Traveling this holiday weekend? So are millions of others

ABC News' Eva Pilgrim gives advice on how to travel safely on Memorial Day weekend.
3:04 | 05/26/17

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Transcript for Traveling this holiday weekend? So are millions of others
That we are just north of New York City a lot in the state hearing see an art camera that there isn't traffic. It's a holiday weekend it's supposed to meet the busiest Memorial Day travel week and in. About it Jackie there were six million people according to Tripoli are expected to read that is. Two point where percent from last year. So basically let me you can expect a lot of cock cars on the road and you can expect traffic. If you haven't left yet to get to your holiday weekend test each and all odds are that you will see other cars this year adding there. And you will probably have to sit at some point in the little traffic to get we're going the amount of traffic you'll see way and is the best time during the day. Did hint on where you're leaving on weight you're going Francies need those times vary. All of Friday is expected to be pretty busy. They just keep that in mind you can also we have wonderful acts and things like that he checked to see what that chapel. Time is as one out in the sense of what track is like it or area because he areas the little bit different. Hudson thinks even kind. If you're going to be getting in your car you want an action that your car is ready to make that trip I know it seems really simple and something that should be incensed as people but. We make a short trip like an hour. Power in Iraq as people really lucky that close to the beach then you love seeing your car's gonna be okay an hour happens are. That's just checked just stayed. It checked all the elements that you need you aren't at those levels are correct your tires. Picture there that the current level and makes Texans are emergency act your car. Just in case something happens there is the weather expected a lot of areas of the country holiday weekend so that's expected to play in new. Why it's been road conditions will be like. Tripoli rescued some 320000. People office the road. Last year during Memorial Day holiday weekend they are expecting it to be higher because of that whether we're expecting. This weekend's snow all of that say better safe than sorry. Nobody wants me the person stuck. You're better off just checking to make sure trying to a belated if at all possible and three hours. Just in case something happens there's nothing worse than expect it wrote down. The very basic he. Good luck this holiday weekend hopefully everybody has a lot of and remember as you're sitting in traffic. That there is. Something wonderful that you're getting to you patently leaving that you have a wonderful weekend hopefully. Rothstein it is being spent this law on its. Still is only a few days to enjoy it remember what week it is about. The weather's good for you now from ABC news.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"ABC News' Eva Pilgrim gives advice on how to travel safely on Memorial Day weekend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"47658967","title":"Traveling this holiday weekend? So are millions of others","url":"/Travel/video/traveling-holiday-weekend-millions-47658967"}