TSA Head: Lines Won't Make for 'Summer of Misery'

Neffenger is "cautiously optimistic" about TSA lines.
2:10 | 05/27/16

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Transcript for TSA Head: Lines Won't Make for 'Summer of Misery'
We're depart through the day here on the beginning of summer travel how's it going so far. It looks pretty good console system and were as you know we sort of commenced to monitored in real time. Their corporate airports or protect point. And what we're seeing is is a pretty good result across the system wise are going so well on Memorial Day weekend. Well we put a couple things one we have pour more resources and new hires it was sort of bringing in following our appropriations bill in December the work that the airlines and the airports have done to help us with non security duties. And in this real time tracking to allow us to see things and towns is occurring. You've been slammed for these two and three power lines that you did pour these resources but is that something you can keep up throughout the summer. This is not this is not a temporary resource and these are real new. Staff communion. And real new resources in the airlines and airports are committed to continuing to help but throughout the summer. People on cots in Chicago it's. Dark images of people obviously because in this flight two and three hour waits can you promise the flying public that there won't be those kind of points this summer that was unacceptable and and Monica promises that we would do everything in our power not that and again I mean every says this was a big surprise but you've been talking to people like me about this for 45 months to take a crisis to get this problem addressed but you know there's always a lag between between beginning to have a conversation and getting the resources there. There's understandably questions about whether you do or you don't remember. You built budgets that have. And if that justification. But. But I think the crisis of course accelerates the the urgency. Is this just a summer of misery and do we get to balance after the summer. I don't think you'll be a summer mr. I think it's going to be a summer of a lot of travel we we expect. To screen nearly a hundred million more people. When he sixteen and we didn't when he thirteen for example so it's going to be record travel voice and so what I tell people is be prepared for for large volumes of people come to the airport. My goal is to have as many checkpoints open at peak periods is as possible. That's the goal of this staffing we're really pushing staff into the larger ports. And and and then keep people moving efficiently through the system to the maximum extent possible.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Neffenger is \"cautiously optimistic\" about TSA lines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"39439225","title":"TSA Head: Lines Won't Make for 'Summer of Misery'","url":"/Travel/video/tsa-head-lines-make-summer-misery-39439225"}