Race to escape Hurricane Florence

Residents are packing up and getting out of the storm zone that's expected to get slammed by Hurricane Florence.
1:41 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Race to escape Hurricane Florence
I'm Steve us and sunny in Charleston we've been driving the highways here looking at the traffic it's people of that you wake the storm zone. Headed for places inland bomb on the interstates especially 26 when he sits they blocked off some of the exits. Because all of the traffic is flowing in one direction. It appears that the mad rush took place yesterday morning and today people are gonna decide whether or not they are leaving. A lot of people have decided that they are going to stay and ride out the storm. But those decisions could be changing as this track continues to have to change it was a long ride for families who did take off we have pictures of what the traffic looked like. There's particular route from Wilmington to Raleigh families leaving from the coastline that was particularly crowded yesterday. The alerts though win out last night new hurricane alerts that friendlies were getting especially in this area in Charleston we are. Experts have some recommendations for families. 35 hours out you should fill your car with gas pack food water emergency supplies make sure your phones are charged. But if you're still here if you're still in the storm zone and the storm is coming six hours out. You should not leave stay where you war stay at home and make sure to let friends and family know where you are. Authorities are still encouraging people to leave saying that this is a mandatory evacuation. Much of the Carolina of the South Carolina coastline has been evacuated. Hotels are closed. As you can see the streets are terribly busy right now but they're still encouraging any residents who are still here to leave. I'm Steve dozens on the you're watching ABC news life.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"Residents are packing up and getting out of the storm zone that's expected to get slammed by Hurricane Florence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"57769873","title":"Race to escape Hurricane Florence","url":"/Travel/video/race-escape-hurricane-florence-57769873"}