12 dead in shooting at California bar

The alleged gunman in the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks is also dead.
3:47 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for 12 dead in shooting at California bar
It's hard to wrap your mind around that there's been another yes another mass shooting. I'm inside a bar that was packed with college students so we know that twelve people were killed. And officials say the gunman is dead so right now we're gonna go straight to will Carr who was at the scene. Will if you can just tell us what happened in what's the latest. While Kimberly good morning it is just a horrific scene behind me this all unfold today popular country western bar last night just after 11 o'clock the border a line it is day. Place and a lot of college students come last night with college nights of bailouts. Hot people under 21 to go Enzo was packed with. Teenagers with the big gunmen who authorities have now identified as I and David Long hot 28 years old wait inside he had. A 45 caliber Glock. With an extended magazines so in California pot legally you can have ten rounds plus one in the chamber and a handgun while he had been extended magazine which allowed him to. Fire. Indiscriminately incidents crowds pot chaos ensued also there's lot of smoke witnesses believe that he set off at least one smoke bomb. Sent create more chaos so. People just started scattering some people picked up chairs they broke windows they race through those windows trying to get to safety I'm standing across from a golf course we heard from one homeowner. Who lives on that golf course or next to the golf course you said that he was on his patio about 1130 last night when he saw eight or nine teenagers. Wanting across the golf course covered him bought in just screaming for people to call 911. When it was all said and done the gunman. Was killed as well it's unclear B took its own life or if he was shot by responding. Officers but twelve people killed including a sergeant who was in this area on patrol. He was on the phone with his wife he told his wife that he loved her he ran inside. And he ultimately. Was shot and killed his name is Sargent Ron US he's being called a hero hate cops cop. It was a 29. You're veteran the Ventura county sheriff's department. And the sheriff here has actually retiring tomorrow got quite emotional when talking about Sargent. US and sacrificing he made trying to go when he's at without a doubt Sargent Gil us. Help save lives generally. While that is just terrible news to hear hearing the the investigation that's starting. So we have just learned a lot of new information about the gotten an eye and David logged 28 your result we learn that he is actually a Marine Corps. Better and an earlier this series doesn't lead that far from where we are right now in Thousand Oaks earlier this year evidently law enforcement responded to as house for a disturbance call. And because he's a veteran they feared that. He was suffering potentially from PT SD now evidently. Days. Thought that he was OK back in April and they did not take him into custody. Brought that up because of that incident they're now looking in San whether PT SD would play any. Part in a motive here at this point they. Do not know what the motive is they don't know what took long hot into. That country bar behind me and caused him to start shooting there there are scouring his social media right now we also know. Then he drove in a car there's been reports that it's his mom's car that he parked enough parking lot. Right behind me there waiting for a search warrant to be held go into that car and we also know that there are at his house right now. Waiting to go into that house to figure out exactly what led long. Obstinacy. Template. Thank you so much we'll car I know you're gonna stay on the scene and have more updates later.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"The alleged gunman in the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks is also dead. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59060725","title":"12 dead in shooting at California bar ","url":"/US/video/12-dead-shooting-california-bar-59060725"}