Porsche slams into spectators at Idaho car show

Eleven people were injured, many seriously, officials said.
1:12 | 09/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Porsche slams into spectators at Idaho car show
Tragedy on oval and road this morning at the Carson coffee car show. Was policing the driver of this Porsche was lead in the car show and went around the corner from entertainment avenue. Onto eastbound overly when he sped off before losing control of the car and slammed into group of people. I was about my car everybody. And and I we have here crunch and then we look over bodies and police say five people were taken to see house and ambulances six others went to the hospital on their own. Police say some of the injuries are serious but none of them appear to be life threat. Over my left is a guy and lay on the grounds to believe in has pretty bad. And then someone says like is more people who you held like six more people's people on the. Police are still investigating and are doing accident reconstruction to learn more details. They believe excessive speed is to blame. The driver of the Porsche is cooperating with investigators probably well over a hundred people who were sitting there watching this exhibition of speed. I have no doubt that the driver. Did not intend to do we did. Let's that is unfortunate consequences. Reckless driver. Michael severance six on your side.

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{"id":49905557,"title":"Porsche slams into spectators at Idaho car show","duration":"1:12","description":"Eleven people were injured, many seriously, officials said.","url":"/Travel/video/porsche-slams-spectators-idaho-car-show-49905557","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}