Can spur. Construction crews there I've been working crazy sixteen hours shifts just. Trying to stay ahead of the storm one of the current situation on the ground with power right now. Well Maggie what's out some good news because I think we all needed and that is that it's currently about 35 degrees or so still. Above freezing so even the word just starting get. A little bit love larger flakes coming down we don't have. Much accumulation is not really sticking. At least at this point but there is a lot wanna start this is a typical people. Here you at your heart just breaks we'll see. Scenes like this want to talk about themselves right at the end of the street here. This family they're saying that there are lucky because there's a massive tree you can see the silver Mercedes that's part just felt on the tree. Crashed into the front of their car but admits justify a flew to. Hitting in slamming into their house so of course are talking about still about a 100000 customers in the region without power these homes of course are not among them. Those that without the power you can clearly see why with this the mangled mess that and that continues and this is all from Friday's storm so you see this these. Tangled in twisted. Power lines and and tree limbs and and four on. Trees in and many of these yards on this particular house they do have a generator going full time but there and don't designating that. To the sub part because they have water they're still going in their basement as a result of Friday's storm and their concern because. They said they haven't even been able to get the insurance companies come out. From the first film but this is we just take a look. Walking down the streets here are. And you can deceive people's front yards and released here that you just turn radiation to see they have the trees in the least thing. Cut a little bit and then and the utility companies is as she says that are just working round the clock at six analysis. Have been toppled in the coming through this neighborhood are on the street yesterday they're removing the trees from. The wires and is part of the causes of course of restoring the power. Many of his visit come from as far away as Michigan. But they say that they are able to work until the conditions mean that they can't the weather conditions now it is the threshold of about. Thirty miles per hour winds. And so at last just maybe thirty minutes ago we are on this street. Street parallel over here. We still had crews. There were up in the bucket but they say that thirty miles per hour threshold is when they have to come down to having gotten to that point yet when the it is such a mess behind you there but it's amazing that crews are still out there working on those incredibly long shifts and carries. I know we saw wind gusts that were hurricane force strengthened Friday to release I can going to be as bad today. Maggie idea cut out a little bit right there I I I heard you talk about the winds. I know we had wind gusts that were hurricane force strength last Friday how bad is the wind supposed to be today Lindsay. Consumer is not really that that no we've been out here for a few hours as a Good Morning America was really find it has just picked up a little bit. I would say they in the last thirty minutes left. Now we we actually are really starting to feel a little more this now and in certainly wind if you lose at least a little bit colder than it was earlier this morning. But at this point. Like if that is at last check about thirty minutes ago those utility crews are still up in about his work. Wendy thank you so much private. Whining traffic was I was only going to get worse but thanks in the B Davis in at New Rochelle, New York. Now we want to check in. On travel Ekene you've at LaGuardia Airport all morning long I can only imagine. This state just absolutely. And to bond period that happening right now at the airport I know that they canceled flights are lining up what is it like right now the Guardia. Don't eat it's. Very eerie defense is not at. So many cancellations. Like you mentioned the man went in 2000. Installation needs and mine and of course the ever. Our CNN grunts are that's. Right. Five. These plots and your point I can't bear in mind in the longest behind and three people. In the opening and deep. Represented plants that it seems like this are incredibly. Hot foot airline they have. Something like American Airlines lone hero Guardia had to cancel 70%. Of their life accent. Ill. In a week. And it was just last week that we. And gusts that airport yet six miles now that they actually. An American Airlines hangar in snow. Officials here at your work. Serious cost them. There was a lot of preemptive flight cancellation and hasn't started to build on it does not. And the six pound salt last week not something I could see. This time around. Like a mile an hour. So that's so much concern sites that we mount our earnings in the yanks and machines out there and still run things. Last they cut takes me serious Catholics. As an American Airlines 7% their flights are canceled statement pull out of LaGuardia more than 50% of their way. One the united honor I. But here is heeding warnings far ahead of time so they don't have come at the airport there I've. At the airport they're not stuck here all day long one think. And here. Through him explain. There's just. These shops that are but here where most of them are starting to close again this evening had in his lone. Close up shop and eat you anywhere else. If things. Yeah. Yeah. I think I might you know. This evening news that matters not a person there hundred wrapped right around this morning here. Spirits seeking. Bars and restaurant a lot of airlines are. We think they're change speeds and cancellation fees and TV but reading we don't. I'm certain book your place nothing that the only sees it's really important they tell everyone check in. Viewers specific airline. We come to the airport and we're human. Make sure that they get all you're out here. In the northeast airport is perhaps the innings he's really early this morning during morning America we had them. Hundred flights peninsula just east airports excuse me just airports you are. At this is three reports so it's really been hard on folks that are not only kept traveling that are working here as well and coming writer on this monarchs. The snow comes in to pick up fugitives and look right here. We're just now for the first time I've seen today and snow in the it's not. The single airplane any of those games at some. There's a few days at Eden clean air and obscene as yes she got there but. That yes it's values for dad if anything eerie feeling out here at airports it up this cancellation. People just are staying home and weather the storm. The last couple of days a lot of airlines with their fees fees and a they're offering. Immediately. To rebook their travel and that goes through the week. And it'd like he's been hearing walking around there I've never seen an airport that anti let alone. The lines to go through TSA I wish that it was always like that now have a thing for kind of unfortunate reason that looking out the window behind you and it's hard to imagine any flight think able to take off in those conditions especially when we're expecting them to get. Even worse so I'm carries Canada we know. When it's going to get better when will flight starts have reopened when the cancellations stop asking selflessly. For the have a flight out at 5 AM tomorrow morning. Do you think we'll be able to take off. My finger their trust in again even admitted. I don't have high I would say yes you're going to go I'm balance as we know home. I know I know you know that the issue is that even if the storm moves through there's that back clock. And so if these cancellations the problem tomorrow and like we've seen more cancellations and at least at the so unique I mean but they let him continue reading or you call our. And get a thank you so much I'll let you know what happened that a redolent going to be here. We'll go live threat today hopefully it's a little less creepy at the Air France flight. Start being un canceled this are flying again thanks so much and a I think anyone flying today like an affinity to check your flight check if you have and building Ada reschedule it is not looking like you're gonna get out of the northeast. Any time soon also appear on Amtrak we're seeing delays and cancellations and again. Like GO told us he careful of that community or anywhere in the northeastern on this story. It's stretching from Virginia up to Maine we have many states under some form of winter weather alerts and advisories in very careful on the roads especially because this storm is going to be at its worst. During that commute home just a reminder. To be careful don't be on the roads if you don't have to just stay inside take a look at that storm just. Again another massive storm in what's hardest with this is that it's the second time this region is getting hit and just days less than a week to. Massive nor'easter so people still struggling to recover from the last one now getting hit once again. Will be covering all of the latest here on ABC news throughout the day we'll keep you updated on your commute and on travel and hopefully this storm is set to clear up we should know more by the end of tonight it should be. And making its way moving quickly through the region and up towards mean by tomorrow morning so. Again seek safe on that commuter mission is to hear an ABC news for all of the latest on this sacking nor eastern check this out there on our app as well. This is Maggie rule here at ABC news and stick around for more throughout the day.

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