34-Year-Old Posing as a Sophomore Arrested

Woman enrolled in a Texas high school was locked up after giving police a false name and birthday.
1:31 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for 34-Year-Old Posing as a Sophomore Arrested
They all -- the same face. But friends of charity Johnson have each heard a different story. He -- machine was doing and he will role playing she gave me the same story about being abused by biological father. Then he passed the way. And her -- -- to Mother's Day to -- Lincoln says back in March charity told her she was fifteen and needed a place Tuesday. -- -- And and -- -- my home. Lincoln also met with securities tenth grade teachers at new life Christian school just don't know why he did it. -- put yourself and others at risk then do something like this I have deep concerns about. Kirby in who we don't know she is. He mentions that the gators who as soon as Lincoln and Paul ward suspect security with using a fake identity yet they called the police and went straight to school. Pictures of crying and students were crying. School officials would not go on camera but -- and noticed about the situation will be sent home with students on Thursday. Lincoln posted a picture charity on FaceBook and asked if anyone knew her responses were surprising. Raced out. Four different women off of FaceBook says she has contacted Florida. With -- hair long view and Minnesota. It is -- human bug and -- will. It because you applause.

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"Woman enrolled in a Texas high school was locked up after giving police a false name and birthday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23733217","title":"34-Year-Old Posing as a Sophomore Arrested","url":"/US/video/31-year-posing-sophomore-arrested-23733217"}