13-year-old buys his mom a car

William Preston sold his Xbox and mowed lawns to afford it. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
2:33 | 04/03/19

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Transcript for 13-year-old buys his mom a car
One single mother of three has a new set of wheels and it may not be a little red Corvette but she after their. Teen year old son to thank for a speedy right on up to the vet tells about the story will gather. I didn't have that good morning you guys good morning to all of you what I was thirteen I was only worried about which color rubber bands I want it on my braces. But this incredible thirteen year old in Nevada has much bigger thoughts on his mind like how he would change his mom's life. And I. You know low point here comes my son you know survey Yasser Arafat as an ally. You know others did that can come from any situation but somebody with a hurt doesn't. Say what you will about kids in screen time. But William Preston is using his gadgets for good. I saw people I need to and they get their own card. Doesn't just like surprise there both cars then I want it to day. The thirteen year old from Nevada and helping his single mother crystal after an unexpected rough patch. Doing yard and house work around his community to earn some extra money for his family. Williams then spotting a white Chevy metro for sale on FaceBook offering up any thirteen world's greatest treasure in hopes of a trade. There's really cheap side asks if I could trade the Xbox for her name and she says. First she said no and then she said she thought about it Mississippi yes. Williams successfully swapping fort night and his lawn mowing money for this life changing gift to his mama. Mom because actual car designed to enable scientists. And a slight eye and then. And she didn't believe me I want eyeball Kobe. Out of place. There's no way what thirteen year old you know pies and mom's car I don't know innings giving Lama a lot to be proud. I can presses me there's no word that can express. My gratitude and how proud I am. The family has a gulf let me set out to help cover some other family expenses I just feel bad for William's brother and sister because now that mother stays right around the corner it did. Williams at the bar pretty yeah. I but I'm pretty sure that moms whose appreciates the love yet ready macaroni necklace from. It is their right to lead I know governing. We'll have there and that tree tomorrow here.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"William Preston sold his Xbox and mowed lawns to afford it. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62137503","title":"13-year-old buys his mom a car","url":"/US/video/13-year-buys-mom-car-62137503"}