At least 21 people on board the Grand Princess test positive for COVID-19

Michelle Heckert, a passenger on the Grand Princess, shares the experience of being on the cruise ship with her grandparents, and looks ahead now that the ship has docked.
7:03 | 03/10/20

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Transcript for At least 21 people on board the Grand Princess test positive for COVID-19
Now to the West Coast where we saw that cruise ship docked before in the Port of Oakland 2400 passengers an 11100 crew members. Who need testing after at least 21 people on board tested positive for the virus but so far only 46 have been tested now. The passengers heading to four different US military bases on charter flights for quarantine some passengers. Are able to leave now but others have to potentially wait two or three days to pass the time. Some residents have been finding ways to stay sane and keep it dancing in exercising in the room to pass time. We're gonna talk to some of those passengers line in a moment but first our chief national correspondent Matt Gutman has the latest. After being barred from coming to shore encircling off the California coast for days. The grand princess today finally slipping under the golden gate bridge and into San Francisco's harbor to dock. In the city vote gripped sim of the 3500 people on board. Watching from their balconies. One passenger waving a white flag edge that colossal public health operation unfolded below. Our tents and ambulances lined up. Two passengers in nineteen crew testing positive for the virus ambulances rushing this seek to the hospital. The captain explaining to those on board just how won't work. However because of our patients they won't get answered yes we're more urgent medical. Police. I'm gonna crash into its own says that instead. I doubt there are the borrow a. Russia Burgess and her boyfriend who were traveling with the parents dreading that quarantine we're really concerned we're gonna get separated and quarantine it means other waiting for them buses and planes to whisk those American passengers to for military bases in California Texas and Georgia. Where they will all be tested for the virus just days ago the president suggesting he wanted to passengers to stay on board. I'd rather have the people stay but I like the numbers being where they. I don't need to have the numbers. Doubled because of one ship president trump. I said today he would prefer if none of the passengers aboard these cruises landed on US soil that he mentioned in any of that do you. At a private conversation of them and he said everything. That I could have hoped for and every single thing he said. They follow through on the State Department now urging Americans especially those with. Underlying health conditions to avoid cruise ships no launched crowds no long trips and the bull rule. Don't get on a cruise ship and the CDC's still holding another cruise ship at sea off the Cayman Islands. Two crew members on the Caribbean princess had worked on the grand princess earlier and are now being tested. And Manhattan and joins us now live Matt what are the next steps here. Well first are just gonna try to get people off that ship Lindsay and according to government and it. Carnival cruise officials we hear that the first people have gotten offering those of people would tested positive for corona virus. Plus two companions that's 23 people right now they're getting ready. To take all of the Canadian. Passengers off board. In addition to that over the coming days are gonna get Californians are gonna go to air force base but Travis not far from here he. And then people from other states you will be sent to military bases really across the country and George and in Texas. It is an incredibly complicated logistical effort which they hope. Will be completed at some point on Wednesday Lindsay. A very complex indymac tuchman thanks for that live report. For many of the passengers on board the ship it's already been quite an ordeal thousand so wait their fate on shore if they've been infected after potentially being exposed in the roller coaster of emotions. Here's one of the highest a moment passengers found out the ship which was circling ten miles off the coast was finally gonna dock. From. It's gone anyhow. Four and didn't really know. Program that evening anything gentlemen this is your captain speaking from the bridge within go to the importance. I think the important. I don't consult carnival. The next few days. Ongoing coordination with federal state and local authorities and an agreement has been reached to bring our ship and officers blew through tomorrow. Amazing KO case on a moment of relief and joining us now is a woman from that video Michelle Packard who was on the cruise with her grandparents Michelle thank you so much for joining us in your grandparents you. Since back to that moment of relief when you first found out that the ship was infected what happened from there. I'm funny. Isn't it did it was it's little. Doesn't based. In some cases some pretty ships excellence boarding. But. We state that we will be able to east just by accident heights yeah be beaten but unfortunately not present the case. It in that idiot Sharon it was very nice to see that there it's kind of split at the end of the tunnel that we are going to be able. It stuck in Oakland is that close to us and it just steal it we're actually getting close to home. We've heard the captain deliver some announcements that have you been updated often by the crew and we'll kind of the flow of information how is that been happening. Yes cats. Are lining up. And help us now it when he planned next updating us and tries to make our information readily available stress. I unless she does is handing out scenes at the state rooms adding to. I think he tries to mix hating the most up to most. Street relations accident at any miscommunication between your what we're hearing in the media persons what we're here you know. It. It looked like we saw some video to a moment ago of your grandfather perhaps doing some some singing. So what have you guys been doing it has a time and and also concerned are you about your grandparents. I. So the transit at the moment that they have sets you know. It's new and there really. Into the arms of another that pays you well but we suspect as. Adding I think that they're solid. Positive eggs and they resumed and right she. Signal and we saint lately but he's an. He Dee Lee just. Occupied at best. And as far as you know it you're just waiting to find out. How long you need to stay on board is that right. We expect it to me so in the I'm hoping interview tomorrow now has. Excited to be able to seat and we do. Fingers crossed to you Michelle thank you and your grandparents are talking with us our best. A to the entire family will be sure to check in to see how you guys are doing in the coming days.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Michelle Heckert, a passenger on the Grand Princess, shares the experience of being on the cruise ship with her grandparents, and looks ahead now that the ship has docked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69495180","title":"At least 21 people on board the Grand Princess test positive for COVID-19","url":"/US/video/21-people-board-grand-princess-test-positive-covid-69495180"}