18 million Americans in the path for severe weather

What you need to know as the south prepares for a major tornado outbreak.
3:15 | 03/25/21

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Transcript for 18 million Americans in the path for severe weather
Eighteen million Americans are in the path of severe weather this morning after Texas got hit hard overnight. Parts of the south are bracing for a major tornado outbreak chief meteorologist ginger zee is at a storm shelter in Birmingham Alabama. With the latest on the timing and the track ginger what can people there expect. CNN's and we just did this eight days ago we had 49 confirmed tornadoes and now we've got our second high risk. And that just doesn't happen in March very often within a week. I'm I am at a tornado shelter here in Birmingham one before that they have for their community is and that is such a good thing because today the Texan tornadoes we're talking about. Part of the island long track tornado as you see this sign right here it says can withstand 250 miles per hour winds. Missile impact because that's what degree becomes missiles. This building will keep you safe in what could come today especially west of here and northwest of yourself you invalid just that a lot of people have never been allowed the government regulation on. 295. People can happen here and they haven't opened eight there restrooms. He's one very clean and neat things open and 10 AM. Now they're not gonna get storms here that are that island til later afternoon and evening but I've got to lay out the whole thing for you because everybody from New Orleans to Cincinnati. Has a shot at seeing some years. Lawrence today we're his son is in Texas Hamilton Texas that was a tornado captured there and they had an attendant around way to go just west of Dallas he had big hail. Baseball sized hill I just had a note from somebody in Austin has sent him that was big hill listening that's myrtle springs Texas and then. We see these kids pictures we see the huge at least. Golf ball and tennis ball size bounce and off the lawn there and trampoline. Health part of the threat today for short sale. But of course hail you know he's stay inside and and you don't get hit and it's not as an unsafe tornadoes you can do that with everything into the types of tornadoes that you have to meet underground. We're in a shelter like this in that area that you see. The Little Rock Gilbert to Atlanta and is included in that risk area but it's really the heart event. Where you're gonna see the tornadoes and those violent tornadoes possible so Nashville down to Meridian, Mississippi. I think Tupelo and Tuscaloosa need to be on high alert. And at times nonfiction whatever really Swanson I'll let you out to be worried all day well I think we'll start to see tornado watches in the late morning early afternoon for parts of northern Mississippi western Tennessee. And then I anticipate those particularly dangerous situation tornado watches to extend into the evening to Lilly central Tennessee. Head into the evening hours Birmingham here I think it's evening. Room beyond just before midnight then leaking panic cast the storms off to the east to make diabetics. But on top of all of that is. There's a lot of dynamics. High wind alerts from Western New York through West Virginia down to the Gulf Coast and even some flash flood threats so. I could go hunt for a long time about how big of an event this could be the dynamics and setting up. But Diane just to let you know we watch something called the low level jet stream and and you can see at. Coke and a little bit more this morning that it was even last week so unfortunately it's looking like this could be a strong day. My chief Peter auditions dizzy in Birmingham Alabama stays safe ginger thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"What you need to know as the south prepares for a major tornado outbreak.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76677667","title":"18 million Americans in the path for severe weather","url":"/US/video/18-million-americans-path-severe-weather-76677667"}