16-year-old girl found safe after being kidnapped in the Bronx

The girl who was kidnapped Monday night has made a safe return home, police said.
2:30 | 12/17/19

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Transcript for 16-year-old girl found safe after being kidnapped in the Bronx
Eason the fortieth precinct tweeted this afternoon we have a victory today Carroll is found the big question now is. Why is it exactly happen. Eyewitness News reporter Kimberly Richardson at the police station where Carroll is talking to officers cavalier what do we know. Well not much at this point but Dave and lay as witnesses say they simply couldn't believe their eyes at the young lady the girl. They had just seen on an NYPD poster Carol Sanchez. Well the sixteen year old was standing right in front of them it was a huge development for detectives here at the Ford deal precinct. Who just hours earlier had issued an urgent. AMBER Alert we were embarrassed Carroll was reunited with her family the team hadn't been seen in roughly. Fifteen hours she was still wearing the same clothes she had on last night. She was crying but she was happy to be back with relatives sources tell Eyewitness News Carol has dropped in a park not far from eagle avenue and then. Walked up to NYPD officers posted in a car and told them who she was at about 1120 last night as Carroll was walking with her mom a car with four men inside drove up to men jumped out and kidnapped a teen. Her mother tried to stop them but the suspects took off. Police posted flyers in the neighborhood and sure enough two men who happen to cede them they then spotted Carol. And was stunned. We're in total shock we just sort approached the police vehicle we we looked at the picture and we looked at how are we realize it was our right away. At issue was trembling she look like she was a shock. And but thank god she's safe and she gets to spend holidays and a family did she say anything she. Know she was speaking with a police also directly were a little too far awaits I hear what there was saying. What do you think about how this is all and we still don't know what happened but got I think God's she looks like she's fine. And thank god it didn't get any worse than what could've been there. Something many many people including Carroll's family. Are thinking right now at this point again we don't know where Carroll was taken or what happened terror. And at this hour there have been no arrests Carolyn his mother let Carolyn or mom live in Dutchess County. I'm a visiting relatives here in the Bronx sources tell Eyewitness News Carol's mom wanted to move them back to Honduras but the teen. Didn't want to go what that has to do with any of all this if anything. It's something we're still trying to sort out again back your life tells families here we believe. She is also here in this precinct talking detectives if there any developments we will bring them CO.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The girl who was kidnapped Monday night has made a safe return home, police said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67786026","title":"16-year-old girl found safe after being kidnapped in the Bronx","url":"/US/video/16-year-girl-found-safe-kidnapped-bronx-67786026"}