24-Year-Old Californian Killed in Gaza

American-born Max Steinberg joined the IDF after taking a family trip to Israel in 2012.
1:37 | 07/21/14

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Transcript for 24-Year-Old Californian Killed in Gaza
The parents of 44 year old -- Steinberg believe this afternoon to Israel on their way to bury their son in the country he died fighting for. He felt that if this flu fears all the way that. No being on the sidelines or. Even being in the back -- was just not not gonna work. Steinberg an American born Israeli soldier -- Israeli defense forces after taking a trip to Israel with his family and 2012. Max. And amazing connection with the people. The experience was beyond anything. Personally of American Steinberg studied Hebrew and became a member of the IDS elite unit the Gilani. They asked every every roll the army is important whether you're working -- it looking into the matter -- working but there are those who put a lot of go to combat but -- death. On Sunday Steinberg was one of thirteen soldiers killed. In the Gilani. And he knew this. He would be. -- his -- first stand. With the mission that was the purpose that was the news understanding. Steinberg attended alchemy -- -- high school in pierce college Sunday dozens who knew the 24 year old and dozens. Yeah. Held a vigil selling their support -- honoring his service he would be really really. Happy. And proud. To see all the outpour Volvo's glove here he would. -- -- -- blood away putting a lot that you brought away by.

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{"id":24651875,"title":"24-Year-Old Californian Killed in Gaza","duration":"1:37","description":"American-born Max Steinberg joined the IDF after taking a family trip to Israel in 2012.","url":"/US/video/24-year-californian-killed-gaza-24651875","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}