At least 31 dead in California fires

Red flag warnings are in effect for much of California today. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.
3:09 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for At least 31 dead in California fires
We begin this morning with an historic wildfire emergency in California and the death sold rising overnight. 31 people are now confirmed dead state wide more than 100 are still missing the so called campfire is now tied for the deadliest in California history. And it's already the most destructive with then entire town leveled. Look at those scenes. Other columns of smoke were visible from space blowing out to see from both northern and Southern California where one fire is now 15% contained. But today more heavy winds are expected. This morning historic wildfires burning on both ends of California. Right now we're he had a great retardant dropped right on that line. In the south more than a quarter million people have been ordered to evacuate. Officials here describing a hurricane a fire. Obliterating entire neighborhoods you come up in this community now it looks like it's you know a war zone just. Demolished her stuff out. Watch as the intense heat and wind rural debris raining fire down on people who trying to escape. Like I'm sorry I just around it's fun right I don't know what to do you know. The fast moving flames burning everything in their path from this mobile home park and Cornell to multi million dollar mansions in Malibu. The actor Gerard Butler tweeting this photo after he returned to what's left of his home one of many celebrities including Robin thick and Shannen Doherty. Who have also lost their homes. In northern California the so called campfire has leveled nearly the entire town of paradise how close to the plane stopped to your property and and her whole row between me and there's nothing left it's now the most destructive fire on record in California gutting nearly 7000 homes and buildings there ain't never NATO backed him. Were basically only three count. Cars turning into tombs at least five people have been found dead in their vehicles after trying to flee. More than 200 people were unaccounted for overnight NBC's will cars in paradise California. So many people had to jump out of their cars and make a run ports of search and rescue crews are going car by car when they clear and they put it pink ribbon on. Then move down the road. The town resembles a war zone even the local hospital is in ruins nursing a cold jolly was there as fire surrounded the building. I called my husband and and to set I. I don't think I'm gonna make it out of this it's coming in so fast. I got out of my car because I new I was gonna die by state in my car to back my hands were on fire. And I appreciate a handout offended me and there was a fire engine. That I grabbed on to you I think on this side at the door and two firemen came out. And picked me up extinguishment hands and put it by a blanket over me. Governor Jerry Brown is now pressing the White House for major disaster declaration this is not the new normal this is the new abnormal. In this new abnormal. Will continue certainly in the next ten to fifteen to twenty years. And those wildfires are being fueled by heavy winds across the state.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Red flag warnings are in effect for much of California today. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59134290","title":"At least 31 dead in California fires","url":"/US/video/31-dead-california-fires-59134290"}