TSA Unveils Plan to Reduce Wait Times This Summer

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson released a 10-point plan to reduce long security lines.
2:21 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for TSA Unveils Plan to Reduce Wait Times This Summer
With travel increasing. This spring and this summer. TSA and I have now developed an even more aggressive plan to address aviation security. And reduce wait times. In partnership with airports. And airlines. Effective immediately. We're maximizing the use of overtime. For RTS knows. To meet the demands at screening checkpoints. We've expedited the hiring of more TS arose. We're deploying additional canine teams. To screen passengers at passenger. Checkpoints. Point four the TSA administrator is authorizing federal security directors at airports. To. Use increased flexibility and providing additional trained TSA staff. For screening at passenger checkpoints. Were developing specific plans to alleviate wait times. At the nation's busiest airports experiencing the increased wait times in partnership with the airlines were working to reduce. The size and number. Of carry on luggage. We're working with the airlines. For. Help in non security task at screening locations such as moving bins and the like. Longer term. TSA and the science and technology directorate of DHS. Are doubling down on the research development and investment in technology. To increase passenger flow and to increase aviation security were promoting. TSA pre check. We're encouraging. Air travelers to sign up for TSA pre check. We're marketing TSA pre check the airlines are marketing TSA preacher in flight through social media. We're encouraging employer reimbursement. Of the enrollment fee for TSA. I'm sending a letter today to 100 top businesses in this country encouraging them. To reimburse their employees. For enrollment in TSA pre check. We're working with congress to provide TSA. With the additional resources. They need to do the job.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson released a 10-point plan to reduce long security lines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"39102201","title":"TSA Unveils Plan to Reduce Wait Times This Summer","url":"/Travel/video/tsa-unveils-plan-reduce-wait-times-summer-39102201"}