24-year-old breaks boundaries as cartoonist

Liz Montague, who has had four cartoons published in The New Yorker, reached out to the magazine about their lack of diversity in their cartoons.
1:59 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for 24-year-old breaks boundaries as cartoonist
Finally tonight Tony four years old and breaking boundaries meet the woman who's using art to make quite a statement. A young woman Andy Katz is Montague draws what she ECUs. In the world around her you know I don't wanna pretend like I can represent every black person here everyone on the planet has ever really good friends had just had a Phoenix and on myself. And it just 24 she's already accomplished what few lifelong cartoonist ever do. This first cartoon that I published in the new year here. She's likely the first black female to be included in the select society of cartoonists to have their work published in the New Yorker Magazine. I was on the train home testing my family and I got an email from a mallet and my house. I had another is greatly. Thousands of cartoons are submitted to The New Yorker each week of those only about fifteen appear in the magazine. And Liz well just in the last year she's had four of her cartoons published there. And she did and start drawing cartoons until a few years ago I think I've not shy about tackling some the current events happening right now I community that. All the cartoonists are back feel especially good passion about climate change in particular. She's also passionate about representation. Which is why she first reached out to the New York are confronting them about the lack of diversity among their cartoonists. I think that it's really easy for people to not see things and that mentally tough someone link hey by the way. You know you may not see this I'm seeing this very big back that you know sometimes. People are unaware of it. The cartoon world where rejection is the norm Liz Monte Q is being revered using charity and a pencil. Bold statement to the world. Stating that it's tailored for black people theaters Jessica but calling general to get to tell their own stories that didn't see more of that and I think that. Hopefully industries. Telling her story and sharing her perspective with the world.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Liz Montague, who has had four cartoons published in The New Yorker, reached out to the magazine about their lack of diversity in their cartoons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68986549","title":"24-year-old breaks boundaries as cartoonist","url":"/US/video/24-year-breaks-boundaries-cartoonist-68986549"}